BitLife: How to Get the Houdini Ribbon

By Glen Fox |

The Houdini Ribbon in BitLife doesn’t require you to become a world famous magician to obtain. Instead, you have to repeatedly go to prison and then escape numerous times in a single BitLife.

Aside from the challenge of actually escaping prison, this is a relatively easy Ribbon to obtain as you’re going to use a lot of your time in this BitLife just getting this Ribbon. It’s unlikely any of your other achievements will clash.

Nevertheless, we’ve got a bunch of tips and tricks to help you get this Ribbon with total ease. If it’s something else you’re looking for, check out our complete guide to BitLife, where we include links to all of our other guides for this text-based life simulator.

How to Get the Houdini Ribbon in BitLife:

So, this Ribbon isn’t overly challenging. Live your early life in any manner you wish, then go to prison as soon as you reach adulthood.

There are loads of different methods you can choose to go to prison. You could assault someone, fail a burglary attempt, or commit murder.

Once in prison, you want to attempt to escape. Doing so triggers a minigame in which you have to try and reach the exit on a grid before the guard catches you.

What makes this more difficult is the fact that for every move you make, the guard can move twice. Basically, you can’t win in a race.

Instead, you want to try and get the guard stuck in the environment. Lead him to tight corridors or dead ends, then use the confusion to make quick your exit.

It might take a few goes to get right, but you’ll eventually get it. The beauty of this Ribbon is that you can attempt to escape a few times and it doesn’t really matter if you fail. Just keep trying until you get the hang of it.

When you do eventually escape, you’re going to want to go straight back to prison. We recommend not repeating the same crime where possible though, as you don’t want to accidentally get another Ribbon like the Thief or Deadly Ribbons.

Check out our list of Ribbons, which details the criteria for all 30 of them. That way you can see what to avoid on your adventure.

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