Beach Party Craze Tips Walkthrough

a:1:i:0;a:2:s:13:”section_title”;s:22:”Beach Party Craze Tips”;s:12:”section_body”;s:26866:”Check out our tips and tricks for Beach Party Craze.


  • The goals for the day will be given at the beginning of each level but they can also be viewed at all times while playing.
  • If you look on the top right side you will see what the goals are for the day, there are 2 ways to view them.
  • Without clicking on the goal, the assorted goals will be shown one at a time, like a sliding show of sorts.
  • When you click on the goals tab it will show you all the goals at once for easy viewing.
  • It’s a good idea to periodically look at the goals so you can be reminded of what items are the most urgent. Concentrate on advertising for the items that you need the most.
  • Make sure that you look at the goals for each booth carefully. You need to pay extra attention to the goals that want you to upgrade a booth a certain amount of levels in order to complete that goal.
  • If it asks you to upgrade the Grill to the level 3, then you know you will need to upgrade the Grill all the way through. If it says level 1, then you will only need to upgrade once.


  • When you complete a level you will earn a certain amount of stars. The stars you earn will help you buy upgrades that are needed for the business.
  • The amount of stars you earn will depend on the amount of time in which you finish a level.
  • At the beginning of a level you will be shown how many stars you will earn. You will get a certain amount of stars just for completing the level, regardless of your time.
  • You will be given bonus stars when you complete the level in a short amount of time and earn the gold Expert trophy.
  • If you win the silver Master Trophy you will have to finish the level in a slightly longer amount of time than the time scheduled for the gold Expert trophy.


  • This is where you can use the stars you’ve earned to buy the upgrades for your shop.
  • You will have to buy certain upgrades in order to advance to the next level. Those items that are needed will be shown by an arrow pointing to it.
  • The items that have the hammer next to it are items that you can upgrade if you wish. Most items can be upgraded a total of 3 times.
  • Each upgrade gives you the ability to either make a product more efficient or it allows you to stock more of an item in the booth at one time. It can also give your products a higher profit margin with each upgrade.
  • Choose your upgrades carefully because you want to make sure that you have enough stars to buy the next upgrade needed to advance through levels.


  • When you’re renting from the Banana, the Rocket or the Disco, all you have to do is click on the hut one time and whichever customer is standing at the line will be taken care of automatically, no need to click on each person.
  • You can see where a customer is thinking of going next by looking at the icon over their head. If they are headed to the souvenir shop they will have the icon of a shell over their head. If they are heading to one of the boat rentals, then the boat icon will be over their head etc. Basically the icon over a customer’s head will match the same icon in front of the booth.
  • If you want your assistant to clean up you have to click on the icon of the broom, they will not get it automatically. The same goes for the Waiter if you want them to fetch the food you have to take the orders first and they will go get it.
  • Time stops when you’re looking at your goals, take your time and examine them to see what they are.
  • To cancel an action you can double click it or right click it. Right clicking or double clicking will only cancel the last action that you chained. If you want to cancel all of the actions scheduled then you will have to right click several times until all the check marks have been erased.
  • Maria can pick up several beach chairs at a time. If you click on 4 chairs to be picked up she can do it all at once. Save yourself some time and when it’s time to pick up the chairs click on all the chairs in a row so she can make one trip to put them away.
  • Not getting the bonus stars may prevent you from advancing in the game, since you may not have enough stars to buy the upgrades necessary for the next round.
  • Once you meet your goal the level will end even if you have more people that need to be served.
  • If you filled an order and a stand runs out of the product before you delivered the order, you will have to fill it again or the customer will get mad and leave.
  • For example, you have 3 orders for sandwiches but you only have 2 left in the booth. You can take all three orders but by the time you get to the third one their icon will be blank because you ran out of food.
  • Click on the warehouse and restock the sandwich supply and then take the last customer’s order again since that order was technically cancelled.
  • When you’re asked to sell a certain item don’t expect that item to be automatically available at the beginning of a level, you may have to purchase it first.
  • For example, in one level you are asked to sell life preservers, which are in the same booth as the pool floats.
  • You have to buy the life preservers when you have the money by clicking on the icon of the life preserver at the bottom of the booth. Then and only then will that item be available.
  • Maria doesn’t have to physically do all the things herself, some things do not require her to physically walk and do them, like moving the umbrellas around, taking orders for food and drinks.
  • You can restock the water before it gets empty but you cannot restock booths such as souvenirs, rentals or food and drink.


  • As with many time management games, chaining tasks is very important and will help you make some good extra money.
  • You can chain by performing two or more of the same actions in a row. For example you will form a chain by delivering several glasses of water back to back or any food item or for any services that are performed consecutively from the same booth.
  • If people are asking for certain things on the beach while they are asking for beverages and food, you should chain the other tasks before you start taking orders.
  • The reason you want to chain other things like, seating, cleaning and getting supplies is because those things can be taken care of and completed by the time you finish taking all the food and beverage orders.
  • Maria can walk very slowly during most of the game and there’s no way to make her walk faster except by advancing through levels. This is why it’s so important that she get her to do things in a manner in which she can get many things done in the shortest amount of time.
  • Have Maria do things on one side of the beach as much as possible to prevent her from walking back and forth across the beach. If she’s on the left side, have her rent some boats or have her take orders in whichever booth will allow her to walk the shortest distance.
  • You can advertise the same product several times in a row, use that to your advantage. Since ads only last for a short while go back and place another ad for an item that you need to sell a lot of.
  • Some goals will require you to simply build a structure without selling any of their products. When you have these types of goals it is best to focus on building the structures first in which you need to fill a large order. Like the ones in which you need to sell 15 shells or 20 clothing items etc. Then once you’ve made the money from the large orders you can concentrate on the ones that just require the building.
  • To make the most money on the orders you have to get them right. If someone asks for a glass of water, the fuller it is the more they will pay you for it. Getting all the ingredients right on a sandwich will earn you the maximum amount as well.
  • Another good way to make extra money is by serving the customers in a speedy manner, the less they have to wait to be serviced, the bigger the tip will be that they will give you.
  • You can judge a person’s happiness level by the amount of smiley faces by their head. The more smiley faces, the happier they are. Four faces mean they are very happy and 1 face means that they are about to leave because they have been waiting too long.
  • In order to increase a customer’s happiness so they can leave a bigger tip, put an umbrella next to them at the time they order. You will automatically see the smiley face increase by one which in turn will make them leave a bigger tip.
  • Use your umbrella as often as you can. Make sure that if someone does not sit under an umbrella that you grab the umbrella and move it over an occupied spot.
  • Even if someone is sitting under the umbrella as long as they are not ordering anything you can take it away from them and give it to somebody that is ordering.
  • Look at the Popularity Meter that is on the top left side, when it’s full it will allow you to increase the amount of customers on the beach by one. That’s why it’s important for people to have as many smiles on their faces when you complete their order because the more smiles they have the faster the meter will fill up.
  • If someone gets angry and leaves because they’ve been waiting too long, they will take several smiles off of your popularity meter. To the point where it can cost you to lose the amount of customers that can enter the beach.
  • If your goal is to build several buildings up to level 3 don’t build one and upgrade it all the way. It’s better to build all three buildings one at a time so that you can make more money. After each building is completed you can move on to upgrading each one to the level that is needed.
  • Make sure that you hire assistants as soon as you start getting a lot of people on the beach. They will help cut down on the amount of tasks that you have to do on the beach.
  • Make sure that you clean up the beach quickly, if you don’t clean new people will not be able to come in, which will make you lose money. The more people that come into the beach, the more money you will make.
  • In the levels in which you do not need to buy a lot of supplies, there’s no need to upgrade the warehouse and the vehicles, use that money on something else instead.


  • There are a few bonus rounds that are not quite explained in the game. You will not land on them automatically but you can play them in order to get extra stars and money.
  • When you look at the map, the bonus rounds will be the ones in which you see the star icon on the island instead of the circles.


  • This is not explained well in the game but basically advertising helps you sell a specific product that you need to push to meet your goal.
  • You cannot advertise for a shop that’s not built yet, so once you build a specific shop you need to start advertising. Go to the Management office and click on the tab that says "Advertising" and select the "plus" sign of the product you need the most.
  • You are limited to the amount of advertising you can use in a level, so you need to make the best choices.
  • If the goals for the day state that you need to sell 15 souvenirs and 5 toys, then you don’t want to waste your advertising dollars on the toys since you only have to sell 5 of them on that day. Click on the plus sign next to the souvenirs so that more people will want to buy souvenirs.
  • You will be able to tell which booths have advertising because you will see some sound waves around that booth. You will also see either balloons or a rotating sign attached to the booth enticing people to come there. The rocket will actually have fireworks coming out of it.
  • Advertising only lasts for a short period of time so you need to place your advertisement when your beach is at its fullest in order to make the most sales.
  • Once the advertising time is up for a booth you can go back to the Management booth in the upper right corner, and give that or some other booth some more advertising.
  • You will see some yellow bars in the advertising section of the Management tab, those yellow bars represent the amount of time that booth will have advertising for, once the yellow bar runs out so will the advertising.


  • Use the warehouse to restock supplies needed for clothes, souvenirs, food and drinks. The warehouse is always located on the top left side of the scene.
  • In order to order your supplies you must click on the warehouse and click on the "+" sign for the item that you need.
  • You can buy supplies in any order that you want, you can buy more than one of the same type of item or you can buy an assortment of things, it all depends on what you need the most in a level.
  • Your warehouse can hold 2 items at a time, however, you can upgrade it to hold up to 6 items at once.
  • In levels in which you have a lot of booths open it is best to upgrade the warehouse to hold more items so you can make less trips.
  • Once you order your supplies the man on the red scooter will go and get your goods.
  • Once he leaves you will see an icon of the scooter with a progress bar on the side of the warehouse, the bar represents how much time before the goods are delivered to you.
  • You can upgrade the vehicle to deliver goods faster from the Upgrade screen on the main map.
  • Towards the end of the game you will be able to upgrade your transportation to a helicopter which will only take 6 seconds to deliver your goods.


  • You can hire a waiter or a workman by going to the Management Office that is located on the top right side.
  • The waiter will help you deliver food and beverages to the patrons on the beach.
  • She’s pretty inexpensive to hire and her contributions to you are worth far more than what you paid to hire her.
  • The workman will take care of delivering supplies and will take care of cleaning up on the beach.
  • When you want the workman to help you clean, you have to click on the service that you want them to perform otherwise they will not do it on their own.
  • When you want him to pick up the beach chairs, just click on the broom icons and he will pick them up.
  • It’s a good idea to hire them after you’ve raised money to buy upgrades and supplies for your booths. Once you have some extra money and the beach starts getting full, hire them so that you can attend to other duties.
  • Even after you’ve hired the waiter and the workman, Maria will help out in some of those duties if she’s needed.
  • After you’ve passed certain levels you will be able to give them additional training which will make them faster and more efficient.


  • The umbrella will increase a customer’s patience and happiness on the beach and will also add smiley faces to them which will make them pay bigger tips.
  • Through my observations, I noticed that the umbrella only needs to be used when someone is asking for food or beverages. If they are not ordering anything, there’s no need for them to have it.
  • Once you have the umbrellas they will be scattered on any random spot on the beach. Some people will automatically sit under them while others will sit someplace else.
  • The umbrellas can be moved to any of the spots on the beach whether someone is sitting under them or not.
  • You can increase your tips by placing the umbrella over a person who is waiting for their order. The increase in smiley faces will automatically add more money to your tips, which in turn will increase the popularity meter.


  • There is a water dispenser on the top part of the playing field. The number of circles next to the water dispenser represents how many glasses of water the machine will give you. You can increase the amount of water dispensed when you upgrade it.
  • You will start with 3 glasses and you’ll be able to upgrade to 5 glasses at a time.
  • I recommend upgrading the water machine whenever you can, it doesn’t cost much, you can serve more people a time and it refills much faster.
  • You can fill up the water dispenser even if it’s not empty. If the water dispenser is down to one serving, then go ahead and fill it up. That way you can serve more customers in a row.
  • Maria can hold 2 glasses of water in her hand at one time, so make sure that you place water orders back to back.


  • With the grill you can cook some steaks but the steaks have to be prepared according to each customer’s specification.
  • When a customer wants a steak and you click on their thought bubble, you will see the picture of a steak on a grill and a meter with a needle on the side of it.
  • Your goal is to click on the needle so that it falls within the brightest green spot. It can be a little tricky to hit the right green spot since all the spots are green and there’s only a slight variation in color from one to the next.
  • Please look at the screenshot so you can get a clearer idea of what I mean.
  • The bright green spot will not always be in the same location so it’s important for you to look at the meter carefully before you decide to click.
  • If you hit it in the right spot, you will earn the maximum amount, the right spot will highlight 3 coins at the bottom if the screen. Hit the mark in any other spot than the right one and you will only receive between 1-2 coins.


  • In the sandwich shop you will prepare a sandwich according to the ingredients that a customer wants.
  • There will always be a total of 3 ingredients in each sandwich (the top part of the bun counts as one ingredient).
  • For each ingredient you place correctly you will earn 1 coin, for a maximum of three for each sandwich.
  • The ingredients can be added in any order that you want, what counts the most is that the items are correct.
  • When you make the right choices the customer will be smiling even they have a frown at the beginning.


  • A person will have an icon over their head which will symbolize what type of item they are looking for, you have to figure out what they want and give it to them.
  • This is basically done by process of elimination; if the person has a wheel as their icon then you know you need to find something with wheels attached to it a bicycle, car etc.
  • The hardest one to figure out is the one with the Olympic Circles, the best way to determine this one is by thinking of sports that are played in the Olympics.
  • The following section gives you the correct answers that will show up in the game according to the symbol a customer is thinking of.
  • Musical note = Trumpet, Guitar or Drums.
  • Olympic Circles = Ping Pong Paddles, Basketball, or Barbells
  • Paws = Teddy Bear, Elephant, Dinosaur
  • Wheel = Bicycle, Car, Scooter, Truck


  • Customers love to buy souvenirs but they want you to pick out the best item for them.
  • In the souvenir shop when you’re presented with a lot of different shells you’re supposed to pick the one shell that is different from the others in order to make the top money.
  • If you pick the wrong shell, the customer will not be happy and you will lose more money with each incorrect guess.


  • Clothes will not appear until you’re close to the end of the game.
  • When a person goes to the clothes booth, they will show you one item on the right side of the screen. On the left side of the screen are the options you can choose from. You have to find the best matches according to the one clue that you are given.
  • You basically have to determine what items would complete the outfit the best.
  • If you’re presented with a pair of dress shoes as a clue, then you know not to choose casual clothes, such as t-shirts or shorts for the rest of the outfit.
  • To restock the clothes you must first make sure that your warehouse has some extra supplies for your clothing hut.
  • Once you have the supplies in the warehouse, you need to click on the empty clothing hut and either Maria or her assistant will go the warehouse to restock the clothes.
  • Since the clothes have to be physically walked over to the hut it may take a while to get there so click on the hut to restock as soon as you’ve used your last bit of supply.


  • This is the last building that you will be able to buy in the game.
  • This is probably the easiest one to handle of them all, all you have to do when someone requests a ride is to click on the bubble over their head and the machine will start spinning.
  • It is best to wait until several people want a ride because one click will automatically give all the people in line a ride at once.
  • There are no items to restock in here.


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