BitLife – Life Simulator: How to Get the Fertile Ribbon

By Sam Simmons |

Many BitLife players are trying to grab every ribbon they can. For those of you unaware there are 11 different ribbons, each ribbon commemorates a different lifestyle. Some of these ribbons are harder to get than others, this guide will focus on the fertility ribbon which has proven to be rather elusive.

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What is the Fertility Ribbon?

The fertility ribbon is all about passing on your genes, this means having as many children as you physically can. As a baseline, you should aim for at the least, four children. External factors like gender or what country you are born in, it won’t affect your chances of earning this ribbon.


How do I get the ribbon?

To get this ribbon, you must have at least four children. It doesn’t matter if you have these children with multiple partners or all with the same lucky guy or gal. All that matters is that you have as many children as you possibly can and don’t achieve much else in your life. This may sound like a hard thing to do, but a career in the military is a good way to limit your future. When going for this ribbon you don’t want to earn a fortune, go to jail or anything else that could affect your destiny. You just want to have kids and keep the family happy.


What could trip me up?

As mentioned above, if you live a successful and eventful life then odds are you won’t be remembered for your children. So, in order to earn this ribbon, have kids as early as you can. Another obstacle to be aware of is the possibility of you or your partner having fertility issues. Sometimes, especially if you have an older partner, they won’t be able to have children. My advice for you folks set on getting this ribbon is to ditch your partner and try again.


Is this ribbon hard to get?

Yes actually. You would be surprised at how difficult it is to achieve nothing in your BitLife besides having kids. It’s always tempting to assault someone who argues with you or to take drugs offered to you. Odds are these random events won’t totally ruin your chances of getting this ribbon. But remember, any time spent in prison is time away from having children, so behave yourself!

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