Battleplans Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Battleplans is a surprisingly deep mobile twist on the RTS. There’s a lot going on here, and if you’re new to the genre, or a bit rusty, then there’s a danger you might get a bit overwhelmed.

Don’t worry though, we’re here for you. We’re always here for you. Gamezebo’s Battleplans  tips, cheats and strategies will make sure you’re conquering all who stand before you, rather than cowering in a corner waving the flag of surrender and hoping it all goes away.

The Basics


  • Know what you’ve got – Make sure you know the strengths and weaknesses of the units you’re sending into battle. Some are better at taking defensive positions, others should be sneaking up the flanks to launch surprise attacks.
  • Upgrade when you can – The progression at the start of the game is reasonably fast, but things slow down when they get more expensive. You’ll need to keep your heroes at high levels, so setting them to upgrade just before you put the game down for the night will mean they’re ready to attack when you pick it up again.
  • Don’t panic if you take a beating – Treat every defeat as a learning experience. Where were your enemies positioned, how did they take you down, what did you do wrong? Make sure you learn from your mistakes and try not to make them next time around.
  • Watch as many videos as you can – There are videos in the game that gives you hints and tips about what to do next. When one of your heroes pipes up that they’ve got an idea, tap them and you’ll be shown a break-down of some new mechanic or tactic.



  • Stick together – A good tactic for early battles is not to split your units. Move them from crystal to crystal as a big group and they’re far more likely to succeed. It might mean you end up winning by controlling two zones at the end of the timer, but you’re far less likely to get wiped out.
  • Specialise your serfs – It might be tempting to put a mix of units under a hero’s control, but it’s best to specialise. Have a bunch of archers in one group and use them to cover a second. Your third hero at the start is designed for sneak attacks, but try and make sure they don’t get too far away from ranged support.
  • Bring the battle to you – While your turtles are still around they’ll attack anything that comes close to them and do some impressive damage. On smaller maps try and draw the fight onto the landing area and you’ll take down the defenders in quick time.



  • Think about the terrain – Swamps will slow down attackers, trees will give them cover. Positioning your squads so they’re difficult to get to but within reach of a crystal is a decent idea to start off with. Remember they’ll use their abilities as well, so the rock guard will be in place when you stand on a crystal.
  • Move, move, move – While it might be time consuming, setting paths for your heroes to follow when you’re plotting your defences is a great idea. Think about what you’d do, where you’d send your troops, then try to counter those attacks by shifting your units around.
  • Try it out – Make sure you try and attack your defences to see how strong they are. Again, it’ll take some time, but it’ll show you any weaknesses in your plans, and might even show you some new strategies that’ll help you out in the future.

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