BitLife – Life Simulator: How to Get the Cunning Ribbon

By Sam Simmons |

BitLife now has 24 ribbons for you to get your hands on. For those of you unaware, a ribbon is something to dedicate your BitLife towards achieving. Some of these ribbons celebrate success like Loaded or Hero, others celebrate questionable behaviours like Scandalous or Wicked. Basically, there are many ribbons to unlock, all of which require you to behave in a certain way to achieve them.

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Cunning Ribbon

The Cunning ribbon is one that celebrates a successful prison escape. What is a successful prison escape? One where you escape prison and are never caught again. So if escaping prison wasn’t hard enough, you must avoid the authorities for the rest of your life.


How do I avoid capture?

There is one popular way recommended by many users on Reddit, which is as soon as you escape get a sex change. This will make your recapture hard, but still not impossible. One thing to remember is that a sex change is considered major surgery. Which means that if you cheap out on the doctor, or leave it too late, the less chance it has of working.


Other tactics include emigration where you leave your country and move to another one. The issue I have had with this tactic is that emigration involves corresponding with authorities. This seems to always result in you being handed back over to the authorities. You can try sneaking into a country illegally, but remember that it is likely to fail, and when it does you can’t get the cunning ribbon.

The best way to get the ribbon

Ok, so the absolute best way to get your hands on this ribbon in one attempt is to live a normal boring life for as long as you can. So when you hit old age which is 60+, you will want to commit a crime and go to prison.


Successfully escape prison and get a sex change. Then just live the rest of your life out peacefully and quietly. The older you are when you go to prison the better, this is because the fewer years you spend on the run after escaping the better. It’s a simple ribbon in principle, but there are many variables out of your control that can influence your recapture.

Just remember to not live a too boring or interesting life or you might end up with another ribbon. So behave yourself until old age, then break away without a trace, easy!

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