Bacon Escape 2 Tips, Cheats and Strategies

By Sam Simmons |

Bacon Escape 2 is a one-touch puzzler where the aim of the game is to gather all the fallen stars and rebuild your spaceship. How do you gather these stars? Guide your piggy to the end of each level while gathering the five apples and bonus star. Sounds like a mouthful, but if you follow our tips, we will have you sliding through every level.

  • Perfection isn’t everything. There are five apples to collect in every level, plus a bonus star. Plus, don’t forget that you have to make it to the end of every level. Therefore, you don’t have to aim for perfection in every single level because each level is long, and it’s futile to keep replaying the same level for one apple. If you are one or two stars short on a level, then you should move on. There are many areas that require an exact amount of stars to progress, so don’t worry because you’ll have plenty of time to backtrack.

Bacon Escape 2

  • Press firm. It might just be my device or fingers if I press the screen lightly sometimes my input won’t be registered. This is annoying when you are 90% through a level and you fail due to no real fault of your own. So press firmly, this way you can at least assure yourself that it wasn’t your fault.
  • Get your timing right. If you haven’t noticed already, timing is everything in this game. There is no point pressing the screen unless you will press it at the right time. Pressing too early or late is a killer move in Bacon Escape 2. It’s nearly impossible to recover from a mistake, so make none.

Bacon Escape 2

  • Bring home the bacon. The hardest part of this game is leaving an apple behind. Gathering apples is something you can do without even reaching the end. So as long as you make it to the end once, you won’t have to do it again. Instead, all you need to do is pick up any apples you missed and this will count towards gathering all five, even if you die.
  • Fun or frustration. Bacon Escape 2 has a fine balance between fun and frustration. The touch of a button can ruin goes, so be prepared to get a little wound up. One way you could avoid this frustration is by watching a video to revive yourself from the position you died. This is only worth your time if you are 80% through a difficult level. The adverts last 30 seconds so if you are around 30 seconds into a level then you know it is not worth your time.

Bacon Escape 2

  • Learn to press or hold. Any blue objects require you to press the screen to activate them, any red objects require you to press and hold to keep them on. So keeping this in mind will avoid any silly mistakes as Bacon Escape 2 ramps up in difficulty the more you play. At first, blue levels and red are separate, but get used to seeing them closer and closer together.
  • Trial and error. In order for you to know where the apples or bonus star is you will need to go past it. This is not the only situation where you will fail at the first hurdle, in fact, any new trap will often get the better of you. To overcome obstacles in Bacon Escape 2, you must first fail at these obstacles.

So get used to replaying the same levels expect a curve-ball of some sort in every level and don’t try to three-star every level in your first attempt. Once you’ve gotten used to these three features, you’ll be perfecting these levels in no time.

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