AxE: Alliance vs Empire Guide: Tips, Cheats and Strategies

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AxE: Alliance vs Empire is the latest MMORPG to hit our mobiles, and much like the many others it largely plays itself. How do you write a guide of a game that requires very little actual input from you? Well, we’re glad you asked.

While there isn’t very much in the way of actual gameplay in AxE (or indeed any mobile MMORPG aside from Old School RuneScape or Villagers & Heroes), you are, effectively, the manager of a warrior in a fantasy universe.

Your character might perform actions with nary an input from you in sight, but it does require directions from you. In this guide, we’re going to direct you on the best directions to give your character. Or something along those lines.

We’ll help you grow your character as quickly as possible and provide tips on daily activities you shouldn’t miss so you’ll beat out the competition quickly. You might even have a bit of fun while doing so.

AxE: Alliance vs Empire Tips and Tricks:

  • Let your character crack on with quests: With these mobile MMORPGs, the bulk of the good content doesn’t unlock until you’re a higher level. So to begin with, we recommend just letting your character crack on completing quests. Unlike many of the others, this one doesn’t require much input from you at all. Your character will complete and take on new quests until you tell them otherwise.
  • Do your dailies: Sooner or later, you’ll unlock a bunch of new activities that you can perform on a daily basis in exchange for a bunch of rewards. These include daily dungeons, PvP, and quests. We highly recommend doing these every single day – particularly free players, as you’ll seriously struggle to progress otherwise.
  • Choose the class that’s right for you: We recommend taking a glance at the class descriptions before making your choice, as each of them is good at a different role. If you like dealing brute force melee damage, choose the Titan or Blademaster. Prefer tanking? The Valkyrie and the Warrior are your best bets. Want to fight at range? Go for the Ranger or Mage. This will affect the alliance choice you can take as well, so bear that in mind.
  • Get your free stuff: You get regular free rewards just for playing the game, so don’t neglect them. These include free gear pulls in the store, event and attendance rewards, and quest completion stuff. Again, as a free player, getting stuff is pretty challenging so take all you can get.
  • Chase achievements: Unlike Game Centre achievements, AxE achievements actually increase your statistics within the game itself. So they’re even more worth tracking down than achievements anywhere else. We recommend taking a look at the list regularly and beating any that you’re close to achieving. It’s also worth getting involved in all aspects of the game, from PvE to PvP so you’re well covered in all areas.
  • Level up and upgrade your gear: It’s easier to upgrade gear that you have already than to find new stuff, and it’s cheaper too. So level up your best gear then upgrade it whenever you get the chance to keep your CP as high as possible.
  • The same goes for your skills: You’ll do a heck of a lot more damage and survive longer if you upgrade your skills. Don’t neglect your passive skills either, as these will increase the damage you you do while auto-attacking, as well as your general defence.
  • Use your Hero’s Blessing scrolls: You’ll occasionally receive Hero’s Blessing scrolls as a reward, and we recommend using these as often as possible. These will provide 50% more exp and gold for completing quests, which will help you progress much faster through the game.
  • Dodging is manual: Though you can just leave your character to attack enemies to its heart’s content, you will have to dodge manually. This isn’t important for most mobs, but you’ll need to manually dodge boss attacks as these are considerably more powerful.
  • Join a guild: You’ll have a lot more fun if you encourage your friends to play AxE with you, though you could also just join a clan to find likeminded players to play with. This also provides new PvP activities and makes it easier to find groups to complete the most difficult content with.

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