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Game Introduction – Be Richest!

Be Richest is building strategy game created by DIVO Games. You will restore West Lake City by restoring and building houses and businesses. Gamezebo’s strategy guide will provide you with detailed images, tips, information, and hints on how to play your best game.

Quick Start Guide

General Tips

  • This strategy guide will provide you with tips to pass all levels with a gold rating. You may find alternate ways to do this.
  • Play the tutorial! It will explain gameplay elements. Jeffry Goodman acts as the tutorial. Don’t skip his comments.
  • The Menu or Back button at the bottom left of the screen gives access to the options screen and/or can bring you back to the main menu.
  • There are no difficulty modes.


Be Richest!

  • This game is level based. You will start at the map and progress through the levels.

Be Richest!

  • Levels can be replayed to get an expert rating. Press the Replay button to replay a level, otherwise you will just return to a played level with no goals and no ability to improve your previous performance.
  • You will have to replay levels to get expert ratings. You will need to get the upgrades from the super blueprints to be able to achieve expert ratings in some levels.


  • Achieving collectibles allow you to purchase super blueprints for your home and company.
  • Super blueprints enhance gameplay, for example will speed up workers, increase capacity for commercial properties, etc.

Be Richest!

  • Collectibles will appear randomly on the map. In the West Lake district, they appear as sheriff badges, in Snowville, they appear as snow globes, etc.
  • To earn a collectible, click on the marker on the map and click Continue. Do not click Replay as that will replay the level.
  • Your goal will appear at the top of the screen.
  • The collectibles are randomly generated
  • Collectibles levels are not timed.
  • Once you have earned the collectible, click on the Back to Map button that appears at the top of the screen.

Super Blueprints

Be Richest!

  • From the map, click on the Super Blueprints button to view the available super blueprints. Take note of what you need.
  • Once you have all the requirements, click the Buy Now button. This won’t cost you any money.

Home and Company

Be Richest!

  • From the map, click on the Home and Company button to access your home and company holdings.
  • Click on all the Construction (hardhat) buttons. The Back button will appear when there are no more Construction buttons.
  • When there are new construction opportunities, an exclamation point will appear on the Home and Company button.


Be Richest!

  • The timer appears above your bank account.
  • Finish before the yellow bars run out and you will get an expert rating.
  • Finish within the red bars and you will get a silver rating.
  • If all the bars run out, you can still finish the level.
  • You can replay levels to achieve an expert rating.
  • Levels will start with some dialogue and then the goals will be presented at the top of the screen. Goals are added throughout the level.
  • Your goals will appear at the top of the screen. The three types of goals are building and upgrading property, earning a minimum daily income or achieving an appearance rating..

Be Richest!

  • As you progress, elements will be unlocked, such as blueprints and the ability to upgrade properties.

Be Richest!

  • When you build or upgrade properties, your cursor will turn into a mallet. Rapidly click on the property to speed up construction.

Be Richest!

  • When you upgrade, bonus money will appear on top of residential properties. The money disappears quickly so grab it when you see it.

Be Richest!

  • Icons will appear above houses indicated wishes of the residents. Build what they want (ex: small office, grocery store, etc.) or they will get upset and desert the house.

Be Richest!

  • Place your mouse over a property to see an Info Cloud. Note what the property wants. The first two are always a place to shop (ex: grocery store, market, etc.) and an office. A third element might be a nice appearance (i.e., landscaping), or a restaurant or entertainment (ex: bowling alley, cinema, etc.). If all the elements in the Info Cloud are met, the property will award you Dream Property money.

Be Richest!

  • When residents get angry enough, they will desert their home.

Be Richest!

  • Deserted houses are considered dilapidated. This could affect your goal or other aspects of gameplay.
  • If you reach a goal, it doesn’t get “locked,” meaning, if circumstances change and you no longer have the requirements to meet the goal, it will reappear in the goal list and you will have to fulfill the criteria. For example, if a goal is to have a population of 40 and you reach it, the goal will disappear from the list. If residents get angry and leave and your population falls below 40, your goal will reappear and you will again have to reach a population of 40.

Be Richest!

  • Properties are subject to attacks by rats, thieves, Yetis, etc. When you see one, quickly click on it until it disappears. If you don’t get rid of the attack, the property will be deserted and become dilapidated and you will have to restore it. This could also affect your goals.
  • Keep the appearance rating above zero to avoid rat infestations. Place a plaza, park or fountain (or other large Decorations items) to bring the rating up quickly.

Optional goals

Be Richest!

  • Optional goals will appear throughout a level. They are randomly generated.
  • These goals are requests for property with large monetary incentives. If you already have the requested property built, the goal is considered met and you will receive the money.
  • These goals are timed. Under the request are happy faces. As time passes, the happy faces disappear. When the last happy face disappears, the goal disappears.
  • There is no penalty for not meeting an optional goal.
  • The optional goals are requests for properties not included in the level’s goals. When other properties go on sale, consider buying them as they could fulfill an optional goal.

Building Properties

  • To build a property, click on either the Residential or Commercial buttons, select a property and place it on a lot.
  • The more expensive a residential the property, the more money it will earn.
  • The more upgraded a residential property, the more money it will earn.
  • Building a residential property on a premium lot (lot with stars on it) will earn more money.


  • Landscape by clicking on the Decorations button and add trees, lamps, hedges, etc. Right-click to release control of the decorating function.
  • Landscaping reduces rat infestations.
  • To remove trees, signs and other types of debris, use the Bulldozer. Right-click to release control of the bulldozer.
  • The more expensive a decoration, the higher it will increase the appearance rating.


  • When you start each level, read through the dialogue for your instructions.
  • The timer starts when you make your first click on the screen. Don’t click immediately.
  • Before clicking, read your goals carefully. Pay attention to the goals. A goal such as “Own two three-star estates” can read like “own three three-star estates.” Make sure you know what you have to do.
  • Your first move depends on how much money you start with and your goals.
  • After you build your first residential property, you must build a place to shop (ex: grocery store) and an office.
  • Because you must build a store and an office, don’t spend all your money building your first property. If you don’t build a store and an office immediately, residents will get angry and desert their homes. Deserted homes do not earn an income and commercial properties require customers to earn an income.
  • Never buy a commercial property as your first purchase. Commercial property requires customers to earn an income.
  • Before you click on the screen to start the timer, wait for optional goals or existing properties to come up for sale.
  • This game relies a lot on luck. Because the optional goals are random, you may get lucky and get an optional goal with a huge payout and then you can easily afford all the other properties you need, or you never get a worthwhile optional goal and will have to keep replaying the level.
  • When an existing property comes up for sale, hover your mouse over it and look at its worth and its daily income. Use that information to decide if you should buy.
  • If your goal is to have a high daily income, buy properties that generate a higher daily income, such as villas, estates and palazzos.
  • If your goal is to have a commercial property with a minimum number of customers, build high population properties such as town houses, apartments and condos.
  • If you are starting the level with higher population buildings, build the larger stores and offices that have higher capacities.
  • If possible, leave space between buildings so you can landscape.
  • Build properties before upgrading existing properties.
  • Build higher earning residential properties on premium lots.
  • In the higher levels, buy the smaller properties when they come up for sale, then tear them down with the bulldozer. This will allow you to build bigger properties or landscape.
  • Check the Info Clouds above residential properties and meet the residents’ wishes, this will award you with Dream Property money.
  • Take advantage of optional goals as much as possible.
  • Between levels, earn collectibles and buy the super blueprints.
  • Expect to replay most levels after buying the super blueprints. Many levels are next to impossible to finish on expert (or even silver) rating; purchased super blueprints offer such upgrades as an extra day to complete levels for expert rating, faster construction teams, etc.
  • Consider selling houses you don’t need for goals (and you don’t need the land) to earn money.
  • Houses that you sell are available for purchase again but almost always at a higher rate.
  • For levels with large projects, once you start the timer, click on the Construction button immediately. Towards the end of the level, as you have more money, add more workers and materials. The buttons to add more workers and materials will disappear once you’ve reached capacity.
  • Don’t let buildings get deserted and dilapidated. They can affect goals and won’t generate income.
  • When properties are under attack (ex: rats, Yetis, criminals, etc.), they earn less money. Deal with the higher earning properties immediately or the commercial properties. You don’t want a commercial property to be deserted because your residents will get very angry.
  • Place bike racks and parking lots beside commercial properties.
  • As the population increases, upgrade the commercial properties to increase their capacity.
  • Read your goals carefully. A goal may be to build a commercial property with a capacity of 900. This means in addition to building the commercial property, you must build the area’s population to 900.
  • During construction, use the opportunity to clear debris from land. Use the bulldozer to remove signs, trees and other types of debris. Trees don’t contribute to the appearance rating so remove them and add decorations. Trees sometimes cover premium lots.
  • Always remove the trees that cover city blocks. You will need the land.
  • When the appearance rating falls below zero, you will get rat infestations. The pond, fountain, plaza and park provide quick increases. Bus stops and subway stations provide a huge increase but they are limited in use (and expensive).
  • Consider not getting expert on every level and enjoying the game.

Below is help with some of the trickier levels.

Level Nine

  • You need to have purchased the Observatory super blueprints to finish this level with an expert rating.

Level Ten

  • Based on luck with optional goals.

Level Fourteen

  • Don’t buy or build on the land blocked by the snow obstruction. Clear the snow after you’ve built a few properties and can spare the money.

Level Fifteen

  • Immediately restore the properties.
  • Use the bulldozer to remove the branch from the road, then click on the Road button and complete the road. Once you do this, you can start restoring the chateau. 

Level Sixteen

  • Immediately restore the dilapidated boxy apartment.

Level Eighteen

  • Build commercial properties beside the bike racks and parking lots.

Level Twenty

  • Use the bulldozer to remove the debris on the roads, then use the Roads button and restore the road.
  • Immediately restore the properties.

Level Twentytwo

  • Immediately restore the dilapidated properties, then restore the cinema.
  • Use the bulldozer to clear the lots.

Level Twentysix

  • You don’t have to build the palazzo right away.
  • You don’t have to build the celebrity trailers to win the level, however when completed, they earn a daily income.

Level Thirtyone

  • Use the bulldozer to remove the debris from the roads.
  • Immediately restore the properties. Consider selling the lower earning properties.

Levels Thirtyfive to Forty

  • These levels are very difficult because of the rat infestations. After building a new property, landscape the property immediately. Build bus stops until you are unable to. Constantly build fountains and ponds and anything you can do to keep the score above zero. The rats will usually appear in groups of three. First concentrate on the commercial properties, then the higher earning properties. The cheaper properties will cost less to restore.


You have completed the quick start guide for Be Richest!. Keep checking back with Gamezebo for more guides, plus reviews, previews, news and more!

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