How to Get the BitLife Mediocre Ribbon


Not sure how to get the BitLife mediocre ribbon? Well, you’re in the right place. We round up all of the tips and tricks you need.

BitLife is a game where you can achieve whatever you want, no matter how farfetched. It just so happens that there are eleven different ribbons to aim for during each of your BitLifes. Each ribbon celebrates a different lifestyle, some celebrate success, whether it be financially or emotionally. Whereas, other ribbons encourage promiscuous behaviour, for example sleeping around or committing murders. This guide will let you know exactly what you need to do to achieve the mediocre ribbon.

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BitLife Mediocre Ribbon

Now, we’ll help you get the BitLife mediocre ribbon.

Mediocrity is easy to achieve in BitLife

To get the mediocre ribbon, you must live a simple relatively well-behaved life. This means avoiding committing murders and ending up in prison and not making a massive fortune either. It may sound tricky to live a life where you do little, but I can assure you that a casual play style will help you achieve this ribbon on your first try.

What do you mean by casual play style?

Well, it is easy to get carried away and spend ages on each individual year of your life. This is a good way to achieve a good ribbon like Hero or Loaded, but we want to achieve something that celebrates averageness. This means avoiding higher education, grabbing an average job with little chance of promotions and neglecting loved ones and social life. Just focus on your life and go through most years  quickly. It won’t hurt to have a relationship or two, but don’t get distracted from your life of mediocrity.

How easy is easy?

It’s possible to achieve mediocrity from a young age and living a long life, as long as you don’t do much. In my first two attempts to achieve this ribbon, I achieved this ribbon in one life that lasted 74 years, and one that lasted 14. So mediocrity is not an exclusive club, so you don’t need to try that hard to fall into it. Gambling, alcohol and drugs are part of a mediocre life, plus they upset loved ones around you.

So, if you really want this ribbon then you should avoid education, take drugs and gamble all your money away. You could also cheat on your partners and do not keep in touch with your parents. Another way to ensure mediocrity is to avoid prison and to be fired from your job because of poor performance. Now you know what makes up for a mediocre life, you can avoid doing the same for achieving those hard to get ribbons like loaded or hero.

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