Battle Odyssey Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Battle Odyssey is a match-3 game with some light RPG mechanics mixed into the gameplay. Players compose a team of element-fueled characters and take them from level to level, using their elemental powers to slay enemies of lesser elements. Fire beats earth, water beats fire, light counters dark, etc..

While Battle Odyssey isn’t the only game of this sort on mobile devices, it’s still fun to play. With these Battle Odyssey Tips, Cheats and Strategies, I am confident that players will be firmly on the path to a successful gameplay experience.

Captain Planet Need Not Apply

Battle Odyssey Tips Cheats and Strategies

In Battle Odyssey, you don’t need one of each element to do well. While it is a good idea to have one of each element to hard-counter any type of enemy element you may come across, you shouldn’t hold off using your super strong characters for the sake of having a perfectly balanced team.

For example, as my starter hero, I chose the water guy. The first time I summoned an additional character I received a rare (and powerful) water monster. At first I kept the water monster on the sidelines, figuring it was smarter to have a well-balanced team — but then I discovered that it is better to just play your strengths, because if the cards are strong enough they can demolish pretty much anything in just a few hits.

Gaze Into the Future

Battle Odyssey Tips Cheats Strategies

Just before launching into the next level, take a moment to look at the element that level’s boss is utilizing. It’s in the upper-right hand corner of the level info screen.

Blue, red, and green are water, fire, and earth respectively, while gold and purple are light and darkness. Keep in mind the counters: fire is good against earth, water is good against fire, and earth is good against water. Light and darkness counter one another.

Also, consider picking a friendly character that counters that boss as well. Friendly characters (they’re the bonus ones you can “borrow” from other players) are usually pretty strong on their own, so having them counter the boss will help dramatically.

Corner to Corner

Battle Odyssey Tips Cheats Strategies

It may be obvious to some, but to me it was not: In Battle Odyssey you can connect elements diagonally. Many games in this genre limit players to the up, down, left, and right directions, but for whatever reason, Battle Odyssey isn’t so limiting.

Thanks to the combo system (you can blend some elements together), connecting diagonally could potentially lead you to string together half a board of elements.

Four Square

Battle Odyssey Tips Cheats Strategies

There are a number of special patterns that players can unlock and trigger as they clear away elements. One of the best, and the one I used the most, is the square of four similar elements.

When you find four elements all touching and grouped together in a square, you can activate a defensive ability that not only allows every one of your characters to dish out damage, but it provides increased protections for you for the next three turns.

Best for the Rest

Battle Odyssey Tips Cheats Strategies

When you see that you have a Four Square or two sitting in your elements table, and you know the boss fight is coming up, hold onto those Four Squares.

As mentioned, those Four Squares allow all of your characters to attack at once, while also providing protections for three turns. Bosses usually have longer attack cooldowns than trash mobs do, so you can better plan when to utilize a Four Square in order to prevent a massive amount of damage from being done to you.

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