BitLife: How to Get the Rich Ribbon

By Sam Simmons |

Everybody on Earth wants the same thing, to be rich and not have a care in the world. For most of us, this dream never comes true. Thankfully, we can succeed in BitLife instead, which I think we can all agree is a far more rewarding feeling.

This guide will focus on getting you the Rich ribbon. If you are looking for anything else regarding BitLife, like a certain job or another ribbon then check out our complete guide to BitLife.

How to Get the Rich Ribbon

The Rich ribbon is easier than it seems for several reasons. One reason is that it’s a lot easier to earn money than you think. Follow the tips listed below and you are bound to end up with the Rich ribbon.

  • Go to university. It’s possible to get this ribbon without going to university, but it makes your life easier. If you go into either Business or Graduate school, you will end up with a job that pays fairly well. Going to Medical school will give you a job that often pays too well, and you could end up with the Loaded ribbon.
  • Make millions. The ideal amount of money for this ribbon is around three million. But I know you can be classified as Rich with anywhere from one to nine million net worth. Once you go above ten million, you are on track for other ribbons.
  • Family or no family? Normally, ribbons involve nurturing your relationship with your family or neglecting it. I can safely say that for the Rich ribbon it does not matter what you chose. I wouldn’t go overboard, the defining trait in this ribbon is a couple of million and that’s about it.

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