BitLife: How to be a Monk or a Nun

By Sam Simmons |

BitLife is the game that keeps on giving. Whether you want to richer than your wildest dreams, or a very successful serial killer, BitLife is the game for you.

This guide will focus on the two newest jobs added to BitLife, the Monk and the Nun position. If you are looking for any other Job or Ribbon related to BitLife, then check out our complete guide.

What is a Monk or Nun?

If you didn’t already know, both these jobs describe an individual who has dedicated their lives to religious services. The main difference between the two is Nuns are part of the Christian community and Monks are Monastic.

A Nun lives by certain vows and oaths they have sworn to live by. One of these oaths involves celibacy, meaning they vow to never marry and be sexually abstinent. Nuns are reserved for females whereas, Monks are reserved for males.

How do I become one?

First, you will need to pick a gender. You can not be a male Nun or a female Monk, so pick one. After this, you will need an education beyond high school. What you study doesn’t really matter, pick something safe like English, History or Education.

After this look for a job. A Monk or Nun position is notorious for its low pay, so these jobs will be well at the bottom of the list. It’s normal for these jobs to not appear right away, so keep ageing and checking to see if it comes up.

As mentioned above, a Nun lives by certain rules like Celibacy. Breaking this rule will have you eventually kicked out of the Nun club. Meaning you have to answer random scenarios wisely.

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