Bill and Ted’s Wyld Stallyns Tips, Cheats and Strategies


Movie tie-in games are, by and large, shameless cash-ins. Especially on mobile. Bill and Ted’s Wyld Stallyns looks to change that though, offering some team-based battling with the dim but lovable duo.

Whether it’s successful is down to personal taste, but one thing is for certain – it’s not the easiest game to master. That’s why we’re here though, don’t worry. Just follow these simple tips, cheats, and strategies to make sure you’ll have a most un-heinous time playing Built Games’s latest title.

  • Balancing act An obvious hint perhaps, but it is essential for your team of fighter/rockers to be well balanced. Many characters are best equipped to heal other members of your squad for instance, whereas others are better when battling foes directly.
  • Buff it up With this balancing act in mind we’d say having half of your quartet as healers, and the other two as fighters. This way the former can buff your team, with the latter de-buffing the enemies.
  • Be a buff Talking of buffs – be sure to check your enemies’ buffs by clicking the button above their heads. These can give you vital tips on then and how you can best exploit their weaknesses with your squad.
  • Switch it up Remember that you’re not stuck with the four characters you first choose either. You can swap and change as much as you wish. It may be best not to get too invested in one character either, as they may turn out to be less useful than others when it comes to certain kinds of battles where different enemy types are involved.

  • Be a star Getting three star ratings for levels is not only a nice ego boost, it can reward you with experience points and coins. To get a three star rating you only need to make sure every member of your team survives to the end of the level too – so make sure you heal characters accordingly to make sure everyone makes it through intact.
  • Daily rewards Make sure you check into the game daily to claim the daily rewards. These can often be items or power-ups that will give you a minor but noteworthy boost in battles.
  • Your stuff Make sure you keep an eye on the ‘Your Stuff’ section and keep your characters tooled up with the latest kit your funds can afford. Going into battles later on in the game without characters that are fully equipped for the task puts you on a hiding to nothing.

  • Shred skills You can update your key moves from the menu by using the skill points you accrue from levels. Using these on skill amplifying effects may be the wisest move – as these add onto active skills and make them stronger.
  • Set on repeat Repeating older levels for more experience and coins is almost essential in getting past some of the later levels in the game – which are often impossible to compete in if you don’t grind away on older stages.
  • Shop Make sure you check out the in-game shop too. Coins are plentiful and easily gained (see above), so don’t skimp on that item that will give one of your characters a real boost.

Take these tips and tricks for a spin for yourself by downloading Bill and Ted’s Wyld Stallyns now – it’s available on both the App Store and Google Play. Excellent!

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