BitLife: How to Get the Loaded Ribbon

By Sam Simmons |

Being loaded in life is a wonderful dream that is hard to achieve. In BitLife, achieving the status of being loaded is actually easier than it seems. Follow the tips outlined below and I am sure you will get the Loaded ribbon with little trouble.

How to Get the Loaded Ribbon

The main criteria to fulfil in order to achieve this ribbon involves being rich. No, not just one or two million rich, we are talking 10+ million at least. In fact, ideally set the 20 million mark in your head as that’s a safer guarantee.

So how do you make this much money? There are several ways to make millions, but the easiest is to choose a good profession. Being an actor or Porn Star is a good way to make money, but then you will end up being too famous.

Instead, choose a high paying normal job like a Doctor, Banker or Brain Surgeon. This will require a high intelligence which can be given to you at the start of a BitLife. If your character has high intelligence from birth, then this will be your best chance to land a high-paying job.

Once you’ve made some money, invest it into real estate. Real estate goes up in value over time, whereas vehicle prices diminish. So if you want to make a lot of money, you will need to invest it wisely.

One quick note to mention, do not make your money from gambling. If you are a successful gambler, then you will earn the High Roller ribbon instead.

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