BitLife – Life Simulator: How to Win at the Casino and Get the Highroller Ribbon

By Glen Fox |

Ever wished you could just rock up to a casino and walk away with a million bucks in cold, hard cash? Well, while we can’t help you with that in real life, we can help you achieve it in BitLife – Life Simulator.

You’ve probably landed on this page for that exact reason anyway – likely because you want to earn the Highroller ribbon, right? Well, we’ve got you covered, with these tips and tricks to get you there in no time.

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BitLife – Life Simulator: What is the Highroller ribbon?

To get the Highroller ribbon, you need to earn over a million dollars from gambling alone. Got bad luck? Well, that doesn’t really matter because we have a winning strategy that works every single time.

Step one: Earn a ton of cash

But before we get to that, you need to have enough money to actually afford to place a bet in the casino. We recommend saving up at least $100k, though the more money you have when you start the faster you’ll complete the challenge. The higher the bets you place, the more money you’ll earn.

To earn the cash the easy way, check out our guide on how to make the most money. We’ve also written guides on how to win the lottery and listed all of the best paying jobs and how to get them. So you’ve got numerous paths to success ahead of you.

Step two: Go to the casino and start placing bets

Now that you’ve got yourself a few dollars, head on over to the casino, which you’ll find in the activities section. You’ll have two options: blackjack or horse racing.

You’ve probably played blackjack before but if not, it’s card game in which the objective is to get as close to 21 as possible. The dealer will chuck two cards at you and you’ll have the option to hit or stick. Stick, and you’ll finish the round with your two dealt cards, while if you hit you’ll be dealt another card.

If that third card brings you over the 21 threshold, you’ll go bust and lose. If not, you can hit again until you hit 21 or lose.

There’s no sure-fire way to win at blackjack, but to give yourself the best shot, try and only hit if you get less than 16. If you manage to get over 16, just stick and hope that the dealer goes bust.

Here’s the important part: bet as high as you possibly can on every single hand to get this achievement much faster. If you lose a hand, don’t press continue. Instead, close the app completely and open it again to get your money back. If you win, keep going until you’ve earned over a million dollars from betting.

For horse racing, simply bet as high as you can on a horse and close the app if it loses, or keep going if you win to try and win more. Do this until the counter at the top of the screen claims you have a lifetime gain of over $1 million dollars then finish your life to get the Highroller ribbon.

Just don’t accidentally end your life with over $5 million dollars or you might earn the Rich ribbon instead. Whoops!

Want to earn more ribbons? Check out our guide on how to unlock all 24 ribbons in BitLife right here.

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