Bit Heroes Tips, Cheats And Strategies


Bit Heroes is an interesting mix of casual mobile RPGs and more standard JRPG fare. It doesn’t always press the right buttons, but there’s still quite a lot here to like. Especially if you enjoy wandering around dungeons and making friends with lumps of slime.

But there’s also an awful lot going on; so much so that sometimes you might get a bit overwhelmed. Don’t you worry though, dear reader, because we’re here to help. In this guide we’re going to show you some hints and tips that should get you through most of what the game has to offer.

We’ll even reveal some exciting strategies we’ve picked up during our time with the game. Basically if you need to know it, we’re going to cover it in the next 500 or so words. So, without further ado, let’s jump into the meat of this bad boy.


Bit Heroes Tips, Cheats And Strategies

  • What does that do? – Long press on any of the attacks you can use during a scrap to find out just what they can do. Every time you get a new character or find a new weapon it’s worth taking the time to familiarize yourself with the moveset they bring to the table.
  • Healing is good – If you’ve got a character that can heal, then making sure your team is always close to tip top health is a great idea. It’s also smarter than chucking potions out when you take damage. Save those for when things get desperate in more difficult fights.
  • Let the game take control – Sometimes it’s okay to just let the game take control of your battles. This lets you leave the game alone for a while as your heroes smash up some bad guys. It’s best to do this for smaller battles. Pay attention when you’re up against big bosses or you’re tackling some of the tougher dungeons.


Bit Heroes Tips, Cheats And Strategies

  • Is that better? – The game will tell you when a piece of equipment that you’ve picked up is better than the one you’ve got equipped. It’s still worth checking the stats though. Sometimes there’s a boost in one aspect, but a penalty in another. Think about how you play and what numbers you want to be higher.
  • Spend wisely – When you level up you’ll get action points to spend. To begin with it’s a good idea to focus on your strength and health attributes, as these are the two things that will make the most difference in the early part of the game.
  • Don’t go for every monster – The monsters that join your party aren’t always that important. Once you’ve got a team of a couple of decent hitters, it’s worth keeping your gold to spend on other things rather than just trying to bribe every creature that asks if it can swap sides and fight for you.


Bit Heroes Tips, Cheats And Strategies

  • Get rid of it – When you’ve finished a couple of dungeons, head back to the main lobby and get rid of all the vendor trash you’ve picked up. You can exchange it for items that are going to come in much more useful for forging and strengthening up the equipment that you’ve already got.
  • Cleared the dungeon? Check – When you kill the final boss in a dungeon you can warp out. At times like this it’s sensible to switch the game to auto. Your team will run around and collect anything that you might have missed. Or if you haven’t missed anything, the option to get out will pop up straight away.
  • Play every day – You’ll get rewards just for signing in, so it’s always worth popping your head into the game just to keep the rewards going. The more currency you can make without actually doing anything, the better your chances of not having to spend any money when the game gets tougher.

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