Awaken Legends Reroll – Step-by-Step Guide


Not happy with the character you pulled in your first summon? Don’t worry! With our Awaken Legends reroll guide, you’ll definitely obtain your ideal character in no time. Our step-by-step reroll guide will teach you the process efficiently to help save you as much time as possible. Make sure to bookmark this page to refer back to it when following the reroll steps.

Awaken Legends is a brand new idle gacha game based in a fantasy world. You collect characters and build a strong team of heroes to accompany you throughout your journey. In typical gacha form, you obtain characters through the summoning system, and you can then upgrade them to increase their power. Wield magical powers and glistening weapons in this exciting new RPG game as you explore Westland.

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Awaken Legends Reroll

Down below is where we’ll teach you how to reroll in Awaken Legends.

What Is Rerolling?

Rerolling is a common occurrence in gacha games. If you aren’t happy with the character/characters you got in your first pull, there’s no need to fret. Rerolling is pretty simple, but it can be time-consuming if you have to do it multiple times, so please keep that in mind.

Why Should I Reroll?

If you’ve got your eyes on a specific character that you want, you’re bound to be disappointed if you don’t pull them on your first summon. Ideally, you should aim for the game’s strongest characters at the start of the game. This will make clearing content much easier, allowing you to perform more summons as you progress. The act of rerolling allows you to keep trying over and over to get your chosen character.

When Should I Reroll in Awaken Legends?

We recommend rerolling as soon as you perform your first summon. This way, you can easily redo the prologue and tutorial efficiently before you get too far into the game. Obtaining a high-rank character at the start of the game is a great helping hand.

What to Do Before the First Pull?

  1. Install the game
  2. Sign into the game with a guest account
  3. Complete the tutorial and prologue

How To Perform an Awaken Legends Reroll

  1. Do your first summon
  2. If you aren’t happy with the character/characters you obtained, log out
  3. Delete the game and all of the game’s data from the settings
  4. Repeat the process until you get the character you want

That’s it for our Awaken Legends reroll guide! If you want to learn more about the characters that are available in the game at the moment, check out the game’s official website.

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