Big Big Baller Tips, Cheats and Strategies


Big Big Baller is rolling along and building a huge audience in the process. The game, all about controlling a sphere across a cityscape and helping it grow by running over increasingly larger objects, has become a bit of a sensation.

Despite its simple concept it can be a bit tricky to last very long in it though. At least at first, especially due to its competitive element. But don’t worry, we’re here for you. Here are the best tips out there to help you become a proper baller at, er, Big Big Baller.

  • Start well An obvious hint perhaps, but starting well is key to success in Big Big Baller. Making sure you know exactly what you want to do from the off is essential. Rolling around aimlessly will see your game ending very quickly indeed.
  • Roll away This ties into the point above, but when you start make sure you roll away from your opponents. Not only will you avoid getting involved in a pointless low stakes skirmish, you’ll also head towards an area of the map that has been completely untouched.
  • Start small When entering these aforementioned untouched areas, focus on collecting the smaller objects. Rocks, small shrubbery, and so on. Preferably these will all be clumped together, allowing you to grow significantly in a short period of time.
  • Attract a crowd When we say small items we mean people too. That huge group of yoga lesson taking berks are an easy target and should be exploited to the full to help ball growth (so to speak).
  • Move accordingly When you’re big enough don’t waste your time on smaller items, they’ll only slow you down. Instead focus on rolling down the roads and gathering up cars and the like.
  • Avoid big balls It may feel thrilling to sneak around opponents who have grown a much larger ball than yours, but it will only end in tears – trust us. Steer well clear of any balls that larger than your own.
  • Crush opponents That said, you should take every opportunity to chase your smaller opponents. Not only can you take them out of the game, you can also suck up the items they have carefully collected. It’s a tad mean perhaps, but remember – they’d do the same to you. Probably.
  • On screen indicators Remember that you can find your opponents via the on-screen indicators, you don’t have to aimlessly wander looking for your next victim (if that’s your bag).
  • Corner them Cornering your foes is a good tactic if your ball is one of the largest on the arena. Give them little space to escape and you’ll likely crush them – either because of your size or their inability to cope with the pressure of avoiding you.
  • Unlock balls There are a range of challenge balls to unlock, all with different special abilities. To unlock them you have to complete set requirements. It’s advisable to check them out on the relevant menu and see what you have to do for each – as attempting to unlock each one could improve your abilities as well as improve the range of balls you can choose from. Double win.
  • Video ads As you might expect the opportunity to watch video ads is dangled in your face in Big Big Baller, and it’s worth doing if you want to boost your chances of progressing. Watching a video ad after a match will double the EXP you’ve received, so it’s definitely something worth suffering through if you’ve just won – even if the adrenaline is still pumping after your (possibly) epic victory.

Get rolling (get it?) with these tips by downloading Big Big Baller via the App Store and Google Play right now.

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