Black Clover Mobile Tier List – All Characters Ranked

Not sure who to pull for in Black Clover Mobile? You’ve come to the right place. Our Black Clover Mobile tier list will help you to choose which character is the best for your team. Make sure to bookmark this …

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Not sure who to pull for in Black Clover Mobile? You’ve come to the right place. Our Black Clover Mobile tier list will help you to choose which character is the best for your team. Make sure to bookmark this page to refer back to when playing the game. We’ll update this tier list as each new character is released, as well as post-patch balancing changes.

Black Clover Mobile is an upcoming gacha RPG game based on the Black Clover franchise. You can apply to the game’s iOS and Android closed beta test on the official website. The closed beta will start late into November 2022. This game is a video game adaptation of the original anime series which allows you to explore the familiar Clover Kingdom. Take part in exciting turn-based combat using your favourite characters. Build a team based on strength and magical capabilities as you progress through the game.

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Black Clover Mobile Tier List

Last checked for new characters on August 8

You’ll find our tier list down below where we’ve ranked all of the currently available characters in Black Clover Mobile from best to worst.

Tiers Explained

  • S Tier: These characters should be your main focus from the start. Obtaining an S tier character early in the game will be useful when clearing content efficiently.
  • A Tier: These characters are brilliant replacements if you don’t have an S tier character yet. They can definitely fill a permanent slot in your party.
  • B Tier: These characters are still great in their own way, and can be a fantastic support to your higher tier characters. Ideally, they should be replaced once you obtain an S tier or A tier character.
  • C Tier: Don’t waste your resources on these characters. They can be decent at the start of the game, but you’ll need to replace them as you progress.
  • D Tier: These characters are weak, so you should avoid these characters at all costs.

S Tier

The best characters in the game at the moment. You should focus on getting these characters as soon as possible.

  • Yuno
  • William Vangeance
  • Mars
  • Fuegoleon Vermillion
  • Yuno
  • Mimosa Vermillion (Rookie)
  • Rill Boismortier
  • Nozel Silva
  • Noelle (Swimsuit)
  • Gauche (Swimsuit)
  • Yuno (Swimsuit)
  • Asta (Clover Academy)

A Tier

Great replacements if you haven’t managed to get an S tier character yet.

  • Yami Sukehiro
  • Rades Spirito
  • Jack the Ripper
  • Asta (Rookie)
  • Charmy Pappitson
  • Mimosa Vermillion (Golden Dawn)
  • Noelle Silva
  • Nebra Silva
  • Heath Grice
  • Charlotte Roselei
  • Jack
  • Leopold
  • Mimosa (Clover Academy)
  • Yami (Clover Academy)

B Tier

Not amazing, but they can still get the job done.

  • Asta (The Iron Will)
  • Klaus Lunettes
  • Solid Silva
  • Alecdora Sandler
  • Sally
  • Shiren Tium
  • Lotus Whomalt
  • Revchi Salik

C Tier

These characters should be replaced once you obtain a higher-tier character.

  • Luck Voltia
  • Magna Swing
  • Sekke Bronzazza
  • Salim de Hapshass
  • Geork
  • Leopold Vermillion

D Tier

You should avoid these characters completely.

  • Valtos
  • Catherine

Black Clover Mobile Tier List FAQ

Now that you’ve read our tier list, you may have some questions.

What is a Tier List?

A tier list is a helpful tool to use when choosing the best character, or weapon, in a game. While tier lists are opinion based, they can be helpful when needing some guidance on who may be the best character.

Tier lists can change over time, but they can be referred back to when familiarising yourself with a brand-new game. Tier lists are usually ranked best to worst, with S tier being the top, and D tier being the bottom.

How Did We Pick Our Black Clover Mobile Tier List?

We conducted research into player feedback to create our tier list. We use our own opinions, as well as those who have had hands-on experience with the game itself. This then allows us to rank each character based on their strength and weaknesses.

How Often Do We Update Our Black Clover Tier List?

We update our tier lists frequently whenever a new character is released, or a new balancing patch comes out. Remember to bookmark this page so you can keep track of who is the best, and who is the worst.

We usually post updates when balance changes have shaken up the roster a bit, and we like to rank a brand-new character as soon as possible. Check out the game’s official Twitter page to keep up to date with announcements.

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