Bejeweled Stars Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Bejeweled Stars is Electronic Arts’ latest addition to the popular Bejeweled franchise. Taking a leaf out of Candy Crush Saga’s book, you have to match gems across multiple different levels, tackling varied objectives. It’s a simple idea, but one that can be quite challenging.

Gamezebo’s Bejeweled Stars Tips, Cheats and Strategies guide gives players some all important tips on how best to tackle these levels, and gain 3 stars every time.

Learning the Basics

Bejeweled Stars Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • You’ve played plenty of Bejeweled games before, right? Don’t assume that this is the same. You really need to keep an eye on those objectives. You’re only given so many moves to achieve them in and often that can be pretty tight. Don’t waste time wracking up the points when you’re missing out on an objective.
  • Try your best to have moves left over once you finish up. Those moves translate to special gems once you’re finished, usually leading to an explosion of special moves. What does that mean? More points which help you get towards the 3 star mark! Stars go towards completing constellations, which in turn can lead to huge rewards in the form of SkyGems.
  • Hook up your Facebook account. You can compete with friends’s high scores this way. More importantly, you can gift them bonuses, as well as lives, and of course, they can do the same for you. Just don’t be a pest about it.

SkyGems are important

  • SkyGems are shaped differently to regular gems. You can use them like regular gems, but they’re added to your inventory once you snag them. Do this as much as possible.
  • Once added to your inventory, you can use them to craft power-ups in the PowerLab. These power-ups range from things like turning any gem into a flame gem, or shuffling the board entirely.
  • Each power-up takes time to craft so make sure that you queue this construction up. It’s even more important when you’re not playing, as overnight is a great time to leave these things running.

Create Special Gems often

Bejeweled Stars Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Special Gems are everything here. They can make a huge difference when you only have a few moves at your disposal. Learn how to make them and use every opportunity you can get.
  • Flame Gems are made by forming together a line or square formation of 4 matching gems. The Flame Gem is used like a bomb. Simply match it up with other colored gems and it explodes, taking out some surrounding gems. Link it up with other special gems and you could set off a chain reaction.
  • Star Gems are made through matching 5 gems in a T or L shape. The result is a gem that can take out a horizontal and vertical line of other gems in one go. It’s ideal for mixing up the board drastically, while only using one move.
  • Hypercubes are made from matching 5 gems in a row. Match up one Hypercube with any colored gem and it destroys all gems of that color. Match it up with another special gem, and it turns all gems of that color into a special gem. This can be a real game changer.
  • The ultimate game changer, however, is the Dark Hypercube. Create one of these through matching 6 gems in a row, and match it up with any colored gem. All of that colored gem turns into Hypercubes. You’ve just read how awesome Hypercubes are. Imagine it multiplied by many.

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