Blackbox Tips Cheats and Strategies

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Blackbox is a super smart puzzle game that’s sure to infuriate and charm you in equal measures. So we thought we’d jump in to try and make sure that that frustration is kept to a minimum and the fun factor is smashed up somewhere through the roof. Or close to it, at least.

This isn’t your average mobile game, and we don’t want to spoil any of the surprises that it has in store for you. So what we’re going to focus on is getting you in the right mindset to succeed in Blackbox.

But the basic idea is make sure you’re always thinking outside of the black-box. Wow, that was a terrible pun. It’s true though, because this is a game that’s going to make you throw your phone about. Sometimes in anger, sometimes because you have to.

The Basics

blackbox tips cheats strategies

  • Split it up – The game is split up into a series of different challenges. Each of these challenges tasks you with turning on a number of lights. You don’t have to turn on all the lights in the same go to save your progress though.
  • Don’t touch this – A lot of the puzzles you need to solve don’t involve touching the screen at all. And those that do involve it are far from your standard challenges. In fact, you’ll be doing things you shouldn’t do in a game.
  • All connected? – If the lights are all part of the same puzzle then there’s a good chance they’re connected. If something turns on one of the lights, try doing the opposite to see if it’ll turn on another one.


blackbox tips cheats strategies

  • Not like that – This isn’t a game like anything else you’ve ever played. In it you’re going to play around with the volume controls of your device, plug in your headphones, and open the settings menu to change the brightness on your phone.
  • Or like that – Think of all the possible ways you can interact with your phone. Sometimes that means the hardware buttons, sometimes that means speaking to it. There are challenges here that use all of the different inputs that you regularly engage with on your mobile.
  • What’s that? – Look at the graphic on each set of challenges. Usually there’s a clue there. Check how it changes depending on what you’re doing, then use that to figure out what it is you’re supposed to be doing.


blackbox tips cheats strategies

  • Save those – Because of the way the levels are structured, you’ve almost always got something to do. Instead of spending all of your hints on one set of levels, back out to the menu and find something else to do instead. It’s a good way to free up some brain space and focus on a different challenge.
  • Read what it says – There are lots of clues hidden in the text of the game. Make sure you read everything that the game tells you very closely. While you might not get the answer to any of the puzzles, you could well find a way to unlock some new challenges to test yourself with.
  • Find your advantage – Explore the game as best you can. There’s a lot going on here, and pretty much zero hand-holding. Poke around the various nooks and crannies and see what you can turn up. You might be surprised as to what you discover while you’re having an explore.

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