BitLife: How to Get the Scandalous Ribbon

By Sam Simmons |

Being scandalous is something you have to be born with. Lucky for us, BitLife allows us to be as scandalous as possible, all from the comfort of our Smartphone.

This guide will focus on the Scandalous ribbon. This is a ribbon that requires a high level of aggression and a low level of happiness. If you are looking for other ribbons, or anything related to BitLife, then check out the complete guide to BitLife.

How to Get the Scandalous Ribbon

There are several rules to live by if you want the Scandalous ribbon, the rules are as follows:

  • Fight. Whenever you get the chance to fight someone, take it. Assault is the best way to get you on the path of being Scandalous, so always choose the aggressive option in a random event.
  • Go to prison. It doesn’t matter how you get to prison, just make sure you spend a nice chunk of your life behind bars. You can go to prison for attempted murder, army desertion or common assault. Once you are in prison, start riots and remember the first rule, fight all the time.
  • Never be happy. I have achieved the Scandalous ribbon around 100 times in BitLife. There are several areas that are the same on every one of my tombstones. Have low happiness, this means always make your character miserable. Jail is a sure way to do that, plus don’t go on holiday and don’t spend time with loved ones.
  • Take drugs. Whenever you get the opportunity to take some drugs, do it. This will partner up with the other rules above and will ensure you have low karma and happiness.

Following most of these rules, if not all, will get you a one-way ticket to the Scandalous ribbon.

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