Belle’s Beauty Boutique Tips & Tricks Walkthrough

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Check out our Tips & Tricks for Belle’s Beauty Boutique:

Types of Patrons

In this game you don’t get extra points for chaining commands together. Instead, the key to getting bonus points is to sit certain patrons next to each other so that they flirt or gossip.

  • Ladies: Will flirt with Guys, gossip with The Gossip Lady and Grandmas, and gossip with other Ladies who are wearing the same color outfit
  • Guys: Will flirt with Ladies and The Gossip Lady
  • The Gossip Lady: Will gossip with Ladies, Grandma, The Gossip Lady and The Super Star, and flirt with Guys and Hawaiian Guy
  • Grandma: Will gossip with Ladies, The Gossip Lady, Grandma and The Super Star, and flirt with Hawaiian Guy
  • Hawaiian Guy: Will flirt with Ladies, The Gossip Lady, Grandma and The Super Star
  • The Super Star: Will gossip with The Gossip Lady and Grandma, and flirt with The Hawaiian Guy

Special patrons include Prom Kids (guy and girl flirt with each other), Brides (gossip with each other) and Trick or Treaters (guy and girl Draculas flirt; guy and girl zombies flirt; mummy flirts with all girls; fairy gossips with everyone).Basic strategies

  • Seating bonuses will only occur if the patrons are sitting in the same types of chairs (such as manicure chairs, blow drying chairs).
  • Because more Ladies than Guys visit the shop, try to seat Guys and The Hawaiian Guy in the middle of a row of seats so you can seat a girl on either side and have him flirt with both.
  • Seat The Gossip Lady and Grandma in the middle of a row of seats so they can gossip with people on either side.
  • Try to seat The Gossip Lady next to other women instead of guys since she earns 80 bonus points for gossiping, but only 5 points for flirting.
  • Seat The Gossip Lady next to The Gossip Lady or Grandma whenever possible, since these women earn 80 and 45 bonus points respectively for gossiping – the highest bonuses in the game
  • Try to keep people sitting together throughout the whole cycle of their visit, and you can rack in a bonus each time they move to different seats (i.e. keep The Gossip Lady and Grandma sitting together for their wash, dry and cut and you’ll get a bonus each time they change seats).
  • Take care of manicures and dye jobs right away, since the longer you let the color wheel turn, the smaller your tip will be.
  • If you accidentally seat someone in the wrong chair, give them magazines, tea or a spa treatment to immediately boost their disposition.
  • Don’t forget to check the front desk every so often to make sure your radio/television hasn’t turned off, and that your assistant hasn’t become distracted.
  • You don’t have to seat customers right away. Don’t be afraid to wait a few seconds to see if any compatible customers show up for them to sit next to. If their disposition goes down a bit because they’ve been kept waiting, you can always boost it with magazines/drinks/spa treatments – it’s better to wait and get the seating bonuses.
  • If The Super Star shows up, make sure you see to her needs before those of the other customers and use items to boost her disposition if needed. If you keep her happy, she’ll reward you with an enormous tip!


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