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Battleheart – Game Introduction

Battleheart, designed for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch by Mika Mobile, is an action role playing game with knights, monks, witches, sorcerers, monsters and much more. The land has been besieged by a plague of terrible monsters and it is up to you to organize a special fighting squad to save them all and cleanse the land of evil! Gamezebo’s Battleheart strategy guide and walkthrough will provide you with a quick start guide, tips, tricks, and hints on how to win.

Quick Start Guide

Getting Started


  • To download Battleheart, click the “Get It Now!” link at the top of this page.
  • Battleheart requires players to save their progress, and you can save up to 3 games at a time listed under different file names.
  • Choose a save file and then a brief tutorial will begin which introduces you to “Lucille” who has been sent to greet you by the King.

Basic Game Commands



  • You will be taken to the field of Battle where “Lucille” is going to train you in commanding your troops in battle.
  • You will be given a few practice screens that show you how to move characters from one area to a target area. You will need to swipe your finger from the character to the target area and when doing so will see a green line drawn to that destination.
  • Immediately after you lift your finger, the character should walk to the target areas.
  • Be sure to practice this a few times until you are confident with this movement.
  • You can command up to 4 units or characters at once in the game during battle.

Attacking Enemies


  • Beating up the Training Dummy – Your Knight character “Shepard” will be asked to beat up the training dummy which appears next in the tutorial. This is done just as movement, with you drawing a line to the dummy since it is now your target.
  • Once you are in real battle you will tap on the hero then slide your finger to the enemy you wish him or her to fight.
  • Once units attack they will continue to attack until their opponent is defeated, losing health while doing so.
  • Both heroes and enemies have a health meter that appears over their heads during battle. Keep a close eye on these or you will lose fighters in your battle.

First Battle


  • Your first battle will be with a flying bat which comes in during this tutorial.
  • Tap on Shepard and draw a line from him to the bat and he will attack it.
  • Shepard has armour and can withstand the attack much easier then Lucille, so be sure to step in.
  • You will see that each hero and enemy has a health meter. Be sure to pay attention to these as when they are empty the enemy of hero will die and leave the battlefield.
  • If a melee unit strikes a monster, that monster will be forced to attack in return.
  • TIP – Monsters are very dumb and always try to attack your most armored units first.
  • Once you beat the flying bat you will be able to hire more help to fight more difficult battles with multiple monsters.



  • Each time you go into battle your units will lose health. Tap on any character while in battle and a health meter will appear over them while fighting.
  • Lucille is a healer and can restore health to other units.
  • Draw a line from Lucille to a soldier while he is fighting and his health will be restored as fast as he loses it.
  • Be sure to watch all the units and alternate between them when utilizing Lucille’s healing powers.
  • Do not let a unit run completely out of health especially during battle.
  • Tap on Lucille and hold your finger down drawing a line from her to the person you want her to heal. She will continue to heal until you give her orders to heal someone else or stop.
  • Whenever you tap on a unit you should be able to see their special ability appear in the top left corner of the game screen.
  • Lucille is known as a “Cleric” and she does not have the ability to attack, so it is up to the other units to protect her.

Special Powers


  • Group Heal Spell – This allows your cleric to heal all damaged players at once. Tap on Lucille, then tap on the icon that appears in the upper left corner of the game screen to heal all units (including Lucille) This takes a few seconds and you will see the health meters fill up to green over the unit’s heads.
  • Special powers have “Cool downs” which means they can only be used again after a period of time has elapsed.
  • Each unit has their own special powers. Using them at the right time can change the outcome of a battle.
  • Every 5 levels a new power is available to your units. Be sure to unlock these powers every 5 levels.
  • Be sure to use your Units’ special power during battle by tapping on them then on the icon at the top left of the screen. The power will be used and it can vary from offensive or defensive moves to shielding for a certain amount of time. TIP – Use a power right away so it will cool down fast and you can use it again in battle. The more times you can use it the better. The icon in the top left corner will empty and fill up again as time goes by. When it is complete again tap on it to reactivate that unit’s power.



  • Once you have at least 3 units tap on the “Battle” option at the top of the Town Menu.
  • Next you will see a Battle Menu. Tap on the block that has a skull on it as this is the most recently unlocked battle.
  • You will be taken to the battle area where you will have to battle monsters of all types which will increase as you level up.
  • If a Melee unit strikes a monster that monster will be forced to attack in return.
  • TIP – Monsters are very dumb and always try to attack your most armored units first.
  • Be sure to use your units special powers during battle by tapping on the unit then on the special power icon that appears over the top left of the screen. Remember it will have a cool down period and then you can use it again. Usually this is 20 seconds or more.
  • If your members are defeated you will lose the battle and can do it again without penalty. If you do not keep the health level up players will die and if your healer dies you will definitely lose the battle so always protect your healers!
  • As you level up be sure to unlock additional powers, upgrade weapons and armor and switch out units from higher levels as you reach higher levels of battle.
  • Once you complete a battle a check mark will be shown on the battle map and another battle will be unlocked.
  • Between battle be sure to purchase items needed, visit the academy and purchase additional units for future battles.

Town Menu


  • Utilize the town menu to manage your party, equipment and powers.
  • You will be able to reach the following from your Town menu:
  • Battle Menu
  • Tavern
  • Academy
  • Keep
  • Merchant Menu



  • This is where the townspeople hang out and you will need to go here to hire additional units for your party.
  • Once in the tavern menu you will see additional units listed with individual descriptions and variables such as how much armour and shield they have and what special powers they possess.
  • Tap on the side arrows to scroll through all possible choices.
  • You will see the cost in gold at the top center of the screen.
  • You only have 15 Gold to start out with so you will only be able to recruit one additional unit and then after you complete your first battle you will earn enough coins to hire another unit.
  • Remember you can only activate 4 units at once but you can have more than 4 and switch them out as needed for different types of battles in the “Keep” area.
  • You will decide based on the battle which units are the best. Always make sure you have a cleric to heal or you will lose units.
  • Simply tap on “Hire” when you are ready to choose another unit and it will be added to your Keep area. You will need to go there to switch out players.
  • Note – At the bottom of the screen you will see the level and title of the person you can hire as well as cost and how much money you have on hand.

Keep Menu


  • This is where extra party members are held in reserve once you hire them. Tap on “Keep” from the main menu to see any units you have hired and put on reserve.
  • To add or remove units from your lineup, simply tap on their portrait to swap them in or out of the main group.

The Academy


  • This is where your party members can increase their class specific powers prior to a battle.
  • IMPORTANT – Every 5 levels a character gains access to a new power! Don’t forget to choose one every 5 levels!
  • Tap on the icon to read about the unit’s current powers.

Merchant Menu


  • Tap here if you wish to buy new items or sell any items you no longer need.
  • Tapping on an item in the Merchant menu will display information about it and light up the red arrows in the portraits of the party members that can use that specific item.
  • The Merchant’s wares are random and will update after each battle so be sure to check back often for new items once you earn more money in battles.



  • Here you can equip your party members with weapons or armour for battle.
  • Tap on the portrait of a unit and you will see their equipment shown on the left and your inventory items are on the right.
  • To change a unit’s equipment, simply drag the items icon where you want it.
  • Items can be upgraded if you have enough gold but it is very expensive to do so. Tap on an item to see if it can be upgraded and for how much.

Battle Menu


  • When you tap on “Battle” you will be taken to Battle menus which unlock as you level up and each Location has at least 12 battles to unlock.
  • Once a battle is unlocked you will see a picture of a skull in the space. If you see a padlock the level is still locked. Green Check marks mean a battle has been completed.
  • Tap on the image and you will be taken to battle.
  • As monsters approach draw lines from your battle units to the monsters to attack and draw lines from a healer to a battle unit to keep them from dying in battle. Switch the healer from one soldier to the next balancing the health so no one dies.
  • The monsters will just keep coming and find a unit to attack until the battle is over.
  • Most battles last a couple of minutes and after each battle you will earn the Spoils of victory and the amount and items you have won will be displayed on the screen.
  • Next you will see a specific number of XP points awarded to each unit and if they have earned enough XP they will level up at this point.
  • Now go back to the menu and upgrade what you can with the money you have just earned so you can come back even stronger for your next battle.



  • You have completed the basic game play guide for Battleheart for iPhone, iPad and the iPod touch. Be sure to check back often for game updates, staff and user reviews, user tips, forum comments and much more here at Gamezebo!

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