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Big Business – Game Introduction

Big Business is a city building Facebook game developed by Game Insight. Build different businesses from the ground up by purchasing farms, factories to manufacture your goods, and sell them to commercial industries. Manage your city by including entertainment establishments, keeping it environmental friendly and increase its population. These are just a few of the things you can do to get started playing Big Business by referring to this quick start guide.

Quick Start Guide

Game Resources and Currencies

To manage your city and businesses, here are the currencies and resources you need.


This is needed to purchase buildings, city decorations, services and expansions. You can earn money or coins by selling goods in the supermarket or when doing certain tasks within your city or by helping neighbors.

City Credits

A special type of currency to purchase special items within the shop. If you would like to construct buildings that are still locked, you can buy them ahead of time with City Credits. You’ll get additional credits when you level up.

Big Business


The blue bar on top shows the number of citizens you have in your city. This can be increased by constructing residential buildings. Adding new production buildings in upper levels will require you to increase your population.

Happiness Points

This indicates the happiness level of your city. It can be increased by adding entertainment facilities. Adding more of these buildings will also increase the maximum level of your population.

Ecology Points

The city needs to be environmental friendly and ecology points serve as a guide how well you are doing. You can add more points by purchasing trees. To add more industrial buildings in higher levels, there is a required number of ecology points before you can purchase these factories.


All your buildings need electricity for it to run. To increase the available electricity points, you can purchase power stations.

Manage your Garage

To move your raw materials and manufactured products, you need to have the right vehicles. Your garage is your headquarters and where your trucks are parked. Without these vehicles, you can’t produce any goods from your factories nor can you sell them.

You start off with one truck which you can use to transport fruits, vegetables and groceries. Depending on the number of industrial buildings you’ve constructed, you might need more than one as you increase your level to do the tasks faster.

Big Business

The milk tanker will transport dairy products like milk. The trash tanker will pick up trash and send it to the trash recycling center. The timber tanker will move wood and the gasoline tanker will transport oil products.

Not all vehicles are available for purchase and will be unlocked when you reach the upgraded level of that building. You can upgrade your garage any time as long as you have the coins to purchase it.

Produce Goods from Industrial Facilities

To manufacture products, you’ll need a farm or a ranch. The produce it provides will be used as raw ingredients for finished goods. By clicking on the building, the options will appear. To start a contract, choose the middle button and this will let you choose the available products to produce.

Big Business

Looking at the image above, the cost of producing meat will be 50 coins but once you sell it at the supermarket, you’ll earn 140 coins profiting 90 more coins. It will take 10 minutes to produce and you’ll earn 6 experience points.

Take note that some products might have been unlocked but if you don’t have the right vehicle to transport it, then you can’t produce it. As an example, if milk has been unlocked from the ranch because you’ve reached the upgraded level but don’t have a milk tanker, you can’t produce it.

For factories that manufacture goods requiring more ingredients, it is best that you wait to complete them to earn more profit from the finished product. Looking at the example below, having 1 flour and 1 milk will allow you to produce dough.

Big Business

Cost is at 200 coins but your profit skyrockets to 1,160 coins by selling it at a 1,360 price. So the tip here is to produce more complexed products for more profit.

Sell at the Supermarket

To earn coins and further expand your businesses and city, sell your produce and finished goods at the supermarket. You can opt to sell products in its original state or you can wait and store them until they can be produced for high selling products.

Big Business

When looking at the list of goods available for sale, mouse over each item and check whether it can be an ingredient to be produced in a plant. As an example, sugar can be used at the dairy factory or the confectionary plant. If these buildings are available, then don’t sell it and use it as an ingredient instead. At earlier levels, you can sell them immediately to earn money since the factories haven’t been built yet.

City Management through Public Service

Running a city means providing your citizen’s needs. There are three ways of managing your city and this is by giving medical assistance, put out fires and picking up trash from establishments and homes.

You’ll notice during gameplay, image icons will appear above them indicating what help your citizens need. A burning tree or building will show a fire extinguisher icon and you’ll see flames. Trash collection will have a trash bin icon and if a home needs medical help, you’ll see a cross icon on top.

Big Business

Clicking on the affected building will send a helicopter to provide assistance. You will receive 30 coins and 1 experience point.

Clean and Repair Neighbor’s Buildings

Help a neighbor’s city by helping them clean their establishments and provide repair services.

Big Business

You only need to scroll through their city and look for the tool and broom icons. Clicking on them will reward you 30 coins and 1 experience point per building. The number of times you can help a neighbor isn’t fixed. This means that a bigger city can let you earn more rewards, even more than the usual 5 times you see in other games. To get more chances of helping a neighbor (more buildings that may need assistance), it’s better to invite friends who are in higher levels or have bigger cities. Sometimes going back after a few minutes to the same neighbor will indicate other buildings that may need help. This is random though at this point.

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