Between the Worlds Tips Walkthrough

GENERAL TIPS This game has a timed mode only and there's no way to turn it off, however you will be given plenty of time to complete your missions. There are a lot of find and seek levels with some mini games in between. A lot of items are very small on the screen and can be hard to see. Make sure you look for items that are partially hidden and are close to the edge of the screen. It seems that  a lot of items are placed that bonusway on purpose so it's always a good idea to searc…

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  • This game has a timed mode only and there’s no way to turn it off, however you will be given plenty of time to complete your missions. There are a lot of find and seek levels with some mini games in between.
  • A lot of items are very small on the screen and can be hard to see. Make sure you look for items that are partially hidden and are close to the edge of the screen. It seems that  a lot of items are placed that bonusway on purpose so it’s always a good idea to search every conceivable corner of the screen.
  • You will get penalized 30 seconds off the clock for random clicking. The game will allow you to click a few of incorrect items before it penalizes you.
  • In some instances all the items on the list will not be revealed to you right away, they will show up one by one after you’ve found all the items from the initial list.
  • The game will sometimes ask you to find a particular object but there can be 2 of the same ones at one time. The game will only accept one answer so if you know you’re clicking on the right item, look for another one like it so you can get the right answer. For example, it was asking me for a necklace, I tried to click on the pearl necklace and it would not accept it. Finally I clicked on a different necklace and the game accepted it.
  • If you’re having a hard time finding items in a scene, just exit out of the game and when you come back you will have a new set of items to look for. If you already found the secret item, you will not have to look for it again. If you used up all your hints before you exited the game, you will get 2 additional hints when you come back.
  • If you exit the game before completing a chapter you may have to start from a previously played level. Try to finish a room completely before exiting out.
  • Click on the assistant when you need their help they can give you further clues on what to do especially in the mini games.


  • You get 5 hints at the beginning of each chapter and there’s no way to earn extra ones, so use the ones you have wisely.
  • The five hints will have to last you through more than one scene, usually you will have 5 hints to use in 2-3 locations.
  • You will also have hints that you can use during any mini game. In the mini games you will get 5 hints that you can use just for the mini game, once you used those up there’s no way to earn more of them.


  • Look for items that can be opened, they contain secret items which contain broken parts of the amulet. You need to collect them all so you can send the evil sorcerer back to his twisted world.
  • Once you open the boxes make sure that you click on the item that’s inside otherwise you will not be able to collect it.
  • The walkthrough below shows you the location of all the amulets in the game. They will be shown in order of appearance.

SPOILER ALERT!!!! The following section contains a walkthrough for all the puzzles in the game. It contains the location of all the amulets, coulombs, solutions and explanations for all the mini games along with screenshots to help you find the objects with ease.


  • Amulet-Wicker Box-lower left side.
  • Amulet-Metal Box-Lower right side.


  • Amulet-Nightstand-lower left side, click on the drawer of the nightstand.
  • Amulet-Wooden box-It sits on top of the nightstand that is next to the bed.
  • The Coulomb will appear on the bed, it’s a light blue and gold item, very tiny.



  • Depending on which character you chose to play you will have to put together a jigsaw puzzle of them. I’ve placed both solutions for you on here.
  • The pieces have to be rotated in order for them to fit on the page. Grab your jigsaw piece and then right click it to rotate it.
  • Once you find the right place for the puzzle piece, left click it in place. If it’s correct the piece will lock in place and you will not be able to move it. If it’s incorrect move it to another location.
  • You can see a faint outline of the picture that you need to recreate so use that as your guideline.
  • As with most jigsaw puzzles start with the corner pieces first and then work your way in.



  • Amulet-Backpack-Top left side, click on the backpack to get the piece that’s inside.
  • Amulet-Car Door-Click on the door of the red car and retrieve the piece.
  • The Coulomb appears in the lower left side.



  • Your goal in this puzzle is to make the triangle point downwards by only making 3 moves.
  • If you make more than 3 moves you will have to start all over again until you can get it right.
  • Please look at the screenshots for step by step instructions on how to solve the puzzle.


  • If you remember back in the day we used to have the games Galaga and Centipede, well this mini game plays in a very similar manner.
  • You have to left click your mouse to shoot at the wizard clones that are flying by. Click at them quickly so you can get as many of them in one shot as you can.
  • You will notice that a bar on the right side says "Your Manna". In order to use that you can right click your mouse and your magic wand will send out a cloud that will eliminate all the clones that fall within the cloud.
  • You get 750 points for each clone that you shoot and 150 points for the wizard. The clones are easy to identify because they will have a yellow outline around them.
  • The level will end once the wizard’s energy drops to zero and you shoot at him. Remember that the wizard will have a blue outline around him.


  • Amulet-Click on the top drawer of the dresser that is on the right edge of the scene to retrieve the amulet piece.
  • The coulomb will appear on the top step of the left side.


  • You must draw a line that fills in every dot.
  • A dot that’s in a straight line can be crossed twice only.
  • You have to make the line go from the starting point all the way to the ending line.
  • If you look at the screenshot I provided, you need to start clicking on the small circles starting with the red arrows first.You will start by going in a straight line first and then you will come to the first circle. click on the circle by going towards the left side of the scene.
  • The second set of arrows that you need to follow are the blue ones followed by the purple ones last. Remember to follow the arrows going left each time.






  • Most of us that play many hidden object games are familiar with the Hanoi puzzles. Your goal is to move the rings from the left tower all the way to the third tower while keeping the rings from largest to smallest.
  • You can only move one ring at a time. A large ring cannot go on top of a smaller ring.
  • The screenshots provide you with step by step instructions on how to complete the towers. Please click on the towers in the order shown. If the arrow is pointing to the left, then you will know that you need to move the ring on a particular tower to the location in which the arrow is pointing to.


  • In this level you need to find 9 pieces of paper that are scattered throughout the scene. Please enlarge the screenshot to get a better view of where the notes are located.
  • Top center-On the hot air balloon.
  • Top left edge of the scene, it’s almost off the page, on the side of the building.
  • Lower left side, on the edge of the scene.
  • Lower left corner, on the back of the shirt of the man with the long ponytail.
  • Lower left side, next to the laptop.
  • Lower center, on the back end of the zebra.
  • Lower center, behind the zebra, on the grass.
  • Lower right side, on the back of the man with the blue shirt.
  • Lower right corner,on the ground.


  • Amulet-Secret Item-Click on the slim silver box that sits on the table
  • Top left side.
  • On the left side of the desk, on top of the bottle opener.
  • On the left side of the desk.
  • On the lower left side, on the side of the desk.
  • In the canter of the desk, on top o some papers.
  • Right side of the desk.
  • Lower right corner, behind the chair.
  • Top right side, on the window sill.
  • Top shelf of the bookcase.


  • You have to figure out how to unlock the door by placing the circles and the triangles in the right spots.
  • You can only use each symbol once per section.
  • The long sections belong to the triangles.
  • The smaller sections belong to the circles (the sections that have the semi-circles around them, in other words the circles always go from left to right).
  • Once a circle is completed correctly the pieces will lock in place and the circle will light up.
  • It’s also important to highlight all the shapes even if they are not filled in and all you see is an outline, otherwise you will not be able to complete the puzzle.
  • Make sure that you change the symbols that are in the middle as well or you will not be able to complete the puzzle.
  • There are some symbols that are already in the game and that do not move when you click on them, that eliminates one symbol that you have to place.


  • You will be asked to find 9 symbols and a plaque. The game will initially ask you to look for 8 signs. Once you find those 8 signs, it will ask you to find a plaque.
  • The plaque will be against the back wall. Once you click on the plaque, a blue symbol will appear behind the plaque, click on that symbol to end this round.
  • Since it’s hard to describe where the symbols are in that room, I ask that you please look at the screenshot for the location of all the items.


  • You have to arrange all 8 game pieces on the board so that no piece lines up with another piece, horizontally, vertically or diagonally.
  • You will not know that the pieces are placed correctly until you place all of them on the board.
  • The screenshot provided will show you where to place all the green pieces.


  • This bonus round consists of playing what is normally known as an arkanoid game.
  • You have to use the bat at the bottom of the screen to help you push the ball into the main field. Move the bat around with your mouse so you can make sure that you catch the ball.
  • Some targets in the screen have to be hit more than once in order to destroy them.
  • You have 5 lives to use in 5 levels. If you lose all 5 lives you will have to start again. You will lose a life once a ball falls below your bat.
  • Along the way you can pick up certain power-ups that will help you finish the game faster. When you see that your bat has what looks like machine guns on each end,  left click your mouse repeatedly and it will shoot the targets for you.
  • If you don’t want to play the bonus level all you have to do is click on the "esc" key on your keyboard to leave the bonus round.


  • Amulet Piece-Click on the hamper that is in the lower right corner and you will find an amulet piece inside.


  • You have to click on the correct letters in the clock to spell out the correct code.
  • The clock on the top left side,controls the the first letter above.
  • The clock on the right side, controls the last letter above.
  • The clock at the bottom of the screen controls the letter in the middle.
  • Set all three clocks to spell out "PYX" and you will win the level.






  • You have to right click on the scene and you will get the night vision goggles. That will be the only way to view and click the photos you need to look for.
  • You can still use your hints even if the scene is dark, right click the scene and then the game will take you to the piece you need and it will be highlighted.
  • A lot of the pictures are very hard to see and can be hard to click on unless you click in the right spot. make sure that you look in the very corners of the scene or you will not be able to see all the photos.
  • Please look at the screenshots for the location of all 13 photos.
  • Once you’ve collected all the photos, it will ask you to find the sniper. He will not be visible until all the photos have been collected.
  • The sniper will be amongst the trees in the top left corner. click on the sniper to end the round.


  • In this game you have to move only 4 matches so you can form 3 squares.
  • Please look at the screenshot for the solution. you only have to move the matches that are in the center of the scene.
  • Place 2 matches in the lower left corner and 2 matches in the upper right corner.


  • In this mini game you have to hit the target with your bow. The closer you are to the center of the target the more points you will earn.
  • Use your mouse to move the bow around, hold your mouse down to pull the arrow back. The longer you hold down your mouse the farther the arrow will go.
  • The key is to hold your mouse down with the right pressure if you want to hit the target.


  • Amulet-Click on the wicker box that is on the lower right side and pick up the piece of the amulet.


  • This is basically a memory game in which you need to turn the cads to see what is behind them.
  • You can only look at 2 cards at a time. Your goal is to match up all the pairs of like cards until you’ve eliminated all of them.
  • In order to beat this round you have to play 5 sets to beat the game.


  • This scene will be very dark, you will only have a small spotlight to look for 5 amulets, a camcorder, a helmet and a monkey wrench.
  • Since the scene is so dark, I marked the location of all the amulets with a yellow square. The other 3 items are circled in red.


  • Pick up items around the scene and place them on other pieces.
  • Right click a piece to put it back if you can’t use it at that time.
  • Click on the red boxing glove and it will hit the metal piece that’s next to it and you will see a bomb that falls all the way to the ground in front of the safe.
  • Take the lighter that is in the middle of the wall and place it on the fuse of the bomb. The bomb will then explode and the amulet that was inside will go into the round receptacle that is on the other end.
  • Click on the shears that are in the top right side and place it on the rope that is directly above it, you will see that the rope is cut and that the bucket that was on top falls down to the ground.
  • Take the key that is inside the empty frame and place it on the keyhole that is at the bottom left side of the wall. You will notice that the conveyor belt  on the right side will start to move.
  • If you look on the upper left side, there’s a dark cat that can only be partially seen. Click on the cat and it will make the mouse that is on the beam start to move. A crystal ball will fall down and fall in the bucket that is right below it. Click on the bucket and the crystal ball will fall on the red pillow.
  • There’s a hammer that is right under the conveyor belt, grab it and place it on the crystal ball. The hammer will smash the ball open and an amulet piece will be inside.
  • In the lower right corner there is a shoe that sits on the pedal of the trashcan. When you click on the shoe it will open the trashcan and the amulet will fall into the container.
  • Click on the clothespin that is in the upper right corner, you will see that a bottle filled with red liquid will fall down to the pillow and that a blue "X" falls in front of the trash can. Grab the hammer again and place it on the red bottle to smash it, the amulet will be inside. Click on the shoe again and when the lid to the trashcan opens it will push the pillow forward and the amulet into the container.
  • On the top left side, you will see hook of sorts, click on the hook and it will grab the sack that is below it. Click on it again after it picks up the sack and it will drop the amulet onto the table below. the apparatus that is above the safe will push the amulet onto the container.
  • You will notice that the container will start to sparkle, click on the container and you will receive a message that tells you that you’ve assembled all the pieces of the amulet.