Black Desert Mobile Version 4.1.2 Update Guide: Accessory Resonance, Guild War Declaration, Higher Difficulties, New Events, and More Explained

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Black Desert Mobile just received a sizeable update that introduces a bunch of new content to the smash hit mobile MMORPG. It includes new systems, higher difficulties, town updates, new events, and a wealth of bug fixes and stability improvements.

In this guide, we’re going to detail all of the new systems and help explain them all to you so you can figure out how to make the most of them.

Black Desert Mobile Version 4.1.2 Update Guide

Accessory Resonance System

The Accessory Resonance system has seen a bit of an update, with new Resonance effects being added depending on the number of accessories equipped.

Here’s a breakdown of how the current the Accessory Resonance System works:

ResonanceEnhancement Level (all accessories)Resonance Bonus
1+3Damage +1%
2+4Damage +2%
3+5Damage +3% / ATK +5 / DEF +5
4+6Damage +4% / ATK +6 / DEF +6
5+7Damage +5% / ATK +7 / DEF +7
6+8Damage +6% / ATK +8 / DEF +8
7+9Damage +8% / ATK +9 / DEF +9
8+10Damage +10% / ATK +10 / DEF +10

Now, you’ll also receive bonuses based on how many accessories you have equipped:

Grade2 Accessories4 Accessories5 Accessories
EpicAP +2 / DP +7AP +4 / DP +10AP +7 / DP +14
MysticalAP +20 / DP +30AP +25 / DP +37AP +35 / DP +49

Guild War Declaration System

Guild Wars have finally arrived in Black Desert Mobile! This allows you to fight alongside your guild members against an enemy guild. To do so, a Guild Master or Officer has to declare war against another guild and pay a three million silver fund.

Members can opt out of Guild Wars, but it requires a 100,000 Silver protection fee. Pay this and that member won’t be able to be attacked.

A Guild War lasts until one of the two guilds receives 30,000 points. You gain points each time you kill an opposing guild member, which is marked as a red dot on the minimap.

Higher Difficulties of Ancient Ruins

Those who’ve found Ancient Ruins too easy at this point will be pleased to learn that the maximum difficulty has been raised from 6 to 7. It still requires five players, with the new CP limit being raised to 3,100.

Maximum Tier of Town Hall Increased

You can now raise your Town Hall to Tier 6, which brings with it a number of possible town improvements. Here’s a break down:

  • You can build a new Lodging
  • Craft Epic Gear and Weapons at the Blacksmith (this is currently unavailable due to a bug)
  • Produce Grand Black Stones at the Refinery
  • Increased Ranch capacity
  • Increased Food Storage capacity
  • Increased Storage capacity
  • Increased number of Stable slots
  • Increased number of structure slots to 150

There are also three new monuments available, which work like so:

  • Statue of Vitality: Instantly recovers stamina
  • Statue of Battle: Temporarily increases your gained combat XP
  • Arisan’s Stone Statue: Temporarily increases your gained life skill XP

New Events

As you can expect, there are a bunch of new events that you can participate in for extra rewards. To check these out, head in-game and look at the list of new events/

The Rest

As ever, there are a bunch of bug fixes and system changes that are worth being made aware of. Head on overt to the official patch notes to check out everything that’s new.

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