Battleheart 2 guide: Tips, tricks and strategies to help you battle your heart out

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What you can do for an encore is always a question in the mobile games industry. Even though the first Battleheart game was a pretty sweet fantasy RPG, that was no guarantee that Battleheart 2 would keep the quality flag held high. Fortunately, Mika Mobile has kept pretty much everything players liked about the first game intact while adding just enough new stuff to make the sequel feel like its own thing.

Even mobile gamers who generally prefer their RPGs to be the turn-based variety will probably be willing to make room in their hearts for this one. Battleheart 2 certainly isn’t hard to grasp, but we’ve still put together a guide full of tips, tricks and strategies to help you battle your way through all that awaits you.

Combat basics: How to attack, defend and more

Battleheart 2 puts you in control of four adventurers to tackle increasingly difficult battles against about a dozen different types of regular enemies and a fun variety of bosses. The combat takes place in real time, but the simplicity of the way the controls work means it isn’t as intimidating as it might sound.

To have one of your characters use their basic attacks on an enemy, simply tap and drag a line from the character to the target. You’ll see your adventurer move to melee range or just close enough to use ranged attacks, if applicable. Once locked on, they will continue to attack until their target is done for. Characters will also usually start attacking any enemy that moves within range without you having to lift a finger.

Battleheart 2

Every character also has up to three active abilities you can see by tapping on them and looking for the buttons in the top-left corner. Activating one of these abilities is as simple as taping the button, but every one has a cooldown timer before it can be used again.

Bonus tip: Monsters will attack the character with the highest armor value in most cases. Thus, you can get them to attack your heartier tank characters (signified by a shield icon) just by marching said tank into battle before committing anyone else. It’s also great to use a tank up close to allow ranged damage-dealers to do their thing without much risk.

How to swap out characters

Since Battleheart 2 features 12 different heroes, part of the fun is experimenting with different character combinations. Fortunately, swapping one for another couldn’t be simpler. From the menu screen, simply tap on any of the character portraits and then scroll through the potential replacements. Tap the green checkmark if you find one you like, but remember that you probably have leveled and geared up the one you are sending to the bench.

Battleheart 2

Speaking of which …

How to improve your characters’ gear and skills

After every battle, you’ll earn either gold, skill points or crystals, each of which has an important and distinct role at making your adventurers more formidable.

  • Gold – Can be spent in the Shop to purchase new weapons, armor or other gear that can improve base stats and add beneficial secondary effects.
  • Skill points – Use these in the ‘Talents’ tab to either unlock new active abilities or purchase passive ones after all three actives are good to go.
  • Crystals- Under the ‘Enchant’ tab, use these to make a weapon, armor or gear item better.

Battleheart 2

Bonus tips: You can pick any available battle in any order you want, so you can go for exactly the reward you need most at any given time. Just remember that the Store has different items in it every time you visit, so if there’s something you really want, you need to buy it when you see it to make sure you don’t miss out. Need more gold? You can drag unequipped items into an empty slot in the Store and you will receive some gold for it, the amount determined by a small tab over the item description.

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