Birzzle Fever: Five Tips For a Better High Score

Birzzle Fever is a match-three bird-popping game published by Halfbrick Studios. Players earn points by tapping groups of birds and making them explode. It’s way cuter than it sounds.

Birds are typically lean animals with scarce meat on their bones, so here are five tips to help you obtain a nice, chunky score in Birzzle Fever.

1. Jump the gun and start tapping right away


Whether by accident or by design, Birzzle Fever lets you start tapping at bird clusters before the game’s announcer even finishes saying, “Ready? Go!” In other words, you can start scoring even before the game’s official one minute countdown begins. Take every advantage you can get. You need it.

2. Keep on tapping, even when messages pop up


In Birzzle Fever, messages pop up often whenever you unlock an achievement, crack open a point multiplier, enter fever mode, or reach a max combo. It can be highly distracting – which is probably why it happens. You can go over your accomplishments once the match is done. Just focus and keep on tapping.

3. Target “strong colored” birds whenever possible


Some birds – particularly penguins and chickens – look alike in Birzzle Fever. Train your brain to specifically identify and tap birds with brightly colored plumage, like cardinals (red), ducks (yellow) and orioles (orange).

4. Keep up your momentum in order to acquire power-ups and break open point multipliers


Momentum is key for a high score in Birzzle Fever. When you fill up your power meter, you activate power-ups like bombs. Bombs, in turn, can help break open point multipliers. Tap, tap, tap! But exercise some caution: If you tap groups of birds that number two or less, you power meter goes down significantly.

5. Complete missions and level up for permanent point multipliers


Birzzle Fever has several missions that help you level up when you complete them. Earning experience and leveling up is the key to achieving permanent point multipliers, so always do your very best.

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