How to Get the BitLife Scandalous Ribbon


Looking for a BitLife scandalous ribbon guide? My word, you’ve got a eye for the macabre by clicking on this guide my friend. In any case BitLife – Life Simulator is a game for all types. From those who want to live a mundane life to those – like yourself, possibly – that want to end innocent virtual lives.

In any case we’re here to help with your criminal urges, and also help you to grab the Scandalous Ribbon to boot. Just follow the general tips below.

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How to Get the BitLife Scandalous Ribbon

Here’s how to get the BitLife scandalous ribbon.

Are You Up To Date?

First things first, the option to commit crime was only added via a recent update to the game. So make sure you’ve updated to the latest version of BitLife – otherwise your criminal tendencies will be left with nowhere to, er, flourish.

Criminal Urges

To get your criminal record on track, so to speak, you’ll need to first go into the Activities tab – where you’ll see the option at the top, right by the angry red face.

The Perfect Murder

Murder is the only actual option in the game to commit crime, but it does allow a bit of customisation of who you decide to off – and how. There’s the possibility that future updates will contain more criminal acts for you to commit though, don’t worry.

Choose Your Victim

You’ll be presented first with a list of targets to murder. We recommend you choose wisely, as if you fail in the murder you will permanently destroy your relationship with that person – quite understandably really. Also make sure it’s someone you couldn’t potentially benefit from offing, so parents you could get inheritance money from wouldn’t be a great target.

Murder Weapon

Once you’ve selected your victim you’ll be able to choose from a list of options as to how exactly you’ll murder them. Now again, choose wisely – as certain methods have a higher rate of success than others. The atomic wedgie, for example, will almost always fail. If you’re going to jail, do it right.

Prison Time

Even if you manage to commit the crime successfully you’ll end up in the slammer. You can even do your alloted time, or add to it by creating riots. The choice is yours.

Break Out

You can attempt to break out of jail though – which triggers a simple grid based mini-game. You must get to the exit without being touched by the guard, but they can move two squares for your every one. You need to trick the guard into walking behind the black walls, and getting stuck – giving you an opportunity to get a step ahead of them. Note that you must be in the guard’s line of sight for them to directly chase you though.

Ribbon Winner

To win the scandalous ribbon you simply have to be a rather aggressive individual. The best way to do this is to spend a long time in jail – and once you’re in there start lots of fights. This makes the ribbon one of the more simpler ones to win!

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