Demeo Classes – Which Is The Best Demeo Class?

Have you been wondering what the best Demeo class is? Well, we’ve got the guide just for you! In this article, we’ll not only reveal what we believe the best class in Demeo is, but we’ll also list and detail all …

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Have you been wondering what the best Demeo class is? Well, we’ve got the guide just for you! In this article, we’ll not only reveal what we believe the best class in Demeo is, but we’ll also list and detail all of them. We recommend that you bookmark this page and check back frequently for new changes to the guide, as updates can often lead to de-throning the top class!

Demeo is a fun RPG made to be experienced with friends and fellow gamers so much so that it’s cross-platform. The game features several different classes from you to choose from, enhancing the co-operative side of the game that forces you to work together with your team. United, you must thrive through the different adventures the game will send you on.

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Best Demeo Class

Now, just before we take a look at some of the different classes in the game, we’ll reveal what we believe is the best class…


Guardian is a true team player, and an all-around good class to start out as. Soaking up damage from the enemy, Guardians are able to prevent enemies from going near allies, as well as position enemies in a more convenient line of fire all through using the knockback melee attack. The Replenish Armour, as mentioned earlier, is not only fantastic for sponging damage, but also for regenerating your protective threads. All of these factors contribute to the reason why we believe the Guardian is the best class.

Demeo Classes

With the best class out of the way, we’ll have a look at some of the other classes that the game has to offer…


Like the Guardian, the Sorcerer is another class that we would consider a support class, and what a support it is! The Sorcerer features abilities that make the class ideal for crowd control, such as the Sorcerer Sucker Punch and the map manipulation.


Thanks to it’s sneak and melee attack bonus, the Assassin has an increased mobility advantage. Making the title of the class proud, Assassins are able to focus high amounts of damage on single targets.


The Bard can perhaps be seen as an alternative to the Guardian due to the similar yet different abilities that they possess. Like the Guardian, Bards can do high amounts of damage, but what sets them apart is how they can be used for crowd control along with party buffing.


Picking up this class is fun, but mastering it is another job entirely! The Warlock is unique due to the pets that come with them. Warlock’s chemistry with the pet and positioning of them is difficult, but once mastered, they can be very effective.


The Hunter is the ranged attacker of the group, due to their archer skills. The Hunter is reliable, as they’re always dealing decent chunks of damage, while staying simple enough to play.

Best Demeo Class FAQ

We’ll now go onto answer some questions that you might have thought up while reading our guide.

What Is A Class Guide?

A class guide is a guide that details the different classes, particularly for an MMO RPG. Often enough, you’ll see that we’ve also ranked what we believe to be the best class with this guide.

Not only does this help you save time picking out your selected class, but you’ll also get a head start by playing the best class from the very beginning of the game!

How Did We Pick Our Best Class?

We picked what we believed to be the best class from a mix of the following factors…

  • Personal experience playing the game
  • Consulting other class guides
  • General feedback from the community

We understand, however, that it all boils down to personal preference. If your favourite class wasn’t crowned here, then don’t let it stop you from playing them! We recommend that all players try each class out if they have any doubts so that they can form their own opinion.

How Often Do We Update Our Class Guide?

We’ll update our guide if one of the following factors happen…

  • New classes are introduced
  • Classes are re-balanced

It might be a little time after the events happen that our update goes live. At the end of the day, we need time to play any new update ourselves to get the information in order to write the guide!