BitLife Schools List

Can’t seem to get the job of your dreams in BitLife? Chances are you’re not preparing properly and haven’t ended up at one of the BitLife schools. Don’t know how to do that? Well, fear not friend. This guide will tell …

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Can’t seem to get the job of your dreams in BitLife? Chances are you’re not preparing properly and haven’t ended up at one of the BitLife schools.

Don’t know how to do that? Well, fear not friend. This guide will tell you all you need to know to get into the right school for your dream.

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BitLife Schools List

Here’s a list of BitLife schools you can attend.

Law School

Law school is the hardest of all the schools to qualify for. There are several factors that can affect your ability to qualify, some of which can be out of your control. The first thing to note before you set your heart on law school is your own intelligence. Lawyers are no fools so you will have to be a clever individual to be accepted into law school.

Another factor which is often out of your control is the subject you study. If you pick a course like dance, arts or information technology you will not be eligible to enlist at law school. This is because in BitLife you can’t be a lawyer who specialises in dance or any other obscure subject, to become a lawyer you must study something law-related. I know “law-related” sounds ambiguous, but there are only a few subjects that this can apply to. These subjects include History, English or Political Science.

If you want to become a judge or a lawyer, then law school is the one for you.

Medical School

To enlist at medical school the same criteria can be applied from law school. You will need to be smart because no hospital wants to employ a dumb doctor. You will need to study hard for a long time, no one falls into medicine so you must devote your BitLife into becoming a doctor.

To qualify for medical school, you must study a subject that will make you eligible to qualify for medical school. If you want to be a medical doctor, then studying Biology, Chemistry or Physics should see you qualify. Picking something like Psychology also qualifies for medical school, but you won’t be a medical doctor, instead, you will be a psychiatrist which is just as well-paid.

Business School

Business School is the place to be if you have your heart set on becoming a CEO. It has far less strict rules on what course count towards qualification. You should aim to study at university anything mathematical or business based. This is not a hard school to qualify for and you don’t even need to be that clever. If you dedicate yourself to a business you should be rewarded, eventually.

Graduate School

To qualify for graduate school is one of the easiest things to do. Picking any solid subject like English, Psychology or Maths is sure to see you qualify. Avoid any silly subjects like dance or anything that would be difficult to gain employment with.

Think of graduate school as a place to enhance whatever degree you studied previously. Normally this means that whatever job you will get should be well paid, but not as well paid as business school or medical.

Nursing School

I haven’t tried to enlist in nursing school with anything other than a degree in nursing, but I think it’s fair to say that I wouldn’t try to enlist with anything else. I am not knocking down the nursing profession, but if you have studied Biology or Chemistry, then you really can do better than nursing. Nursing is a relatively well-paid profession with ample opportunities to gain promotion, so it is worth doing if you can do no better.

Dental, Pharmaceutical, and Veterinary School

I have lumped these three schools together for good reason, they all require similar subjects and intelligence levels. I am sure you can enlist in pharmaceutical school with many qualifications, but in my experience having a science as your major has always helped. The same goes for vets and dentists, they require an intelligent person who could easily just enlist in medical school.

Think of these three professions as just doctors with different titles. You will need to do everything a doctor does, but instead of going to medical school, you go to one of these schools instead.