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Quick Start Guide

Birdland is a Facebook game developed by of the same name Birdland, that lets you own and maintain an aviary, giving a player free reign to purchase or breed birds of different species, keeping them well fed and happy, and decorate it to their heart’s content. This quick start guide will provide you with tips to get started playing Birdland.

Personalize your Aviary

Your bird sanctuary should show who you are by naming it, choosing your birds, decorating it with the right accessories and adding the perfect background.

Start off by adding a unique name for your cage. By clicking on the wooden board found at the top of the screen, you will now be able to edit its name. Keep it short and simple since you only have about 16 characters.

At the start of the game, you have a limited number of birds to choose from. Only 1 breed is available but you can choose from 3 colors. If you don’t like the selection, you can sell them later when you unlock more birds. You can then choose its gender and type in a unique name. The game can also randomly pick the name for you.


You can opt to decorate your cage but would recommend to choose your background (themes) first. Accessories can be purchased later when you have more coins to spend. One stick is suffice until you add more birds or expand your cage. You can further customize it by clicking on each item (stick, feeder, etc.) and drag the item to place it where you want it to be through the 4 arrow tool that will appear.


Check your Bird’s Well Being

There are two ways of checking how your birds are doing when you visit your cage.

  1. At the top of the game screen, you’ll see two bars labeled as “Happy” and “Hunger”. This gives you an overview of how all of your birds are doing. A full bar means they are very happy and well fed.
  2. By using the arrow tool, click on each bird. A window will appear which shows the bird’s statistics. You will see the same two bars.

Depending on what the bars indicate, you will need to fill up your feeder or show love for your bird.

Your Bird’s Statistics

Clicking each bird with the arrow tool will open up it’s own window which will show the following:

  • Your bird’s name
  • Gender of the bird
  • How hungry or happy they are
  • Actions to take. Whether you’d like to sell it, breed with another bird of the same species or show love.


You’ll notice two tabs within the window. The fist one looks like a piece of paper and pen. This is where you can edit your bird’s name. The second tab will show the overall statistics of the bird as listed above.

Caring for your Birds

Your birds will need to be fed and kept happy. Once you enter the game, check your cage’s hunger and happiness level.

If your birds are very hungry, you will see their thought balloon with a picture of a feeder above their heads. To feed it, all you need to do is click the feeder with either the arrow or hand tool. The arrow tool will open up a window and click on “fill”. Once filled with bird seed, the hungry birds will automatically fly to it and eat. Depending on the number of birds you have in your cage, bird seed can be consumed really fast. Keep an eye on it and fill it again if needed. A faster way is to use the hand tool. All you need to do is click on the feeder and it will be filled.


If your birds are sad, you will see a thought balloon with a picture of a sad face. You can then use your arrow or hand tool and click on each bird. By using the arrow tool, you’ll open up the statistic’s window where you can click on the “I love my parrot” button for adult birds and the “heart” button for young birds. You can opt to use the hand tool and click the bird to make them happy.


It’s time to add more birds to your cage. You can breed two birds, one female and one male of the same species once they reach adulthood. By clicking on one bird (doesn’t matter whether it’s the male or female), choose the “breed” option.

You will notice two birds flying to the corner and one will start to move closer. Hearts will then appear. If successful, then a bird egg will appear. I suggest you watch the breeding process, it’s just so cute! Take note that the bird will choose its partner automatically. Hey, love can’t be forced right?


What’s fun is the fact that you don’t know whether it’s going to be a girl or boy. You can, however, predict the color of the baby bird which is shown by the color of the egg.

One last note. Before you start breeding, make sure you still have space for another bird. At the lower right just right above the cage images, you will see a counter that shows the number of birds your cage can accommodate.

Keeping your Cages Clean

Your cages will eventually be dirty and cleaning is part of maintaining a great looking aviary. When you visit your cage next time, you will see a lot of gray spots and sometimes a spider web. Go to the menu and click on the “broom” button to activate it. All you need is to keep on clicking on any spot within the cage for it to start cleaning until a window pops up stating your cage is shiny clean.


Be sure to click “set an alert” on the top of this page to be notified of any updates, reviews, posts, tips and cheats for Birdland. We’ll be updating our guides all the time.

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