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Game Introduction – Block Fortress: War

Block Fortress: War is a real-time strategy/block-building game from Foursaken Media. In this game, you go to war with various alien species and achieve victory by attacking their barracks before they attack yours.  Gamezebo’s strategy guide will provide you with some tips and hints that will help you get a good start on putting holes in the universe’s most hostile life forms.

Tips and Strategies

Block Fortress: War

Take time to get familiar with the camera – Block Fortress: War‘s camera can take some getting used to. There are two options: A button-based scheme, and a swipe-based scheme. The button-based scheme allows for a bit more control, as swiping tends to fling the camera around. If you’re using buttons, use the thumbstick-shaped button on the left-side of the screen to move the camera to and fro. Use the arrow buttons on the right side to zoom in and out. Swipe to turn the camera around. Don’t forget, the action pauses when you enter building mode, so this is a good opportunity to fix your position. It’s also easier to lay down blocks if you’re zoomed in.

Capture resource blocks ASAP – When your leader hits the ground, they have a precious few seconds to move before the enemy catches on. Capture any nearby resource blocks as soon as possible, and erect defenses for them.

Use resource blocks as waystations – You can lay down blocks and turrets within a certain circumference of captured resource blocks. In this regard, resource blocks aren’t just a way to make your troops stronger and provide you with minerals: They’re also a chance for you to set up more turrets and give your hero a place where they can heal.

Grind lower-level missions for rare minerals – Rare minerals are vital for buying better weapons, armor, and turrets. You win rare minerals when you achieve victory in battle. If you’re having a rough go of things at higher levels, return to lower-level missions and earn some rare minerals.

Block Fortress: War

Save your resources for turrets – While it’s tempting to build a fortress of stone around your resource blocks, save your resources for turrets. Turrets will defend the territory from intruders and can fire at nearby enemies that are hassling your leader and your troops.

Set turrets on blocks for better range and protection – Turrets do get a range bonus when they’re mounted on pedestals, so feel free to lay down a couple of blocks to mount your weapons upon. Moreover, putting your turrets up high will protect them from enemy attacks, at least until said enemies destroy the pedestal.

Don’t blow all your resources at once – By all means, lay down turrets as soon as you have the resources to do so – but don’t spend everything at once. You may need some extra to replace turrets that are destroyed by the enemy.

Turrets can be set on the ground and beside blocks, too – Turrets can function on the ground in a pinch. You can also place them on the sides of blocks for a different firing angle. Try everything!

Heal your hero at the barracks or at resource blocks – Your hero will quickly regain health when they’re beside the barracks or an active resource block. Ideally, you should have a “trail” of sanctuaries that your hero can bounce across while they make their way to destroy the enemy barracks.

Different weapons work well against different enemies – Enemies with a high “block” stat can be mowed down by armor-piercing weapons. Enemies with a high “dodge” stat can be taken care of with flamethrowers or mortars. If one kind of turret isn’t doing the job in a mission, try another.

Block Fortress: War

Don’t forget to equip your soldiers – Sounds kind of obvious, but it’s easy to forget to equip your soldiers with your latest tech. Hit the pause button at any time to switch equipment. Soldiers that are already on the battlefield won’t have their equipment changed; only freshly-deployed fighters will be armed.

When your barracks level up, you can deploy stronger soldiers – Higher-level soldiers can be armed with more equipment than lower-level soldiers. Since enemy barracks level up likewise, it’s important to arm your fighters accordingly. Just be warned: The more stuff you stick on your soldiers, the more slowly they spawn from the barracks.

Equip your first level soldiers lightly – Lightly-equipped soldiers spawn quickly from the barracks. Sometimes it’s best to forego armor, arm first-level the soldiers with long-range weapons, and let their numbers do the work.

Remember: As your leader levels up, they learn valuable skills – Leader skills can mean the difference  between victory and tragedy. Don’t hesitate to use them; they power back up automatically.

Sometimes it’s best to go for the goal as soon as possible – When you’re up against an enemy that spawns rapidly, like the Zomblocks, sometimes it’s best to run past the turrets and go immediately for the barracks.

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