Block Legend Walkthrough

Block Legend is a puzzle-based RPG from DotWarrior Games. Gamezebo’s quick start guide will provide you with some tips and hints to brave this pixilated world of dragons, dungeons and danger.


Block Legend

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Game Introduction – Block Legend

Block Legend is a puzzle-based RPG from DotWarrior Games. Gamezebo’s quick start guide will provide you with some tips and hints to brave this pixilated world of dragons, dungeons and danger.

Quick Start Guide

Block Legend
  • Block Legend is played primarily in two very similar modes: travel and combat.
  • During either mode, you must tap blocks on the screen that are connected to other blocks of matching symbols.
  • The symbols are coins (money), shields (defense), swords (damage and experience), magic stars (damage and healing), chests (items) and hearts (healing).
  • During travel mode, your character walks from left to right, approaching towns, bosses and random enemy encounters. In this mode, sword blocks will become purple experience blocks that earn experience points and magic will heal the player.
  • During combat mode, the character will stop to fight a monster or boss. The player has multiple turns to break matching blocks before the enemies’ turn, at which point the latter will attempt to do damage. In this mode, experience blocks will become swords to damage the enemy and magic will also deal damage.
  • Depending on the characters’ defense, their shield can be filled to a maximum number that absorbs damage instead of the main health bar. Defense is filled independently of health.
  • Over time players collect “starblocks” to purchase new characters with unique abilities and starting stages. The objective of the game is to survive as long as possible and complete every available stage type.

Tips and Strategies

Block Legend
  • Build Up Experience — Because Block Legend is constantly switching between combat and travel, you need to think of what comes next. A pile of swords will do combat damage, sure, but it will morph back into experience tiles soon after. Instead of using swords, damage enemies using magic as much as possible and save the swords for much needed leveling throughout each stage.
  • Defense is the Best Defense — Leveling up your defense will increase both your shield capacity and your health bar. However, on the field, focus on filling up your shield instead of your health bar. If you level up your defense enough the shield can absorb enemy attacks outright instead of just slowing down the inevitable. Furthermore, you’ll likely heal your main health bar over time anyway as golden swords break multiple blocks (including hearts).
Block Legend
  • Magic is the Best Offense — When leveling up your attack ability, make sure you focus on magic. The attack skill does have the advantage of combining nicely with golden swords, but magic’s benefits are threefold. First, you obviously do more damage. Second, it allows you to spend fewer sword blocks (aka potential experience points). Third, in a pinch you can use magic blocks to heal yourself between matches, and leveling up magic increases that as well.
  • Work Your Way Down — Unless you see a juicy combo waiting to happen, don’t break bottom combinations first. Instead, take out the higher connections first to make ensure their recovery. Destroying lower tiles might break up higher combinations. By working your way down you maximize tile profitability. This is especially important to consider between fights when breaking experience blocks.
Block Legend
  • Focus on Experience — Almost every item in Block Legend is a consumable. Any gamer can tell you those are a bad investment when there’s permanence to be had. Levels might not carry over from game to game, but they will last for as long as you survive a single stage. That means, instead of items and gold, you should always be focusing on leveling up your character by breaking experience blocks between fights. Of course, this doesn’t apply if you’re character is about to die.
  • Heal Properly — When healing between fights, use hearts. Magic blocks will also heal you when out of combat, but remember this is just the calm before the storm. If you save magic blocks for the fight you can use them to beat down enemy creatures without wasting sword tiles. Combined with saving sword tiles during combat, this makes for a crucial rhythm of gameplay in Block Legend.
Block Legend
  • Farm Monsters — Because the only block combinations that activate are the ones you choose, you can theoretically beat on weaker monsters indefinitely if you’re up to it. That means you can fill up on gold and item blocks as much as you want. The only downside is that doing so will make a right mess of your tile board much more quickly than normal. That makes this a bad strategy for later on in stages when you’re closer to the boss, but great for when you’re making your way to a village.
  • Clear the Board — Over time your board will get messy. By that I mean single, unconnected tiles will take up the majority of available space and your options for well-built combos will be slim. The best way to fix this is by clearing the board, and the only way to do that without a consumable is by putting the board in such as state that there are no moves left to make. The board will automatically reset and randomize and the mess is minimized. This is best accomplished like the gold farming trick — against a single, weaker monster if possible rather than over time. Also, be mindful your limited matching options doesn’t get you killed by an otherwise easily dispatched creature.

Block Legend

  • All Bets are Off — When it comes to boss battles, disregard almost everything you’ve just read. The damage capability of even the early stage bosses is so great that you can’t take any chances building up swords for later experience points. The completely throw off the efficient flow you build up on the way to them — in fact, they are the reason for it. You need to build up your defenses by leveling as quickly as possible on every stage so that you can withstand the hammer blows the bosses throw your way. The best strategy for besting them is to simply knock them down as quickly as possible without dying first — don’t let it become a battle of attrition.


You have completed Gamezebo’s quick start guide for Block Legend! Be sure to check back often for game updates, staff and user reviews, user tips, forum comments, and much more here at Gamezebo!

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