Best teams in Marvel Strike Force: How to assemble a great team

When you first start playing Marvel Strike Force, just throwing together your five best characters is enough to get by. Simply leveling and ranking up those favorites, as well as advancing them to higher gear tiers, will definitely be sufficient to win you plenty of battles.

Eventually, though, you’re going to hit points in either Alliance Raids or the Arena where any five heroes or villains won’t do. It will be time to start taking your game to the next level, and to do that, you’re going to have to start thinking about which characters actually make a great team.

To be sure, there’s no one way to put together an awesome Marvel Strike Force team, as one of the enjoyable aspects of the game is that with dozens of characters from which to choose, there are plenty of combinations of them that will work out effectively. That said, here are some general rules to follow when you’re trying to assemble a team that will become your go-to squad for most game modes.

  • Avoid minions whenever possible – Yes, you can build a good team with minions on it, and they definitely can fill certain roles. The problem is they don’t have as many abilities as full-fledged heroes or villains, so they’re always going to be operating at an inherent disadvantage. For that reason, you’ll want to leave them off your team unless there’s a darn good reason to include them.
  • Look for traits that match up – Those keyword-esque traits each character possesses aren’t just for flavor. Traits can work to make the abilities of certain characters more effective, thus making them better teammates for other specific characters. For example, Luke Cage’s Power man ability gives him extra health depending on how many Defender allies he has. It just makes sense, then, to get some of them on his team.
  • A mix of classes helps too – While you don’t have to make sure every character on a good team is a different class, you definitely don’t want four or five of the same ones on a team. That’s going to leave you too weak in some areas, so be sure to have at least three different classes among your five teammates.

Now let’s check out some examples of some of the best teams we’ve played and run into since Marvel Strike Force launched.

Marvel Strike Force

Best Marvel Strike Force teams

  • Daredevil, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Jessica Jones and Night Nurse – While not the hardest hitting team, it’s super survivable thanks to multiple ways to heal from Night Nurse and Iron Fist and Luke Cage’s Protector abilities. Jessica Jones can get rid of buffs on enemies or debuffs on her teammates, and both Iron Fist and Daredevil have powerful single target attacks.
  • Captain America, Black Widow, Quake, Hulk and Rocket Raccoon – This team causes all kinds of headaches for opponents. Start with Cap’s taunt and defense up abilities, plus the Hulk can taunt too. Black Widow is a stealthy nightmare, and Rocket, Quake and Hulk all have multi-target attacks.
  • Drax, Rocket Raccoon, Yondu, Crossbones and Quake – Pick your poison fighting this team. Drax starts with a taunt, meaning you can’t get to Yondu, Quake and Rocket before they start hammering all your characters at once. Crossbones can do that too, plus he can also taunt to take damage away from the others. If you can get Drax out of the way, some of the other characters are squishy, but that’s a big “if.”
  • Thanos, Elektra, Wolverine, Spider-Man and any healer – Several speedy characters mean you can attack first in most cases. Elektra and Wolverine both have devastating single-target attacks, Spidey has an automatic stun up his sleeve, and Thanos can taunt plus bring out a whole party attack too. The healer helps with durability if someone can drag out the fight.

Those are just a few of the teams we’ve seen in Arena mode and thought, “man, that group is tough.” If you need more Marvel Strike Force tips, be sure to read our other guides, including our introductory tier list, raid guide and advice on how to get free Power Cores.

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