How to Become a BitLife CEO

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As its popularity continues to grow, more and more people are asking how to become a BitLife CEO. In BitLife the possibilities are endless, but to grab a top job, you will need to fulfil a list of certain criteria. What are these criteria? What a superb question, read on for an answer.

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How to Become a BitLife CEO

Here are some tips and tricks you need to become a BitLife CEO.

Get a Solid Start

Although many individuals throughout history have worked their way up from the bottom, in BitLife you could really use a helping hand. So this means if you have a life with high stats across the board, and you are born in a modern country, then you should have what it takes to make it to the top. Although what country you are in shouldn’t matter too much, it will be easier if you are in a country with many top CEO positions, like America or the United Kingdom.

Take Your Time

Each year of your life in BitLife can either take a matter seconds or minutes. If you want a top CEO position, then each year of your life should be spent to the fullest. This includes bettering yourself with the gym or other movies and spending time with loved ones, including parents. As part of spending time on each individual go, you will be more in control of your BitLife, so random illness or events can be easily managed or prevented.

Study Hard

As with any CEO position, it takes a lot of hard work to get rewarded. This means going to university and studying a relevant degree. You might think what is a relevant degree? Well, after university you will want to go to Business School, so any course that will help you qualify for business school as part of your further education. So remember, work hard at school go to a good course at university and then go to business school, the rest is just hard work and dedication.

Hard Work and Dedication

If you want to become a CEO, you will need to spend a lot of time working. No one who leaves business school falls into a top CEO position; more often than not you will have to work from the bottom of the company to the top. This means you want to have an active social life and take part in any activity the company organises. Sucking up to your supervisors could also be another method of becoming an executive, but sometimes you won’t have the chance.

Remember Your Family

When trying to achieve the top job you might forget about your partner at home, or the kids growing up and your parents, if they are still alive. So make sure you continue to spend time with your family as you chase that top job. What’s the point of a load of money if you have no one to spend it with? SO take your family on holiday, go on flights or cruises and enjoy the high life.

Avoid Trouble

A CEO or executive is not normally an individual who has been to jail. So if it comes down to interfering with a crime, or trying to help a random situation, then you should look the other way. A good CEO knows exactly when to look away, and you do not want to go to jail over some petty dispute. It may be against your morals, but this is a cut-throat world, so just keep your head down and everything will be fine.

Becoming a CEO is hard work even in BitLife, so I recommend spending your time at one company. If you jump around, you might have a chance to skip a promotion or two, but my experience has taught me to be persistent at the company you’re at. Keep managing your happiness, health and family and the top position will be yours, eventually.

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