Balls VS Blocks Tips, Cheats and Strategies


Balls VS Blocks is a simple yet compelling game from Voodoo. The idea is straight forward enough – you’re guiding a snake made up of balls through a kind of maze system. At regular points, you have to break up blocks in your way by hitting them with the balls. It sounds simple enough but Balls VS Blocks is actually pretty tricky if you want to gain a substantial high score.

That’s where Gamezebo’s Balls VS Blocks Tips, Cheats and Strategies comes into play. It’ll guide you through the paces, giving you insight into the best tactics for wracking up all important high scores.

Learning the Basics

  • You’re ducking and diving around yellow balls and colored cubes. Each of these are assigned a number. The higher the better. Kind of.
  • Each cube is also a different color. Light blue represents the lowest numbers with that color gradually turning more green for higher ones. Yellow represents numbers in the 30s with it turning orange and red for numbers in the 40s.

Balls VS Blocks Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Learn to recognize the colors quickly so you can instinctively know what’s going on.
  • Run over a yellow ball and you gain some extra balls to your snake, relating to the number next to the ball.
  • Smashing into the colored cubes reduce how strong your snake of balls is, depending on the number connected to it.
  • So, you want to aim for the cubes with the lowest number, right? Not exactly.
  • See, each ball you ‘lose’ by smashing a brick goes towards your high score. Being careful isn’t always the best idea.

General Tactics

  • Make sure you’ve got time to concentrate on Balls VS Blocks. This isn’t the kind of game you can play with one eye on the screen and another on what’s going on around you. You’ve got to concentrate.
  • Set aside some time. There’s no pause button here, so you want to get things right.
  • Oftentimes, you want to aim for a cube with a middling number. Anything too high can be too risky as it’ll make you very vulnerable. Anything too low means you won’t be gaining the points you want for a great high score.
  • You also want to be aware of the direction you’re taking.

Balls VS Blocks Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Balls VS Blocks funnels you down specific paths at times, and sometimes going towards a low numbered cube can trap you up against a high numbered one.
  • Always keep an eye on what’s coming up and plan accordingly.
  • Remember – these aren’t predefined routes. Everything is randomly designed.
  • Spot a flurry of yellow balls next to each other? With some careful movements, you can grab them all by ducking and weaving around. Work on that so you gain the most balls in one fell swoop.
  • Through some wiggling and weaving, you can also take out two colored cubes at once. Obviously, you only want to do this when you have plenty of yellow balls to lose, but it’s worth it. You can really wrack up your high score by pursuing this method and quickly!

Balls VS Blocks Tips, Cheats and Strategies

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