Bitgram Tips, Cheats and Strategies

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Bitgram from 1Button is a new high-score chasing puzzler that challenges you to place as many Tetris-like shapes into a frame as possible. Instead of negotiating falling pieces, Bitgram’s shapes are one of two colors which can only be placed on top of the second color. This creates an ongoing pile of changing colored shapes upon which to build, which may quickly limit where you can put your pieces if done poorly.  If you want to pile up as many pieces as possible, here are Gamezebo’s tips, tricks, and strategies.

Plan Your Game

Since there are no time constraints or energy systems, you can take all the time you need to place your pieces in the best possible board location. You always have four clues on how best to proceed and those clues are precisely the four pieces you will be shown. Consider that each piece you play is setting up a series of positive and negative spaces with which you’ll need to work. As you put down each new piece, see how it will help or hinder the other three available pieces you’ll need to place on the board next. Always consider the four pieces in relation to one another, as well as in relation to the board, and you’ll be in a better position to make strategic choices. For example, if you have two sets of two lines (as shown below in purple), you can use them together to create a larger rectangle.

Bitgram Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Keep The Color Balanced

It can be tempting to focus on one color and fill up your board with all of those pieces to get them out of the way. However, because the incoming shapes are randomly generated, you may end up being served that same color over and over, so you want to make sure that as soon as you get the opposite color, you put it down on your board. Just like any ecosystem, you want to ensure everything is in balance so you can support whatever evolves.

Work For The Big Ones

The largest pieces can be the hardest to get on the board as real estate gets used up, so put them in position early (when the board is most solid) and whenever you can. As you are matching up smaller pieces, try to align them in a way that will eventually fit the larger pieces inside.

Bitgram Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Save Your Singles

Individual cubes or two adjacent cubes joined at one point are very useful for solving problems that would otherwise end your game. If you are all out of moves, you can easily place them almost anywhere, making them the most versatile pieces. But don’t just throw them away; you should save them until you see a really great use for them, like creating a space for a donut shape.

Watch The Jigglers

If there is only one possible move left, the last available piece will jiggle. Once you see that jiggle, it means that you are dangerously close to being shut out. Try to place your available piece somewhere that immediately opens up an area for another piece on your board. Drag those pieces around carefully to see what might line up. Just don’t accidentally drop your last piece because it might end your game on the next move.

Turn Your Device

Though Bitgram is meant to be played in portrait mode, turning your device to landscape may reveal some moves that are better than you had previously noticed. Because the positive and negative space can get disorienting, a new perspective may help.

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