BitLife – Life Simulator: How To Win The Lottery


BitLife – Life Simulator is taking the mobile world by storm. It’s topping the App Store charts and it’s no surprise. It blends harsh life realities with the ability to do whatever you want – good or bad – and it’s a joy.

One thing that makes things a bit easier for your character is having a fair bit of cash to hand. One way to easily accumulate funds is by winning the BitLife Lottery.

What is perplexing is how exactly you can strike it lucky and win. Well, we hate to be the bearer of bad news, but there’s no easy way to win the jackpot. No hacks or glitches exist for winning as it stands, but there is some good news.

It’s that winning the lottery in BitLife – Life Simulator is much easier – and more likely – than in real life. You just have to be persistent. We’ve found ourselves getting lucky every three to four lives, and for some players they’ve won the jackpot multiple times with one character.

So keep buying tickets – a large batch works best, and ten a year – and cross your fingers (and toes while you’re at it). Eventually, you’ll win a BitLife Lottery, trust us.

BitLife Lottery

Don’t despair though if you were hoping for a quick BitLife Lottery fix by reading this. There are a few ways to make money (fairly) easily in BitLife – Life Simulator that don’t involve the random drawing of numbers. Here are the top ways you can do so:

  • Study hard Make sure you select the option to study hard every year you’re in school. This will increase the chance of getting a scholarship and not getting saddled with student debt. It’ll also allow you to get into a better university and you’ll theoretically be able to bag a better job.
  • Don’t drop out You can get a job and reject college, but we would suggesting avoiding that approach. The jobs you can get into without a college or University degree – such as the military – only reach a certain maximum wage level, and it’s not high. Stay in school kids.
  • Don’t emigrate Emigrating sounds nice, but finding a job in another country can be tough – and can end up with your finances taking a serious beating. Best to avoid all that trauma unless you’re massively loaded.
  • Casino time The latest update to BitLife – Life Simulator allows you to enter a casino – which is well worth taking a visit to. Here you’ll be able to play Blackjack, which is surprisingly easy to win if you keep playing it safe and steady. Just don’t twist if you hit 16 or over, and do ask for another card if your cards total a number below 16.

BitLife Lottery

  • Medic! Go for jobs that will end up paying well. You know, dull stuff like doctor, lawyer, or politician. Don’t be a games guide writer. Trust us.
  • Parental guidance Now your parent/s in the game won’t help you accumulate loads of money. But they will help you on your way – so ask them for cash when you’re growing up to help you go to the movies and the gym. These activities will help boost your happiness and can have a positive long-term effect in terms of getting jobs and doing well at school.
  • Buy and sell Property management is a good way to get money in BitLife – Life Simulator, and if you sell your properties every year you’ll end up racking up decent profits. So keep on top of what you own, as becoming a tycoon in the game isn’t as hard as you’d think.

You can try and win big on the BitLife Lottery for yourself by downloading BitLife – Life Simulator now – it’s available via both the App Store and Google Play.

If you’re looking for something else, check out our complete guide to BitLife. It includes links to all of our other guides, where we’ve covered pretty much every aspect of this awesome game.

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