Big Hero 6 Bot Fight Tips, Cheats, and Strategies

Big Hero 6 Bot Fight is a match-three puzzle game from Disney. In this game, you engage in robot fights by matching up similarly-colored puzzle pieces and launching elemental attacks. Gamezebo’s Big Hero 6 Bot Fight tips, cheats and strategies will provide you the advice you’ll need to emerge victorious.

big hero 6 bot fight tips cheats strategies

  • Remember elemental strengths and weaknesses – Every bot on your team – and every bot you go up against – adheres to an element. Learning and exploiting these weaknesses is the key to smashing your opponents, as well as defending yourself. Fire is strong against nature, but weak against water. Water is strong against fire, but weak against nature. Nature is strong against water, but weak against Fire. The light and shadow elements oppose each other.
  • Do daily and weekly events for experience and evolution parts – Touch the glowing portal on the map screen to access special events. Doing these events costs a lot of energy (which recharges over time), but are an excellent way to earn experience-rich robots that can level up your team in a flash. You can also battle for bot parts that can be used to evolve your team.
  • Use allies to fill out gaps in your team – Before each battle, you have a chance to pick an ally. If you’re having trouble with enemies, choose according to the circumstances. If you go up a lot of nature-themed bots but lack a strong fire presence on your team, an ally can be a big help.
  • Avoid single three-piece matches whenever possible – Your moves are precious. When you act, enemies take one step closer to attacking you. Make every move a powerful one by performing as many four- and- five-piece matches as possible. Three-piece matches are piddly, and barely dent your opponents.

big hero 6 bot fight tips cheats strategies

  • Don’t forget to use your robots’ skills – As you fight, your robots’ skill meters fill up. A robot’s skill can turn a bad fight in your favor, so use them often. Once depleted, the skill meter gradually fills up again.
  • Different robots have different skills – Some robots have defensive skills, others go for offense. In general, rarer robots have more powerful and useful skills.
  • Don’t waste too much time and effort levelling up your “Common” starter bots – Your starter bots (barring the one you select for yourself at the very start of the game) are kind of weak, and are quickly outclassed before you get too far into the game. Level them up as much as is necessary for beating early fights, but don’t hesitate to dump them from your line up once you get your hands on something better.
  • Save Prisms for rare bot draws – Every so often, you’re awarded a Prism. Prisms are the hard currency of Big Hero 6: Bot Fight. Though Prisms can be spent on many beneficial things, it’s best to save them up to get a chance at drawing a rare robot.

big hero 6 bot fight tips cheats strategies

  • Make friends to earn more points after battle – Turn allies into friends. When you take friends into battle, you’re awarded more points at the end of a match. Points can be used to draw for more robots.
  • Combos are the key to victory – Later battles get pretty tough, and scoring as much damage as possible before the bad guys take a bite out of you is the only way to survive. Practice linking matches and scoring combos. The more matches you make in a turn, the more damage you deal.
  • Energy stacks – Don’t be shy about claiming energy awards from the game. Energy stacks! The “overflow” won’t regenerate once used, but it’s still part of your total until you use it.

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