Beach Buggy Racing 2 Tips, Cheats and Strategies

BB Racing 2, from Vector Unit is a free to play racing game with chill music, great graphics and a laid-back vibe. Getting straight into the tutorials you can pick tilt or tap controls; either work well but tap tend to be more responsive. The break pedals being on both sides as a tap control mean you can comfortably use the basic design and focus on winning every race.

Power it up

The rules are easy – win and try not to hit anything. Aside from avoiding all obstacles, there are a few key things to know; firstly, do not miss the power ups, they will be the difference between winning and losing as you progress. These are the glowing question mark bubbles, sometimes they are stacked and offer two items at once. The golden ones with the exclamation mark are even better: instead of waiting the full time for an item to power up and be usable, they cut the wait time in half.

Most of the items or power ups a self-explanatory but all have similar functions. Either they will shoot forward, drop a trap like angry bees behind you, or give your racer a short boost. When another racer hits these you will see their face and the item picture below your racer.

With great power

Aside from the power ups received during the race, you always start with a special, character specific power. This needs time to power up before it can be used and can only be used once in game. These should be used only when they will be most effective, against as many racers as possible. The starting character has an attack that launches beach balls everywhere. While they won’t affect you as tumbleweeds or birds will, they can hinder the entire pack of racers if you’re clever about releasing them. Each new crew member you unblock has a different ability, but so far Beach Bro has the best area of effect.

It’s good to be king

Finishing the race earns coins, but a podium finish is worth stars, coins and a loot crate. The stars add up once a day as an offering to the tiki statue in the main area, this rewards you with random cards and coins-make sure to open the mail while you’re at it. A loot crate has coins and a mix of cards also, which can add up to make your following races easier. The cards are different power ups, this will either unlock new ones or add together so you can level up the ones you already have. This opens the option to place the best of the available items in your deck of 8. It can also improve that stats of power ups, such as the nitro lasting longer before it runs out. It is always worth the coins to level these items up.

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