How to Get the BitLife Lustful Ribbon

Wondering how to get the BitLife lustful Ribbon? You’re in the right place.

BitLife has several ribbons to achieve each one more convoluted than the last. For those of you unaware, a ribbon in BitLife is something to commemorate your life with. Certain ribbons celebrate certain milestones or events that can occur during a life. This guide will give you all the information you need to achieve the lustful ribbon.

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How to Get the BitLife Lustful Ribbon

Here’s how to get the BitLife lustful ribbon.

Fornicate To Your Heart’s Content

To achieve this ribbon, you will need to do one simple thing a lot of times. You might have guessed what you need to do just by the title, but you’d be surprised at just how many times you will need to do it. If you haven’t guessed, you will need to hook-up with as many partners as you can. Whether these hook-ups are one-night stands, or an actual relationship doesn’t really matter. You need to get out there and get as many lovers as you can.

Just Fornicate?

Yeah pretty much. To be classed as lustful, you must go around doing lustful things like threesomes or one-night stands. Another aspect to remember is that if you seek higher education and other opportunities, then you make it harder to achieve the lustful ribbon. To be lustful, aim to be just that and not much else. So try to drop out of school as soon as possible and limit your career ambitions. This way you are guaranteed to get the ribbon as you achieved nothing else throughout your BitLife.

I Have Slept Around, But Still Can’t Get The Ribbon

Oh, I have been there and done that my friend. My advice is exactly what I have said above. To simply lie around with as many people as possible and do very little, if nothing else. One thing I think people forget is 20 lovers across a lifetime is normal. If you want to grab the lustful ribbon you will need to be eccentric. So we are talking 30+ lovers for this ribbon as a minimum. Essentially, you want to finish your life with more lovers than your total age, this should guarantee the lustful ribbon.

One last piece of advice I can impart is to try to avoid ending your life. When you commit suicide in BitLife, you seem to forfeit whatever ribbons you were on track for as you always seem to qualify as wasteful. Maybe I got unlucky, but if you are on track for a ribbon just play out the rest of your life. It would be silly to give up a ribbon due to impatience because then you will have to do it all again.

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