Blast RPG Walkthrough

Welcome to the Blast RPG walkthrough on Gamezebo. Blast RPG is an action RPG game created by Armor Games and played online. This walkthrough includes tips and tricks, helpful hints, and a strategy guide to complete Blast RPG.

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Introduction and Controls

Welcome to the Blast RPG walkthrough on Gamezebo. Blast RPG is an action RPG game created by Armor Games and played online. This walkthrough includes tips and tricks, helpful hints, and a strategy guide to complete Blast RPG.

Launching the Knight

Drag your mouse to aim the cannon and adjust its trajectory. If you aim the cannon high, the knight will travel higher but cover less distance. If you aim the cannon lower, the knight will travel father with shallower arcs.

In the Air: Controlling the Knight

  • You can steer the knight to an extent by clicking and holding the mouse in a certain area of the screen. He will follow the direction of the hand-shaped cursor. For example, to make him travel in longer, father arcs, hold the mouse out in front of him.
  • To make the Knight stop abruptly, click below or behind him to stop his momentum. This trick is useful if you’ve passed your level goal but are running low on health points and don’t want to risk running into any monsters.

In the Air: Combat

  • Each time the knight runs into a monster, they’ll take turns hitting each other until someone’s life bar reaches zero. If the monster’s bar reaches zero first, it will be defeated and the knight will get a boost of height and speed.
  • Each time the monster lands a blow, the knight’s life bar will decrease. If the knight loses all his health points, you will fail the level and lose some of your coins. Note: If you level up in mid-flight you’ll earn all your health back.

In the Air: Inventory

  • Items you have purchased or found in treasure chests appear in the bar along the bottom of the screen. You can use items at any time during flight or a battle. Click on an item to use it.

Landing / Passing and Failing a Level

Your run can end in one of several ways:

  1. The knight simply runs out of steam. If he goes long enough without hitting an enemy, fairy or mushroom, he’ll lose momentum and stop. (If you’re fighting an enemy during this time, you’ll forfeit that battle.) Consequences: None – you’ll hold onto all treasure, coins, distance records and experience points you collected on the run.
  2. You land on a leg trap. There are rocks on the ground at regular intervals that mark off distances, but be careful: some of them have traps attached. Landing on one of these will end your run immediately. Consequences: You’ll get to keep your coins but distance records won’t be saved.
  3. Running out of health points. Whenever an enemy lands a successful blow in battle you’ll lose some of your health. If your health bar drains completely down (whether as a result of one battle or across many battles), the run will end. Consequences: You’ll lose coins, treasure and XP and your distance will not be recorded. Basically, this is the worst case scenario.
  • Each level has a minimum distance goal, starting with 1500m for Level 1 and increasing. You will “pass” the level if you reach the level goal and successfully land without getting caught in a leg trap or losing all of your health points.
  • After you pass the level goal, you can take steps to stop the knight right away (by steering him downward, for example), or press your luck and see if you can go even farther. Be warned, though, if you land in a trap or run out of HP your distance won’t be recorded.

Monsters and Other In-Flight Objects

There are a variety of objects you might collide with in Blast RPG. They include:

  • Mushrooms and faeries: these are “good” objects that will give you speed and height boosts. Faeries are found in the air and will cue up like monsters. They cast spells on you that boost your height. Mushrooms are found on the ground and give the knight a small speed boost, causing him to move in a low, shallow, long arc close to the ground.
  • Coins and jewels: Coins and jewels can be spent in the shop in between levels.
  • Treasure chests: These yield power-up items that are automatically added to your inventory and can be used at any time. Be careful, some treasure chests are monsters in disguise!
  • Leg traps: Some of the distance marker rocks are cleverly disguised leg traps. Avoid these at all costs if possible because they’ll end your run immediately if touched.
  • Monsters: There are various monsters to encounter, and they get stronger in later levels, from low-level bats and slimes to skeletons, ogres, Ifrits and kappas.

Power-Ups, Weapons and Abilities

The Shop

  • You can visit the shop in between runs to buy and sell inventory items.
  • To buy an item, drag it from the shop shelf to your inventory.
  • To sell an item back to the shop, drag it from your inventory back to the shelf.
  • Your inventory can hold up to 10 items at a time.
  • The shop restocks its items after every run, so it’s a good idea to check the shop in between each run – you’ll see a different selection of objects each time.
  • Some items only appear in the shop after you complete certain levels.
  • Stock up on Heal items whenever you see them in the shop. Nothing hurts more than losing coins, experience and progress because you run out of health points. Use Heal items to heal yourself when you find your health running low during a stellar run.


Flee Battle: Gets rid of all monsters.

Shuffle Monsters: Change the order of monsters in a monster queue.

Weapons: There are four weapon orbs to purchase: Basic, Fire, Plant and Water. Each does additional damage depending on what type of monster you’re fighting. (For more on weapons, see “Advanced Weapon Strategies” below.)

Death: Auto-kills the first monster in a chain.

Petrify: Freezes the first monster in a chain.

Boost: Gives the knight a small energy boost. Use this if you’re about to run out of steam.

Heal: Restores health.

Poison: Poisons the first monster in a chain.

Spells (Fire, Plant, Water): Blasts a spell at all enemies in a chain.

Ability upgrades: Once you reach Level 4 you can buy items that boost specific stats, such as Agility. These only last for the duration of the run, and aren’t permanent.

Invincible: Protects the knight against all physical attacks for a short time.

Nuke: Kills all monsters.

Heavy: Forces the knight to land. Use this to end a run once you’ve met the distance goal and don’t want to risk touching a leg trap or monster.

Advanced Weapon Strategies

  • There are four weapon orbs in the game: one is a gray “Basic” orb that offers greater attack power. The other three are imbued with one of the three elements: blue for water, red for fire, and green for plant.
  • These weapon orbs stay in your inventory forever and can be used over and over again. Buy them as soon as you can afford them.
  • The three elemental weapons make the knight more effective when he fights enemies of the opposite element. Memorize the chart below (which also appears on-screen each time you select one of the three elemental orbs:
Blast RPG
  • Plant is strong against Water; Water is strong against Fire; Fire is strong against Plant.
  • You can tell what element an enemy is by its color. Water enemies (blue) will be susceptible to the fire weapon, and so on.
  • You can switch between weapons on the fly simply by clicking between orbs in your inventory. Make sure to have the right weapon equipped when you encounter an enemy of the opposite color and you’ll be more effective against them in combat.
  • NOTE: Stronger versions of weapon orbs will appear in the shop from time to time. Be sure to check the attack power of the orb being sold and compare it to the orb in your inventory. If the one the shop is selling is higher, buy it and sell your current orb.


Each time you gain a level you’ll have 5 points to spend to increase your abilities:

  • Attack (increases chance of hitting monsters in combat)
  • Defense (decreases chance of being hit in combat)
  • Strength (increases power of canon and strength in combat)
  • Agility (increases ability to steer in the air)
  • Charisma (increases range of money magnetism and lowers shop prices)

Level Targets

Level 1: Target 1500m

Level 2: Target 3000m

Level 3: Target 6000m

Level 4: Target 9000m

Level 5: Target 12000m