BitLife – Life Simulator: How to Get the Unlucky Ribbon

By Glen Fox |

Much like in real life, there are lucky and unlucky people in BitLife. You might start life with really good stats, like being naturally good looking or healthy.

That can help propel you to stardom and a life or success and riches, or help you live to a ripe old age so you can earn the Geriatric Ribbon. Heck, you might even win the lottery or have something else incredibly lucky happen to you.

However, you can also die from cancer or another horrific disease before you leave your teens. That’s pretty unlucky and will earn you the aptly-titled Unlucky Ribbon.

You can’t really write a guide on how to be unlucky, as it’s left entirely to chance. Instead, we’ll help you make sense of how this ribbon works so you stand the best chance of getting it as quickly as possible.

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How to get the Unlucky Ribbon in BitLife

To get the Unlucky Ribbon you have to basically die at a young age of a cause that’s not your fault. So you can’t just kill yourself as you’ll get the Wasteful Ribbon instead.

There are numerous different ways you can die in BitLife. You could get a disease like cancer, die in a plane crash, or lose your life during a terrorist attack.

So it makes sense to do a lot of risky things to try and trigger it. Take loads of flights, have loads of unprotected sex, and go to loads of crowded events.

It feels weird to suggest to someone to do loads of risky things as advice but this is the Unlucky Ribbon – there’s no nice way about it!

We also recommend just keep starting new lives and using the age button until something bad happens to one of your characters.

Lastly, you could just ignore this ribbon entirely and leave it to chance while you chase other ribbons that are actually under your control.

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