What is the Call Of Dragons Best Faction?


Are you wondering what the best faction is in Call of Dragons? Then you’ve come to the right place! We’ve created a Best Faction Call Of Dragons guide that aims to help you choose the best faction for you when starting out in the latest game from Farlight.

Delve into this fantasy MMO from by the talented individuals that created Rise of Kingdoms. Participate in strategic combat as you battle against enemies in PvE, and fellow players in the action-packed PvP mode! Collect a variety of characters and assemble them into a team as you explore a plethora of locations, such as the Firefly Tree and the Frozen Spires.

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Call Of Dragons 5Best Faction

When you first load up Call Of Dragons, you’ll be presented with choosing your faction. You’re able to pick from three; Springwardens, League Of Order, and Wilderburg. Each has their own traits unique to their faction, but which is the best one?

Well, the truth is – there isn’t a definitive best faction. It’s more about which one is the best for you! Particular factions will benefit you depending on your playstyle. We’ll go over each of them, detailing the specific traits, as well as what kind of player it’s targeted towards. Hopefully by the end, you’ll have a good understanding of which faction is better suited for you. And if not – you can always change it further down the line after some upgrades.


We find that the Wilderburg faction is the most commonly chosen faction in the early game. This is probably due to how great it is for building up your initial kingdom, due to it’s passive abilities.

The faction is also well kitted for PVP, so if you like a more aggressive, confrontational style of gameplay, then the Wilderburg faction might be for you!

Faction Bonus

  • Legion Physical Attack +3%
  • Build Engineering +10%

League Of Order

The League Of Order, despite their appearance of strong, warrior-like men, shine brightest when you use them to resource gather. This is due to their passive abilities, which we’ll list below. There’s also a bit of defense in there, balancing out the faction and making it great for quick early game progression!

For the above reasons, we recommend this faction if you’re less confrontational and prefer a PVE approach to gameplay.

Faction Bonus

  • Legion Magic Defense +3%
  • Overall Gather Speed +10%


The Springwardens are aguably the most difficult faction to use when you’re playing through the game for the first time due to the fact that they don’t do much for your progression.

That doesn’t mean they’re not a great option when you’ve made it deeper into the game! The Springwardens have some fantastic passive abilities, as listed below, as well as being strong on the PVP front.

Faction Bonus

  • Legion March Speed +5%
  • Heal Speed +5%

That’ll just about wrap up our guide! For more information about Call Of Dragons, check out the game’s official website.

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