Aveyond Tips Walkthrough

Check out our strategy guide and walkthrough for Aveyond. SOME BASIC INSTRUCTIONS I personally recommend playing the game first without the walkthrough and after having played it once, replay it using the walkthrough. That way you will not only enjoy the game and its story but also will get to find everything you missed the first time when you played it. While replaying you will know that what would happen if you talk to someone which can trigger some unexpected events, so you may like…

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Check out our strategy guide and walkthrough for Aveyond.


  • I personally recommend playing the game first without the walkthrough and after having played it once, replay it using the walkthrough. That way you will not only enjoy the game and its story but also will get to find everything you missed the first time when you played it.
  • While replaying you will know that what would happen if you talk to someone which can trigger some unexpected events, so you may like to finish the other quests before you proceed. This way you can explore all the probable possibilities in the game as rpg games offer a lot of diversions and endings. I will not mention places which are easy to locate (e.g the palace, any person in the village, etc.).
  • If you are new to RPG-style games then you can always go to ‘options’ to know more about the game controls and moving your character. Select the ‘tutorial’ from the options menu and you will be directed to a folder containing instructions about the game play.
  • Press the ‘escape’ (Esc) key to pull up the game menu. Here you can use items, use or see character skills (e.g. heal), change character equipments, check who is in your party, choose a party leader or see the character profiles to find out how much experience they need in fighting to achieve the next level. The journal is very helpful as it reminds you of what needs to be done next. Also make sure that you save your game often so that you don’t lose your progress due to a power cut or by accidental game shutdown.
  • Enter every house as you may find chests and talk to every one in any village as they give you important items, side quests or hints; I will not mention it always and assume that you do so. Always open the chests if you find any, they will yield useful items.
  • Sometimes I may refer some areas as ‘screens’. So when I say go back by two screens it means that starting from the current area (screen) you go back to the previous area and then to the previous of this area through the passages you have followed.
  • The enemies re-spawn here except for the main enemies (to be referred as boss from now onwards), so you can fight them over and over again just by exiting and re-entering the screen and level up your characters. Leveling up would help you fight difficult bosses with ease.


Since the walkthrough is quite big, you can use the “Find” command to instantly jump to any word or phrase in the guide. Simply hold down the Ctrl and “F” keys together, and enter the word or phrase you’re looking for into the text box.

The maps are courtesy of the Aveyond community at Amaranth Games and have been used with permission.


  • The game starts with a cutscene. You can choose to play or skip introduction. After the cutscene you will find your main character Rhen standing beside a narrow stream. Cross the bridge and keep walking till you reach a ladder. Climb it and you will find another set of stairs and a cave beside it.
  • Ignore the cave for now and climb up the stairs. You will be presented an in-game message. You are given some instructions and the location of Rhen’s dad’s house. Go there. Your father will give you some instructions. This is your first quest which you will find in your journal (quest no.2). Similarly all the other important or unimportant quests are listed in the journal.


  • Go all the way north from Rhen’s dad’s house and locate the herbalist in the last house of the topmost part of the village. Talk to her and she will join you as a guest (press escape key and you will see her under the friend’s section at the bottom of the menu). Go back to your Rhen’s house in dad’s room, talk to dad and watch the conversation. Then talk to Rhen’s mom in the previous room. You get another quest (quest no.3).


  • Go to the place where you first started the game and pick the pink colored flowers. You can collect 4 flowers from there and the last one can be found here: walk up to the cave which you ignored before and enter it. Climb the ladder and keep following the path straight ahead till you are outside the cave. There you will find the last Marion bell flower. Go back to mom and give her the flowers.
  • Make Rhen sleep on her small bed in dad’s room. Watch the cutscene. After that, walk down onto the next room and talk to the priestess Talia. The chest in that room is locked and will available later in the game.
  • After talking to Talia, get out of the house and talk to Rhen’s dad. Wander down the stairs and you will find a red haired guy standing in front of the cave. Talk to him and select ‘of course’ when you are given options. If you select ‘no way’ then you have to talk to him again and select ‘of course’. Enter the cave after him. Talk to the man and watch the event. You will see the world map:
  • Rhen wakes up in a slave’s dress in a small room. Read the paper on the small table. You will get your quest list (side quest 4 and 5). You will also find another quest in your list which had been triggered by the kidnapping event. Anyways walk down one screen and talk to the house mistress Rona. She demands that you do your chores.


  • Enter the door beside her and then again through the door that’s in front. Walk up to the spiders and press the action button or enter. This is your first fight. Kill the spiders and collect items/gold from the corpse. You may heal Rhen by making her sleep on the small rug in her room. Talk to Rona again and she will ask you get Lars’ clothes done by the seamstress.


  • Get out of the house, open the gate, get down the stairs and go down. The house immediately next to the grey haired guy Eddie (slave) is the house of the seamstress. Enter it and talk to her. After the job is done return to Rona. Now she will ask you to find her son Lars.


  • From the seamstress house keep walking down past the small pool to your right and enter the greenery enclosed area. You will find three people standing at the extreme right corner. Talk to the green haired guy. Return to Rona and report. After her expression of “kindness”, make Rhen sleep in her rug.
  • Wake up and talk to Rona again. You need to fetch Lars again. Walk beside the seamstress’ house and you will find Lars bullying another slave. Talk to him and watch the events. You can talk to the red haired man Lorad. Now your next destination is Shadow Wood academy in Veldarah (side quest no.8).


  • The guard will allow you pass when you show the token given by Lorad. Exit Ghalarah and take the dirt path. You will find a horse carriage parked there. It is a mule express and it can take you to places where you have visited at least once. For the time being, you’ve not visited Veldarah yet, so you have to make your way to Veldarah through the wilderness. Since Rhen doesn’t have a high level that’s why it is recommended that you avoid the enemies in the wilderness (except for the solitary spiders may be which are easy to fight) or else you will get killed easily.
  • Follow the dirt path till you reach a ladder; climb up and keep following the dirt path till you reach another ladder. Don’t go down, take the north-western path and keep moving till you reach a bridge. Cross it and head to the eastern direction, through the path between forested trees till you reach another ladder. Go down and keep moving east till you see another mule express. Go pass the mule express and enter Veldarah.


  • Starting at the gate, walk up north, Walk to your right near the inn, cross the fences and keep walking to your right till you reach a blue roofed house (old man’s house); go north from there and then to your left is the shadow wood academy. Enter it and talk to the man to your left. He is Harald, the principal. Follow his instructions carefully as he would tell you everything you need to know.
  • Make your way to the sword singer students dormitory inside (talk to one of the roaming students in the garden they will give you the direction). Enter your room (the second from the extreme right) and open the chest. You will get a student outfit. Go to your inventory (items) and select the student outfit to wear it. Sleep on the bed. From now on you can heal Rhen and her party for free here till you graduate. Watch the cutscene.
  • Rhen wakes up in her room. You will find Rhen’s level increased by 5 from her previous level. Walk outside the dormitory and you will find Lorad waiting to test her. I would recommend leveling her up because at this level it would be difficult to fight him. For leveling up, I personally found the troop of four rats inside the cave in the wilderness providing the maximum amount of experience points in that area; so you can level up fast. Use the slide thrust spell to knock them off at once one at the time. To confront Lorad, a level of at least 7-10 is required. The ice spell scrolls works wonders against him.
  • My special level up tactic: I personally follow a special tactic. After getting the cash cow (refer Goodies section) I buy lot of bread loaf and get the novice qualification by registering at shadow wood academy. Then instead of sleeping at the dormitory, I buy the weapons and armors to equip Rhen and explore the wilderness. At higher levels it requires more xp to level up Rhen. So since 5 levels are added for free after the cutscene, what I do is level up Rhen to level 5 (since it is requires less xp and time to level up at lower levels) by fighting the rats and then go to the sleep in the shadow wood dormitory room. This way after the cutscene Rhen is already at level 10 and prepared to face Lorad. And it also saves your time and effort to level up at higher levels. (NOTE: if you level Rhen more than level 5, then also after the cutscene she will be upgraded to level 10 only. So the maximum level you can gain is level 10 by this tactic).
  • Once Lorad is defeated go and talk to Harald. Go through the door to his north and then take the right passage. You will find the hall for advanced sword singers. Here the teachers will teach you certain skill if you’ve reached a particular level. It is recommended that you select the skills wisely as you can learn only five of them and level up so that you can learn the skills meant for higher levels. Choose a mix of single and multi damage spells. You can also come back later to learn them instead of learning them now.
  • The skill list and their functions are as follows:

Skill name

Level learned

Touch of Darkness

Dark damage

Single enemy


Dancing Swan

Sword damage

Single enemy


Wind Rhapsody

Wind damage

All enemies

Rain Dance

Water damage


Single enemy


Woodland Dance

Earth damage

Single enemy


Boot Slapping Mara

Multiple damage
All enemies


Sleep Lullaby

Inflict sleep

Single enemy


Siren Call

Inflict silence

Single enemy


Firefly Ballad

Fire damage

All enemies


Trinity Fury

Holy damage

All enemies



  • The areas in the wilderness are quite easy and I would recommend to explore it in all possible directions. There are chests scattered all over this area, and from now on I won’t particularly mention where to find them as they are easy to locate if you explore extensively. However I shall mention what you would get from all the chests in total from both the wilderness and the caves (this way you will enjoy the game and its dungeons without rigidly following the walkthrough)- 1 haunch, 20 gold pennies, 40 gold pennies, 10 wild berries, 1 apple, 25 gold pennies, 1 covey balm, 60 gold pennies, 1 quail egg and a black oak staff. While exploring the caves you will also come across the dead city of Ejindro. Talk to the ghosts there, they will trigger a quest (side quest no.36). We will refer to this place later.

Wilderness Goodies:
There are also some game goodies to be found from the wilderness. Refer the eastern isle map below:

The goodies are:
•    Traveling runes: explore the wilderness to locate it in the following area marked with a white circle. Press enter or action button to obtain it:

After you get the rune goodie you will be able to buy traveling runes from shops. The runes help you to travel from one area to the other without the need for any vehicle, anytime, from anywhere. But be careful that you have runes to get back to the area where you have parked your vehicle or else you may not be able to leave a particular part of an isle.
•    Cash cow: obtain the cash cow in the following spot marked with the white circle:

This cow gives you 10000 gold pennies each time you talk to it!!! Really worth having! You can come back here whenever you are running short of gold pennies.

Other Goodies:
Other goodes aren’t included in the game, but they can be downloaded from the Aveyond website, and you need to replace some game files. You can use any one of these, so I would recommend using the God goodie (since it includes everything). And also it would be better if you use the god goodie near the game ending because leveling up at higher levels are time consuming and tiresome. So after getting at level 60, you can use this goodie which would increase your levels to 90 at once. The other goodies are:
•      All Guilds-Use this goodie to get all Guild Spellbooks for Lars. The location of this goodie is shown in the screenshot below. File Size: 45.62 KB, Released: 24-Jan-2008.

•      GOD-This is the goody of all goodies. Use this to get +30 levels, 100,000 gold coins, the best armor, the best weapons, all guild books, and the speed crystal. The location of this goodie is same as the guild goodie. File Size: 45.6 KB, Released: 24-Jan-2008.
•      Increase Speed-Use this goody to get the speed crystal & increase the speed of your characters. This goodie is included in the later part of the game and need not be downloaded.
•      Levels-Use this goodie to give all active party members a 30 level increase. The location of this goodie is same as the guild goodie. Released: 04-Jul-2008, file size-147 kb.
•      Maps-If you need help finding things, you can use these maps, which were created by tiniponi. Very useful for walkthrough makers like us?. Released: 24-Jan-2008, 5.93 mb.
•      Music Pack-Listen to stereo-quality music while you play Aveyond! The music pack includes real flutes, harps, trumpets and more! Released: 24-Jan-2008, File Size: 18.1 MB.
•    New Faces for Characters-Use difference faces for your main characters. When you download this goodie, you can choose to use anime or non-anime faces. Faces will appear in message boxes when your characters talk in the game. Released: 24-Jan-2008, File Size: 2.19 MB.
•    Power Weapon & Power Armor-Use this goody to get the best armor and the best weapons. the location of this goodie is same as the guild goodie. Released: 24-Jan-2008, File Size: 45.6 KB.
•    Gold-use it for 100,000 gold. the location of this goodie is same as the guild goodie. Release date: 24-Jan-2008, File Size:147kb.

  • Buy 90 of each item from the item shop if you’ve collected enough cash from the cash cow (don’t buy 99 as you may get these items from chests, so the ones you bought will be wasted as there can be only 99 number of each items in your inventory). You can also buy runes for quick traveling. Buy lots of healing items and upgrade your weapons.
  • (NOTE: whenever you reach a new place, don’t forget to buy new weapons and armors). Buy some spell scrolls, but buy only one tornado spell as one of your party member will need to learn it. There is a blue chest in inner room of the palace; the chest is locked, so you can come back later when you know how to open them. The pick lock for the blue chest can be found much later in the game.
  • There are also some villagers who will either give you important information or are the key to some future quests. Here are their names; you may need to refer them in future:
  1. Tiberius-linked with Levus, alora quest in future
  2. Derez-the necromancer
  3. Old woman near the weapon shop, sells boat location spell
  4. The traveling rune seller
  • Now we will advance for our next quest. Buy the hand held mirror, bird cage and the priestess ring from the shop with the ‘key’ mark. Walk out of the shop and watch the event. Now make your way to the palace. Talk to the queen and observe the conversation. You are given the task to find the druids and save the world from Ahriman, this is your main quest. You can talk to Talia for more information. The druids are:
  1. Armaiti-druid of agriculture
  2. Vohu manah-druid of music
  3. Eithera-druid of strength
  4. Rashnu-druid of darkness
  5. Vata-druid of time
  6. Daena-druid of wisdom
  7. Dameon-druid of light
  • Find Lars in his room in the sorcery dormitory (the 3rd room on your right in the top row of rooms). He will join you at the same level as Rhen is at. Upgrade his weapons and use the spell scrolls on him from the inventory to make him learn new skill. It’s time to get some skills for him as well.
  • First talk to Harald about graduation (side quest no.11) and then go to the hall of advanced students of sorcery (located to the left of the sword singer hall). Here is the skill list that he can learn, so choose wisely. You may also come back later to learn them, but for now you must get one at least.

Skill name


Lightning Strike

Lightning damage


Single enemy


Depletes enemy’s mana

Single enemy


Light healing

Heals up to 175 HP

One party member

Heals up to 500 HP

One party member


Fire damage

Single enemy


Wind Whip

Wind damage

All enemies


Thunder damage

All enemies


Ice damage

Single enemy


Sends 1 enemy through the demon gate

Single enemy


Fire Flicker
Minor fire damage

Single enemy


  • Now go to the entrance of Veldarah. You will find Talia waiting for you. Talk to her and take her in your friend party, and set off for the wilderness. Follow the white path in the eastern isle map to find the exit to the world map. As soon as you are on the world map, walk down by around 13-14 paces and take a right turn. Keep walking till you find a small hut. Enter it; it’s the row boat dealer’s house. Talk to him about “news.” We need to find him a wife to get the row boat (side quest no.13). We will come back here later.
  • Now walk back to the point from where you exited the wilderness and walk northwards. You will find a man in a boat. Give him 20 gold pennies and he will take you to the northern isle. Enter the snow forest you see before you. From here we will take off for our next quest. You will find footsteps on the snow and the screen shaking after every 5 seconds. Follow it till you reach two sets of stairs, climb them and keep following the footsteps till you see a mule express.
  • Go past the mule express to enter Thornkeep. If you are exploring the forest then you will find chests scattered all over. The caves will lead you to other areas. Items that can be retrieved from the chests of this area are: 120 gold pennies, 45 gold pennies and 1 apple. Don’t explore the mines for now.


  • Enter the first house that you’ll see. The woman will give you a side quest (side quest no.26). Don’t go to the mines as if you complete this quest the mine will collapse and you won’t be able to retrieve the blue chest. Keep it for the later times. Buy some traveling runes and ice amulets. The house beside the items shop has a chest containing oak shield. Proceed towards the north of the village and you will come across another chest containing haunch. Enter the ‘rock keep’ cave to find the mountain king. Talk to him about the ‘news’, you will be given a quest (side quest no.38). You can explore on your own here and then exit Thornkeep. Keep walking from the signpost near the mule express in the snow forest towards the eastern direction till you reach the exit to the world map.
  • You are on the world map again. You will find a small castle immediately to your north. That’s the snow queen’s castle. The moon temple and ice caverns are also to be found there. Ignore it for the time being and enter the cave to your right. You are transported near another cave. Enter it, its Aveyond. From the entrance head east till you reach a double waterfall. From there head south till you come across a signpost. To your right is the mule express. Head north a bit to find the teacup town. Instead of entering there, take the right path. That leads to the sun shrine.


  • The chest beside the sun shrine yields a traveling rune to the Aveyond. It would have yielded something else if you didn’t dig up the rune in the wilderness of Eastern Empire. Enter the sun shrine and talk to oracle. On exiting another short conversation will follow. Exit and go to the tea cup town.


  • Buy a smoke bomb from the item shop of tea cup town as you will need it later. Enter the cat-Tidbit’s mushroom house and he will give you a quest (side quest no.10). Get out of the mushroom and walk up a little to find a peculiar looking machine. Talk to the cat-Lambchop standing beside it. The machine is sludge master 2000. Remember this place as you will need to come back here later. Let’s get Tidbit’s quest done quickly.


  • Head outside the tea cup town and follow the northern passage to your left. Keep walking northwards till you find the harpy. Defeat it and get the voice box. The chest beside the harpy has 1 haunch. Go back to Tidbit and give back the voice box to his brother Bini.


  • In order to get the ‘good deed’ done you need bee wax and mirror. To get the bee wax, exit tea cup town and follow the narrow path to the south behind the mule express. Keep going along the path till you come across a chest hidden by tree. Open to get 12 wild berries and 520 gold pennies. Keep walking till you reach a cave. Enter it and go to your right. Carry on till you come across a mushroom creature sitting there. Don’t fight it; you are not strong enough yet. From there go south and you will see two caves on both sides. Enter the left one first. The chest has one spry amulet. Exit, collect 50 pennies from the chest and then enter the cave to your right.
  • You will find yourself outside again. Keep walking till you reach a rounded cliff with a lake in front from where you can go either northwards or southwards. The northern area yields a chest containing cutlass. Walk to your south and you’ll reach another cave after sometime. Inside the cave, the chest has 1 apple. Leave the mushroom creature alone. There are three passage ways there-enter the one to your right to get the bee wax. You will need the smoke bomb to retrieve the wax from the hive.
  • After you get the wax get back one screen and enter the middle passage. Walk along the path, get the haunch from the chest and pass through the entrance you come across. This is the memory cavern. The cave frogs can be harmed only by Rhen’s sword hits or flame scrolls.
  • In the following area, WALK to your right side first. You will see a number of fairies fluttering. One of them sell traveling runes to memory caverns. You need something to capture at least one fairy to complete the mountain king’s quest. But you need something for that; we will get back here later. For the time being you can talk to the fairy prince and the little girl-tiny. You may get a quest from here later as well as one of the druids shrine is located here, so remember this place. On talking to the fairies they will heal your party for free. You need a dreamers tear to turn on the rainbow bridge, this is for another quest (side quest no.47).
  • Walk back to the entrance of the memory caverns and take the northern path, which will lead to another exit. Exit through the passage and you will be out in the open. Explore this area. The chest found here contains-1 leather boot and 1 black oak staff. Enter the cave which you find while exploring-it will lead you to two chests-one yielding cassia leaf and the other mandrake. We are done for now.
  • Now back to business. We need to go to Wildwoods to get the good deed done. Use the rune to get back to Thornkeep and exit the snow forest to the world map. Ask the boatman to take you back to the eastern isle. Walk to the signpost of the eastern isle and go south from there. Enter the Wildwoods.


  • You will see a woman named Elini who would like to join you after you graduate. We will get back to her later. Follow the path, on your way you will find a solitary quail egg on ground; pick it up and carry on till you reach a river from where the road bifurcates into east and west. The east will lead to a dead end. There you will find a hut and a troop of enemies whom you can use to level up. This troop gives the max XP in this forest so it is recommended that you fight them if you are planning to level up your party after Elini joins you. Anyways, Walk to the western road until you reach a cottage-it’s the wildwood tavern.
  • Read the advertisement on the wall and talk to the tavern owner. He will ask you to stake a vampire and bring back here to register you in the adventurer club. The man with the backpack sells useful items. Buy at least 5 stakes and a garlic necklace from him. Come back to him later for more items.
  • Exit the tavern and follow the southern route. You will reach a sign post. From there, walk south.
  • When you reach a bifurcation, walk to your right. Open the chest on your way to get a covey balm and keep walking till you reach near frozen statues of people. A bit further down you will find a cave. Watch the in-game actions and confront the Hind. Press the action button or enter and see what happens. Take the Hind’s harp and exit the cave.
  • Walk up to the nearest bifurcation where you can see a grave and take that path. You will reach a woodman’s cottage. Talk to the woodman and see what happens. Return to veldarah using the rune. Go to the shadow wood academy, talk to Harald and he will give you graduation certificate. Quest complete.
  • Change to your new outfit. Talk to Harald again for some important information. If you didn’t learn all the skills for advanced students (both for Lars and Rhen), get it now as by this time you must have reached at least level 15.
  • Go to Wildwoods, take Elini in your party and come back to the necromancer in Veldarah. There are many guilds all throughout the world and Lars can join a guild to learn the spells specific to that type of magic, but since he can only join one throughout the game, you should choose wisely. You can get enrolled to the necromancer guild and buy the staff and water orb for Lars. Make sure that you use the necromancer spell book from time to time to make Lars learn new spells after he levels up.
  • Talk to Tiberius and Alora, you will be given two quests, but you can accomplish either of them not both (will be discussed later). Buy armors for Elini and buy lots of hp and mp healing items. Now we need to return to wildwoods to rescue the first druid.


  • Go to the wildwoods past the tavern till you reach the signpost. Walk to your east from there and then take the lower right path. Cross the bridge, keep walking and exit through the passage. You will end up on the world map. Walk towards the small shrine you see in the world map and you will find yourself in the Land’s end.
  • Land’s end- walk to your left from the entrance, the north path is a loop. Follow the path and you will come across a bifurcation. Take the right path. You will reach a small bridge, turn to your left from there and walk until you see a cave passage. Enter it and follow the left route. You will find a bone lying on the ground. Pick it up and keep walking till you land up in another area. There you will find a chest containing bronze rod. Get back one screen and exit that cave.
  • From there, walk to the bridge and cross it to the other side. Go up to the northern area to retrieve a quail egg on the ground. Cross another bridge that you come across and walk up to the shrine.
  • From there, go south till you see a chest. Open it to get pomegranate seeds. Get back to the first small bridge and cross it. Go east where a solitary earth elemental is roaming around and then south. Feed the bone to the dog. enter the orchard. Talk to the old woman, Eldredth. You need to come back to her to plant the pomegranate seeds later. For the time being, return to the entrance of the cave where you found the bone.
  • From there, go through southwest route where you will find another cave entrance. Enter the cave, its Mt Orion cave system. Press enter or action button on the altar, it will ask for something. Go back to Eldredth and plant the seeds. Exit and re-enter the Land’s End screen as she will say that the plant won’t grow if you are watching. Take the plant from her and offer it on the altar at Mt Orion cave system. (there is a bug in the Build 2 of Aveyond 1 where if you plant the seed the boat will not take you to the other side and move about randomly. In that case what is advised that don’t place the pomegranate seed on the altar and then board the boat. It works fine that way).


  • Now this cave and mountain system is quite complicated. And since monsters are tougher here it is advised that you don’t wander around aimlessly. What I’ll do is put up the screenshots of where you should go and from which place. The places which are dead ends or do not yield any chest, etc will not be mentioned at all, but if you want you can explore.
  • You enter the mountain through the gate marked as entrance in the screenshot:
  • Follow the arrow direction to the next area. Cross the bridge (the foes are stronger, lightening scrolls and spells does good damage, and so does Lars’ water orb).
  • On to the next area: Cross the bridge to your left and climb up the ladder then after. Enter the cave entrance. Walk onwards and when the road branches out take the southern route. Pick up the 85 pennies from the chest on your way. Then again Walk to route to the east. Exit through the gate and you’ll find a chest containing studded armor. Get back one screen and Walk to your south-western path now. Exit the cavern and open the chest to find bronze sword. Get back one screen and go to the area where the road first branched out. Take the northern path now.
  • After walking a bit, look to your left to find a chest containing 1 covey balm. Continue going north and turn south-east to pick up another chest (haunch). Carry on and exit the cavern. You will end up at the spot marked by the white circle:
  • The chest has 100 gold pennies. Follow the arrow direction. Enter the cavern and open the chest to get 100 gold pennies.
  • Cross the bridge and walk northwards. Get the black hide whip and come back to the bridge. Go south this time; retrieve the haunch from the chest on your way and carry on to the cavern exit. Climb the two sets long ladders once you are outside. Keep moving till you reach a small lair marked as Rach Narch Bargh. It’s the ogre lair. Rummage the bookshelf to find bean seeds.
  • Get back one screen, climb down the twin ladder sets and re-enter the cavern. Exit the cavern, climb down the ladder, cross the bridge, climb up the ladder and enter the cavern. Keep walking along the road without taking any turns in the cave till you reach this cave exit:
  • Go through the passage marked by the white circle.
  • Keep walking and enter the successive cavern. Carry on to the other end of the cave while picking up the apple from the chest on your way. Continue to the following open area and before you climb up the ladder, heal up and save. Open the necromancer book to find if Lars can learn any new spell (if you’ve registered in that guild). Climb up to face your first boss-Nanghaithya. He inflicts sleep and causes fire damage. Rhen’s siren call is effective. Return to the druid’s shrine in Land’s End.
  • Touch Vohu Mana’s soul to the frozen statue and see what he has to say. Before leaving Land’s End, talk to Eldredth and ask her to plant the bean seeds. Use the take the rune shortcut to Aveyond. Talk to Vohu Mana and he will say that your reward lies in the underground chambers.
  • Enter the underground chambers to your right. Go through the door in the middle. You have a choice-you can either take the sleep flute or emeralds. Sleep flute inflicts sleep to an enemy, but not the bosses. Emeralds can only be sold. I personally recommend sleep flute because we already have the cash cow for monetary purposes.
  • Now let’s go for our next quest: saving the second druid. Use the rune to reach Veldarah. Walk out of the wilderness to the world map and go to Wild woods. Go to the sign post past the tavern and this time take the north-western path till you reach a barricaded gate. Put the skull in the hole beside it, it will get unlocked. Welcome to Halloween hills.


  • Walk to your right and keep walking till you reach another village-New Witchwood. Explore the area and you will be assigned a number of quests by the people here.

The name of the people and the quests they give or are related to are as follows:

  • Grazila – Bring sludgemaster 2000 (side quest no. 14)
  • Griselda – Bring to boat man as wife (side quest no. 15)
  • Agnes – Take her child to the gentle children school in Western Isle (side quest no. 20)
  • Gretchen – 1) Make her ugly again (side quest no. 16); 2) Give a gift to Hilda (side quest no. 17)
  • Buy witcheye root, traveling rune to witchwood, toad amulets and some spell scrolls from the item shop. Make Lars learn the decompose spell. Now we need to complete these side quests one by one:
  • 1) Find sludgemaster 2000 for witch:
  • Go to the tea cup town and talk to Lambchop. He will give you the sludgemaster 2000 since you gave back Bini’s voice. Give it to grazilda. You will get the ruby red slippers in return. You will need it to complete another quest later (side quest no.19).
  • 2) Find boatman’s wife:
  • Take Griselda to the boatman, he will sell you his boat for 3000 gold. Then you can go back to New Witchwood and escort her child with you.
  • 3) Make Gretchen ugly again:
  • Explore the Halloween hills to look for the stinkrot root. You will also find the other items from the chests scattered over there: 653 gold pennies and 1 beast repellant. Don’t enter the pet shop for now as you already have the red slippers with you. Do after someone joins your party shortly afterwards, you will know why. Give the stinkrot root to Gretchen. She will give you a present to be delivered to Hilda.
  • 14) Give gift to Hilda:
  • Give Gretchen’s gift to Hilda. See what happens. Return to Gretchen, she will reward you a shovel. Now you got an important instrument-use this shovel to dig up graves as well as dirt piles which look like the one marked in white, to find items.
  • The graves in Halloween Hills (including new Witchwood) yields: 150 gold pennies, elephant garlic, 1 emerald and sword of chaos.
  • Start looking for the dirt piles. I won’t say where they located but I will mention in which places you can find them. There are many others in the unexplored regions which I will mention later as the game progresses:
  • 1) Go to the wilderness of eastern isle and dig up a book page.
  • 2) The wildwood forest grave yields an auquifolium on digging.
  • 3) Use your newly bought boat to travel to Land’s End. There you can dig up the dirt pile to find a cassia leaf.
  • 4) Then go to Aveyond and dig up the dirt pile to retrieve mugwort. Another spot at Aveyond yields 120 gold pennies.
  • Let us resume our journey to Ghedahre.


  • Find your way to Ghedahre through the Halloween Hills. If you have sufficient number of stakes then you can stake all the vampires. But I would recommend not to stake the ones who are useful (shop keepers, quest givers, etc). The graves beside the church don’t yield anything except one, which opens a passage.
  • Enter one of the houses to find Teijal. She will give you a quest to find sun block cream. A vampress in another house will give you a quest to find a ghost to haunt in her house (side quest no.37). The vampires near the farm will ask for elephant garlic (side quest no.18).


  • Elephant garlic can be found from a grave in Halloween hills (you must already have that in your inventory if you’ve followed the walkthrough). Give it to the vampire. See what happens. You will receive vampire ash.


  • Getting back to business, play the piano in the church and then enter the gate that opens up. Go towards south first. Keep walking till you reach a door straight down. There’s a vampire and a chest in there. Open the chest to get a bronze rod. Get out from there and enter another door beside it. The rightmost coffin in the second row reveals a secret passage. Follow the passage, it leads straightaway to another door. Go through it to find leyrvo’s lamp. Get back by three screens. Start walking to your right from there, then up till you find another door. It will lead you to a chest containing 1 chain mail. Get back to the church room.
  • Go outside and enter the hole in the grave. The in-game event will be triggered automatically and a secret passage is revealed. Enter it. You will find three ways branching out in front of you. Walk to your right instead of entering any of these three passages. Keep walking to your right and on your way get the chest from the area shown below to get 1 cassia leaf:
  • Carry on till you come across a switch on the wall. Press it and the barricade blocking another switch will unlock. Press that switch too. Then continue walking from where you left off. Get another chest on your way to retrieve bronze rod:
  •  A bit ahead lays another chest.
  • Collect the raven blowpipe and return to the place where the three passages had branched. Take the passage to your left and get a chest containing 100 gold pennies.
  • Now head towards the middle passage. From the bifurcation head east and open the two chests to find covey balm and haunch. Return to the bifurcation and take the other path through the unlocked gate. You are presented a ball puzzle. The rule is-if you touch the ball or vice versa then you are transported to the entrance of this room.
  • You have to be fast and walk in the passage when the ball is moving away from you. Press the first switch and continue till you see another moving ball. Press the switch beside the spikes, then the other. Make your way through the balls and press the switch. Come back to the spikes and go to your right to the unblocked gate hiding another switch. Press that switch and reach here:
  • Observe the movements of the appearing and disappearing holes carefully, their positions are fixed so make your way through to reach the switch. Press it and get back one screen.
  • Walk up to the place where the three passages branched out. This time take the right passage. Pick up the studded shield from the chest and follow the route directed by the arrow direction in the screenshot:
  •  Keep walking; you will notice a door on your way. We will come back to it.
  • Walk up to the dead end with a chest. Collect the wyrm whip and go to the door you saw. Pass through the door. You are presented another puzzle-the color puzzle. Each cubicle has a note on the wall. The note gives the hint as to which color cube will fit in here. The switch near the door will reset the puzzle if you mess up. The answers to the note are:
  1. I hold the sun, the moon, twilight and day rise-Blue
  2. I bring love to your heart, roses to your cheeks-Red
  3. My light fills your days with warmth and joy-Yellow
  4. Upon my carpet you run and play and slumber away-Green.
  • Push the cubes in the cubicles matching their colors and press the switch near the room center. Stand on the blinking cube in the center of the room. You are transported to another room. Activate both the switches that you see on your sides. Take the path to your right and press the switch. Pass through the door to face another puzzle. You have to key in an answer to a question and if it’s the right answer, the gate unlocks (please make sure that the spelling is correct and there is no space between words; if by mistake you key in a wrong alphabet, press escape to delete). The answers to the puzzles are-
  • 1. I sleep by day, feast by night, I’m allergic to the sun, what am I?
  • Answer-vampire.
  • 2. I can walk by day and night. But when the moon arises, so does the beast, what am I?
  • Answer- werewolf.
  • 3. I wander these walls, transparent and lost, what am I?
  • Answer-ghost
  • 4. I am the founder of Ghedahre, I built these dungeons, what is my first name?
  • Answer-leyrvo.
  • Go through the door. Follow the passage, its linear. Meet Zarich, our next boss. He inflicts weevils. Elini’s succubus works wonders. Make Lars attack him physically (only if the water orb is equipped). Collect Rashnu’s soul and return to the church in Ghedahre.
  • Back in the church, enter the small room to your right and touch Rashnu’s soul to his statue. Watch the conversation. Go to Aveyond and go downstairs to collect your reward. Enter the first chamber, you will have a choice between a bag of silver coins and sun block cream. I would personally recommend you to take the sun block cream as it would help a member get recruited in your party, whereas you can only sell off a bag of silver coins. Talk to Dameon in the shrine, he will join you if you choose ‘ask for help’.
  • Get back to Ghedahre. Talk to Teijal, she asks for the sun block cream and joins your party. You can select the ‘party’ option from the game menu and choose your active party members. The other members will remain in reserve.


  • Now go to the tavern in Wild wood, there are many things to do. Talk to the tavern owner about adventurer club and he will register you in their membership if you have vampire corpses with you. That will allow you to heal your party for free in his tavern. Also some extra items and equipments will show in his shop. Upgrade your party’s armors. Talk to the man with a back pack and sell the vampire corpses. Buy some more stakes so that you can stake some more vampires at Ghedahre! You will also find some other items in his shop.
  • Go to Veldarah, talk to the old woman who sold boat location spell. Buy the spell as it would help you to find where you had parked your boat. Now go to the necromancer and buy the soul pendant for Teijal. You cannot make her wear it unless she captures someone’s soul. We will later see who the unfortunate one is! You can also check the necromancer spell book to make Lars learn new spell (if he has registered for it).
  • Now back to the Halloween hills again and go to the pet shop.


  • Talk to Dora, the girl behind the bars, in the pet shop. She will ask you to bring back her ruby slippers. If you’ve already taken the slippers from grazilda in new witchwood, give it to her. See what happens. Each active party member gains one level for free.
  • Go to the place where you had parked your boat. Board your boat and sail to the western isle (refer world map). Note that the boat cannot take you to the deep waters. On landing, check the signpost. We need to go to the highlands.
  • Take the north eastern route. Enter the highlands. We need to go to Velgerd’s house:
  •  Follow the arrow directions to Velgerd’s house. The enemies are very strong here. Enter his house and talk about the locked gate. He will give you a quest to bring back his glass eye (side quest no.22).
  • Exit his house and enter the squirrel’s hideout. Talk to the squirrels, you will find bird’s seed in a corner. Remember it as you need to come back here later. Make your way to the blue circle marked on the map. Dig the dirt pile to get an emerald. Exit highlands and go to lowlands, which is south of the highland on the western isle:
  • Go to Brumwich first. Go to Herbertson’s market and upgrade party armors and weapons. Talk to goodwife Lonna, she will trigger another quest. Now since you already know what she wants to know, your quest is solved. Talk to Wilbert, he will give you a quest (side quest no.21).


  • The locusts are roaming in the farm, press the action button or enter when you confront any of them and fight them. Quest complete. But there is no reward for it.
  • Get some cheese and traveling runes to Brumwich from the item shop. Exit and now go to gentle children’s school.


  • Admit Agnes’ son over there. You need to come back over here later. Agnes will not give you any reward!


  • From the gates of the school go down to the sandstone cave (marked with a red box in lowlands map). Enter the Sandstone cave.
  • Sandstone cave: The cave on the right leads to another open area. Cross the bridge and dig up the dirt pile to retrieve winged boots. Enter the cave beside the dirt pile and find a chest containing auquifolium extora. Return by one screen, cross the bridge and back to your cave where you came from. Now follow the path on your front from the entrance till you see a chest (contains haunch).
  • Climb the ladder and head onwards. Cross the bridge and walk straight east into the cave. Go to your left first. Walk along the path, you will see a chest on your way. Open it to get 100 gold pennies, carry on till you see a cave. Explore this area, you will find a toad and a blue chest. Remember the location of this area as “Toad” (for future ease of recall) because you will need to come back here later.
  • Return by two screens as there is nothing more in this area. Walk north without crossing the bridge and retrieve the chain whip from the chest. Now come back to the bridge, cross it and proceed onwards. Go through the cave passage onto a new area. Then again into another cave into the next cavern. Go north first and get the chain mail from the chest. Further north the ladder goes down leading to a blue chest. Since we don’t have a pick lock we need not go there now. Walk south onto an open area. Cross the bridge to enter Mystery manor.
  • Mystery Manor: here rooms lead to other rooms. I will give screen shots of the rooms so that you can find the way which leads to the boss. But before that we will explore the other doorways to hunt for treasures.
  • From the entrance, exit through the door on northwest. The following room has a chest containing haunch. Return to the previous screen and exit through the door marked as exit:
  • In the next room, proceed towards the door to the south first. Collect the covey balm from the chest before moving through that door. It leads to a small room with a chest. Get 250 gold pennies from it and return to the previous screen.
  • Exit the room using the door shown in the screenshot:
  • Open the chest immediately beside you in that area. Then enter the door beside it. It contains a chest with 250 gold pennies. Return and pass through the door in the screenshot:
  • Enter the door shown in the image of the next area:
  • Collect the 150 gold pennies from the chest in the successive room before exiting through the only door in that room. In the next room, go through the door shown in the screenshot:
  • Enter the door that you come across first in the following room and get 150 gold pennies from the chest.
  • Return by one screen and open the chest to find 150 gold pennies. Exit through the door shown in the screenshot:
  • Heal up and save before talking to the old man. He is a mini boss, though not related to the main quest. Fight Dorvan and retrieve the glass eye. Teijal’s final embrace skill works well.
  • Return to Velgerd. Give him the eye and he will unlock the door.  Dig the grave in his backward to find an iron shield. Enter the blackbone cave.



  • There is only one chest (250 gold pennies) in the first area marked in the screenshot. Refer the screenshot to find your way to the next area:
  • The next area has chest locations marked with white circles. The chests from this area yields haunch, apple, 300 gold pennies and 150 gold pennies. Follow the dotted line onto the next region.
  • Similarly the next region is also marked with chest locations and dotted lines leading to the next area. The chests here yield covey balm, plate armor, chain whip, 150 gold pennies, haunch, 300 gold pennies and 600 gold pennies.
  • Heal and save before you enter the cave. Be ready to face your next boss-Tawrich. Enter the holes which will take you to outside Blackbone Cave. Walk up to the signpost in the highland and proceed north. Climb the ladder and cross two bridges. Ascend another ladder and enter the cave to your north. Exit the cave to the other side and walk around the narrow river bank, cross the bridge, head to you left direction and then up the ladder.
  • Ascend another ladder and you will reach the shrine. Enter it and touch Armaiti’s soul to his statue. He unlocks the red chest, from which you get the merchant card. Go to Aveyond and select your reward- the Climbing Guide or Cooking Guide.
  • The Climbing Guide will help you fetch the cloak of undying loyalty, which allows you to steal the souls of monsters (which shows in the creature tab in the lower right of your game menu screen) thus increasing your party’s strength. The creatures will remain with you as long as Lars has the cloak equipped. If he changes his armor, the creature will disappear from your party.
  • The Cooking Guide allows you to find meat after killing monsters. If you select the climbing guide, go to your inventory and select it to learn the climbing skill.
  • Now go to the peninsular trade route (see highland map) and try to enter the passage. The merchant will ask for the merchant card; show the merchant card to the trader, he will let you pass. Enter the peninsula and refer the white arrow in the map to find your way to Sedona.


  • This place is bustling with activity and has lots of quests. Explore the place and talk to everyone. Buy the cracked orb from the item shop and equip it on Lars staff from the inventory. Don’t forget to buy the ball gown from the seamstress. The art dealer Frederick will give you a quest (side quest no.28).
  • There is a chest containing a salmon near the beach. You can also buy some salmons from the fish seller. Talk to the boat dealer to buy a skudder. The old woman near the boat dealer would teach you “find skudder” spell for a price. You will find the skudder location on the peninsula map.
  • The Elite Mage guild is located here, if you’ve not already joined the necromancer guild then you can join here. You will get a spell book which Lars needs to learn from as and when he levels up. Upgrade the weapons and armors of your party members. The pink-haired sword singer will teach Rhen new skills in exchange of 2000 gold each in the fighting field.
  • From the magic bazaar buy traveling runes to all the places you see, you will need them. Buy a spell each for Lars. Also get some myrica infusion and elixir (elixir is a must). There is a manor for sale, and the contact person is inside the ballroom. You need a ticket and ball gown to enter the ball room. So let’s get the ticket first. For that you need to complete Frederick’s quest. But before that, let us complete some errands.


  • Locate your skudder in the peninsula map and board it. Explore the world map to find the Veniara Island (show map world). Open the chest on the island to find a salmon. Enter the Sour Ale tavern. Mad Marge gives you a quest (side quest no.25). Enter the third hut and talk to the man behind the bars. He is pirate john. See what he has to say. Rhen will not prefer taking him now, we will come back here later. There is nothing more in this area. Exit and go to one of the other veniara islands. If you land on the pirates market then don’t forget to buy the pick lock. This will enable you to open the blue chests. You can also buy some other items there.


  • If you land up in the Ale Storage room then rummage the room for a full cask of ale. Bring it back to mad Marge. She will give you an empty cask of ale.
  • Now we need to complete a quest which should have been done long ago.


  • Visit the northern kingdom forests and then into the mines. Explore the mine and open the blue chest to find an iron sword?. Enter deep into the mine and you will find a man stuck with a stone. Talk to him and save him. Visit him in the dwarven woman’s house in Thornkeep, he will give you a gnome orb.
  • From there go to Tea cup town. Talk to lambchop and he will say that he has bought a orb which he can’t use and he is ready to sell the treasure map of it for 2500 gold pennies. Buy it and refer the Aveyond map to locate Lambchop’s treasure marked as L in the screenshot below:
  • Take your path to cave 1 from the teacup town, enter it and take the exit to the right side; you will end up in front of cave3 of the map. From there walk up to the spot marked as L in the map. Dig the spot to find a star orb for Lars.


  • Now go to Clearwater. Talk to Danny’s mother-Liana, she will trigger a quest (side quest no.27). Enter Rhen’s house and talk to her father, observe what he says carefully. He will also give you something. Take it and enter the cave of Clearwater (the place where Rhen got kidnapped by the slave trader). We need to fetch the cloak of undying loyalty if you’ve chosen the climbing guide when you rescued the last druid.
  • Take the southern passage of the cave. The cave leads to the highlands. After getting out of the cave, you will see the mule express to Clearwater. Also you will see a cloak lying on the ground on the right side of this valley. That is what we are looking for-the cloak of undying loyalty. On the extreme left side of the mule express, you will find a chest containing 2 emerald and 2 sapphire. Get down the ladder, cross the bridge, then down another ladder, follow the dirt path and then down the next set of stairs; you will see a cave beside an apple cart.
  • Enter that cave. Climb up the ladder onto the next area. Kill the red toad and exit the cave, you will see a rope on your left. If you have read the climbing guide from your inventory then you can climb the rope to get the cloak of undying loyalty. Return to the apple cart, get down the set of stairs and enter another cave. Open the chest to your left to get a covey balm. Enter the hole by crossing the small bridge inside the cave, you will transported to the base of another cave.
  • Enter that cave to find serpent amulet from a chest. Go down a bit and you will see another cave, enter it and you will see that it was the same cave from where you exited via the hole. Exit the cave through the northern passage, climb up the stairs, walk west and enter another cave. Enter another cave inside this one and open the chest to retrieve a haunch. Climb up the ladder and exit via the northern passage.
  • In the next area walk along the path and enter a cave to your right. Collect the 760 gold pennies from the chest and return by three screens. Keep walking to the west past the waterfall and enter another cave that you see towards the north. Exit the cave to the other side and climb up the ladder beside you. The area has a chest. Open it to pick up 300 gold pennies and get down the ladder. Walk to your east till you see another ladder. Climb it to find a blue chest. It contains imperial armor.
  • There is nothing else in this area. Before we forget the blue chests that we came across before, let’s grab them. Go to veldarah into the queen’s palace to open the blue chest. It contains a black hide whip. Then go to the sandstone cave and refer the directions given before (refer sandstone cave guide) to find two blue chests. One has elixir and the other yields mandrake. Now we need to go to the Ghedahre.


  • In Ghedahre enter the house just beside the church. You will find Danny on the dining table! Talk to him, he will give you something. Return to Clearwater and give that to his mom. She will be relieved. You will find Danny next at Sedona.


  • Now we need to go to the gentle children school. Make sure you board your skudder and return to the western isles. In the gentle children school, go upstairs and talk to Theodore in the bedroom. He will give you something. Take it and return to the art Dealer in Sedona.
  • Give theodore’s painting to the art dealer, he will give you the ballroom ticket in return.


  • Now make Rhen wear her ball gown from the inventory. Visit Lord Gavin’s manor and you will be allowed to enter inside. You can instantly change back to the sword singer’s outfit after that! Enter the ballroom and talk to Pemberlin. You can buy a manor for 5000 gold pennies from him in Sedona.
  • This manor is located beside the ball room where you will find another ‘goodie’ and a free place to rest (it’s your party’s HQ). You can also buy pets and keep them in your manor (there are three pet shops in total, one in Halloween Hills, another in sedona and the last one will be talked about later).
  • Talk to the chef of the ball room and he will also give you a quest (side quest no.29). Exit the ball room and enter your manor. Explore and talk to your party members and open the chest to get the speed crystal goodie. Select it from the inventory and you will find the speed of your party leader has increased. You can switch it off from the inventory again. Use the bed to heal your party for free. You can talk to Danny in Sedona beach. Now we need to go to the thieves cave (refer the peninsula map for its location).


  • We haven’t explored the area yet, so let’s do it now. I won’t give the details of exploration but will give you the items retrieved from chests and dirt piles. You will find a solitary quail egg lying on the soil too somewhere here. The chest in this area contains 650 gold pennies, the blue chest has 580 gold pennies, and there are three dirt piles in the peninsula which yield cheese, beast repellant and cheese. Enter the thieves cave.


Thieves hideout:

  • There are many caves here, one leading to the other. See the map if you are lost:
  • Go down the first ladder you see. Collect the haunch from the chest. Then cross the long bridge and go up the ladder you first come across. Walk to your left and climb down the stairs and cross the bridge again and enter the cave. Go up the first ladder and enter the cave-the next area has a chest containing 640 gold pennies.
  • Get back one screen and go down the shorter second ladder to collect the elixir from the chest. Climb back and then go down the longer ladder beside this one. Go to your left first and ascend the ladder into the cave exit onto the next area. Here go directly to your east and enter the cave first. There again walk to your east straight, climb up and down two sets of stairs, cross a bridge onto another cave. There on your left you will find a chest.
  • After getting a covey balm from it go down the ladder, collect the sword of light and cross the bridge on your left. Go into the cave and follow the path till you find a chest. Open it to get a pick lock (you have already purchased one). Get back by two screens, and then go down the stairs twice to get another chest containing the tornado spell. Climb up two stairs and exit the cave. The southern cave from there has nothing.
  • Go up north and on your right the chest will yield a truffle for the chef. Then Walk to your right into the cave. This is the thieves cave. None of the thieves will talk to you, but your visit at this place will trigger another event at the Sedona palace. Le’ts go back to see what is it.
  • Walk up to the Sedona palace and then try to talk to the king. Watch the event. A new member will join your party and a new quest is added (side quest no.30). Go to Lord Gavin’s ballroom and give the chef his truffle (you will receive 1000 xp for this deed). Go to the thieves’ hideout again.
  • 30) Who tried to assassinate the king-talk to the main thieve in blue robe in the thief’s cave. He will give you a quest in return to reveal whom they are working for. We need to return to Sedona in order to do it.


  • enter the house beside the art dealer’s house. You will see a statue of an elf. Take it and go to the thieves’ hideout. Give it to the thief who asked for it and he will say what you wanted to know. Return to the palace for your reward.
  • You will get the reward only on one condition-you have to let someone join your party. If you do so then only you will have access to the king’s treasure room on the right. It will also help Teijal get a soul for her soul pendant. The treasure room has 5 emerald, two sapphires, one golden armor and a battle axe. Before leaving Sedona, visit the item shop. Buy the book page and the empty bottle from the shop. Select the soul pendant in the inventory, see what happens! You can now make Teijal/Galalad wear it as an accessory, it will increase her attack and defense by 50%. Before we leave the peninsula visit Dirkon (refer peninsula map or use the Dirkon rune).


  • After you reach Dirkon, open the chest (see peninsula map) to get steel boots. The dirt pile yields another book page (look for it lol). The chest in the cave has elixir.
  • Talk to everyone in the village. The nurse will give you a quest to kill the rats.


  • Kill the rats in Dirkon where ever you find them, look inside houses as well. There are three rats in total. Return to the nurse.
  • She will ask you to bring an elixir. If you have an elixir in your inventory then just exit the house and enter again. Give the two sick people in the bed two elixirs and then talk to her. See what happens. Get outside the house and talk to Lor, the guy standing there. He will give you another quest (side quest no.34).
  • Go to the Memory Caverns in Aveyond and capture any one fairy in the empty bottle you have. Talk to the Fairy prince and he will give you a quest (side quest no.33). Before quitting the place you will see the mushroom creature beside the fairies. Make Lars wear the cloak of undying loyalty and then fight it. Use the soul steal skill from Lars’ skill set before killing the creature. You may be randomly successful to steal the soul, if so then you will see the creature’s soul shown in the lower tab of creatures in the game menu:

  • The creatures will remain with you as long as Lars has the cloak equipped. If he changes his armor, the creature will disappear from your party. You can apply this skill during fights and see which creatures can be enslaved with the cloak of undying loyalty.


  • Go to the Sandstone caves into the area which we named as “Toad.” You will find Tiny there. Fight the toad and get her back to the fairy prince in memory caverns. He will give you a golden goose.


  • Give this golden goose to Lor in Dirkon and talk to him again. He will give you something (the item he gives can only be sold).


  • Go to the pirates market in Veniara islands. Buy the elven statuette from the pirate. Now there are two uses of this statue. You can use it for only one of them. Either you can give the statue to the elves in Oldwood which would help you complete three quests (return of the king, uncursing the city of Ejindro and bringing a ghost to haunt the vampress house at ghedahre).
  • Or else you can give the statue to the militant squirrels in the highlands. The squirrels will give you three sticks of dynamite with which you can blow up some cracked walls in different places:
  • One of the walls will yield the absolute zero spell scroll (located in the highlands) which you can use only once in a battle. The other walls will not yield any hi-fi item so I would recommend giving the statue to the elves.


  • Go to the lowlands. Refer the lowland map to find Oldwoods, we need to go there. If you can’t find how to go there, then from the signpost at lowlands, take the dirt path to your east. After hitting the wall you will find two paths one going north along the dirt path and the other going south. Follow the southern path to reach a house. Enter the house to find a chest containing 390 gold pennies. Take up the northern path now and walk along the dirt path until you are transported to the world map. Enter the cave to your north. Then again exit the cave through the other end. From the world map enter the forest. You are in Oldwoods.


  • After walking for some time you will find a mule express and an elven city called Ylisfar. Enter the first pillar and go up the ladder. Explore the area and talk to everyone. You can also upgrade your weapons and star amulets. One of the shelves in a house yields a book page. Don’t forget to take it. Exit the pillar and enter the next pillar named as Rootwell. You will find yourself in Blackroot system.


  • The map shows where are the chests and our point of interests:
  •  Explore the area on your own, the enemies and strong and they cast sleep or silence spell, so equip the star amulets. The area has a quail egg and a total of 4 chests containing 150 gold pennies, 1 covey balm, 350 gold pennies and one apple. When you reach a house with a save point, then it means you have arrived at Oldwoods.
  • Proceed inside and explore the region. When you are in the throne room talk to girl Liya inside. She will trigger a quest. If you have the elven statue of Lionel from the pirates market then put it on the throne, quest complete. See what happens. Talk to the king, he will give you something. Exit from there and re-enter Blackroot System. Now refer the map to go to Wormrot. Talk to the elven guy, he will give trigger another quest (side quest no.35). The cave in front of the entrance has 320 gold pennies in the chest.


  • Get down the ladder of Wormrot:
  • You will be standing in front of a cave. Follow the path in front of you and keep walking till you reach a chest. The chest has power acorn. Return to the ladder and enter the cave; exit from the other end. From the cave entrance (4b in the map) go south, then right, cross the small bridge and then reach out for the chest. It contains haunch.
  • Return to the cave entrance (4b in the map) and Walk to your right this time. Don’t cross the bridge, keep walking along the path till you come across a chest. It has two flame spells. Come back to the bridge which I forbade you from crossing and go north. On your way you will see a banshee dropping something in the water. Fight the banshee and keep walking towards north. You will see a ladder going down.
  • Heal and save before you enter the undergrounds. Climb down two ladders till you reach a small chamber. Fight the banshee queen and after that you will see that she dropped something. Pick it up and return to Rootwell. Talk to night elf who loiters alone and give him the root nectar. Quest complete.


  • Return to Veldarah and then to the cursed city of Ejindro. On your way you will see a wild boar, if you kill it and bring it to Tiberius, he will pay you with gold pennies and the quest is complete. But I would recommend leaving the boar alone as you will find a nasty secret later on. Anyway, at Ejindro talk to the ghost girl and try to open the lock to the north of the girl with the skeleton key. Enter and destroy the pendant you see before your eyes. Exit the house and the ghost girl will thank you for freeing the city of the curse. Talk to the ghost boy wandering around, he has nowhere to go. Take him to Ghedahre.


  • In Ghedahre, go to the house where the vampress was looking for a ghost to haunt her house. She will be delighted to get the ghost boy and will reward you with 20,000 gold pennies. Quest complete.


  • Now since you’ve captured the fairy in your bottle you can go to the mountain king in Thornkeep. Give him the bottle and he will give you something to be delivered to the snow queen. Go to snow queen castle, which you had seen before while on your way to Aveyond in the northern isle.


  • From the entrance of in the snow queen’s castle, take the path to your left. The area is quite simple, get the two blue chests from the area using the map before talking to the queen. The blue chests yield staff of wind and 860 gold pennies. Talk to the queen and give her what the mountain king has asked you to. She leaves behind a key on her throne. Take it and go to the ice caverns.


  • Equip the ice amulets. Enter the ice caverns and unlock the door with the crystal key (ignore the door to your left for now as that leads to the temple). Let’s remember this area as ‘ice cavern entrance’ for future reference. Enter the unlocked door passage. Take the path to your right to grab a chest. It contains an elixir.
  • Get back to the door entrance and walk to your right this time. Keep walking along the path, climb down a ladder and carry on till you reach another ladder going up. Instead of climbing it, follow the path to your right. Keep walking till you reach a cave entrance. Enter it to get a chest containing auquifolium extora.
  • Return by one screen and trace your way back to the ladder which you didn’t climb. Now ascend it and at the point where the path bifurcates, take the southern route first. Walk till you reach the dead end and open the chest to find a salmon. Walk back a few paces from there and you will see a cave passage. Enter it to retrieve the sword of silence from the chest.
  • Get back one screen and trace back your way to the bifurcation. Walk to your north this time. Carry on and exit via the cave exit which you come across at the dead end. Get the frost axe from the chest, heal up and save before the boss fight. The white lady roaming around is Indra, kill her to get Daena’s soul.
  • Now get back to the ‘ice cavern entrance’. Enter the other door to your right. Get the acorn from the chest after you enter this area. Walk up to the temple and touch Daena’s soul to his statue. Take him to Aveyond and choose your reward-6 diamonds or dizzy doll. The dizzy doll will inflict madness on a single enemy. The diamonds can only be sold for money, so choose wisely. Now its time to explore new horizons.


  • Find your skudder and set off for the southern isle (refer world map). You will find two skudder parking points here, one will lead to a dragon and the other leads to the desert. We will enter the desert first. The enemy troops are pretty strong here and some cast poison. If you find them too difficult, use the beast repellant to ward them off for some time. Follow the arrow direction in the map below to reach Veldt.


  • Talk to everyone here and explore thoroughly. The alchemist is looking for a magic kettle (side quest no.44). Enter the mauve colored tent to upgrade your weapons. One of the houses has a blue chest containing 5000 gold pennies. The old woman sells dragon location spell, we will come back to her later. The house beside the old woman has a book page lying on the ground in the inner room. Buy some traveling runes to veldt. Enter the library and a blue chest inside a small room will yield a treasure map.
  • Talk to the librarian Rasha, she give you a quest to bring back something (side quest no.40). The Annihilator guild is located here, if you’ve not already joined any other guild then you can join here. You will get a spell book which Lars needs to learn from as and when he levels up. Finally talk to the queen in the palace.
  • Now we shall explore the desert area. Refer the map, first we will climb up the ladder near the central oasis to dig the dirt pile (referred as D in the map). It will yield an auquifolium extora. Climb down the stairs and now walk up to the cave marked as no.4. Enter it and after climbing up the ladder Walk to your right. The chest in this area has a salmon. Walk south and exit the cave, you will land up near a chest, open it to find 2000 gold pennies.
  • Return by one screen and walk northwards and exit via another passage (no.7 in the map). Walk to the mauve colored tent, you will find the last pet shop there. You can buy pets for your manor at Sedona. Exit the tent and keep walking to your right till you reach a pile of bones.
  • Walk two paces down from the bone file; Press enter or action button, you will discover the treasure shown in the treasure map retrieved from the library. It will yield 10000 gold pennies! Return to the cave and Walk to your left and go down to the exit from where you entered.
  • Now explore the desert area to discover 3 more chests; they contain 1 covey balm, 350 pennies and skull helmet. Enter the cave at point 5 in the map. Exit via the other end. Equip the fire amulets, save at the save point and enter the Demon cave.


  • Demon Cave:
  • The enemies are very strong here. You will enter the cave by point 2 in map W. Walk up to the chest in that area to find 2000 gold pennies. Enter the ladder beside it to find another chest containing skull rapier. Climb up the ladder and go up to the cave exit point 6 in map W. You will land up in map X at point no.6. Walk all the way around to point 12 in that map. Enter the passage to get the sword of might.
  • Get back one screen and walk all the way down to point 7 in the map. You will land up at point 7 of map Y. First grab the two chests on the east to find 900 gold pennies and the belt of hippolyte. Point 11 in the map yields nothing; go to the lower right side of point 11 to open another chest-it has 1 elixir. Walk up to the chest on the upper right of point 8 in that map. It contains 1 covey balm.
  • Now enter the point 8 passage. You will see another chest. Retrieve the fire axe and return by one screen. Now exit via point 9 in the map Y. You will find yourself at point no.9 of map Z. collect all the chests in this area before moving into point 10. The chests have 1 salmon, shield of madness, 450 gold pennies, 350 gold pennies and 8000 gold pennies. Now go to point 10 of map Z. you will end up in the lamp room. Rub the lamp and see what happens. Now return to veldt.
  • Back in Veldt, give the librarian the Belt of Hippolyte and she will reward you with demon orb, equip it on Lars. Go to the palace, heal up and save, then talk to the queen and ask for her lamp. She will ask you to entertain her. Fight when you are asked to. Then only she will give you her lamp. Talk to her again and she will give you a quest (side quest no.41). After that click on the lamp beside the queen, the genie will transfer to the fancy lamp. Let’s complete the queen’s quest before we go for our main quest.
  • We need go to the squirrel’s hideout in highlands. Talk to the main squirrel, he will give you a quest (this quest cannot be done if you have given the Elven Statue of Lionel in Rootwell. If you give them the lionel statue then they will give you sticks of dynamite with which you can blow up cracks in the walls. From one of the cracks you will discover the absolute zero spell). You will also find two men standing there, they were sent by goodwife Lonna of Brumwich.
  • Take the bird seed on the upper right side of the cave and exit. Re-enter the cave and talk to general Binx. He will show you the way to sleeping dust. Exit the cave and follow general Binx. Enter the cave he takes you to and collect the sleeping dust. Now go to the peninsula.


  • Refer the peninsular map to find the location of the nightingale.
  • if you have both the bird seed and the bird cage (bought from Veldarah junk shop), then try to trap the nightingale. After you do so, return to the queen of Veldt. She will give you a bridle to use on a dragon.
  • Now go to the cave in southern isles where you saw the dragon. You will need a dragon rider. For that visit the veniara islands to the man behind the bars-pirate john. He will join your party. At this point talk to Mad Marge of the Sour Ale tavern and she would like to join you for 2000 gold. You may take her, but watch out, she has a caustic tongue. Return to the dragon in southern isles and voila, you have a new flying vehicle! You can visit veldt and learn the dragon location spell from the old woman for 400 gold.
  • Now refer the world map and fly to Mysten Far. Enter the place. It’s quite linear so make your way to the temple. Buy some runes and exit the shrine. Travel up north and then to your west from a bifurcation. After walking for a sometime you will come across an elevated platform with a chest. Climb up the rope (if you had fetched the climbing guide) and open the chest to get the Charmed orb for Lars. Travel up northwards and you will see two priestess guarding the way. Talk to the one on the left, she will trigger a quest (side quest no.42).
  • At this point you can visit Thais but the enemies are too difficult for your party’s level, so we will come back over here later.


  • Go to Lands End and then inside Mt Orion. Follow the previous guide to the Ogre’s Lair when we were hunting for the first boss. The priestess is captured there. Use the sleeping dust on the ogre and rescue the priestess.
  • Return to Mysten far and talk to priestess Oyane. The passage to the north will be unlocked. Enter the dreamland from where the priestesses were guarding the route by touching the statue.
  • Now the monsters here are extremely tough, so I recommend avoiding them or using the beast repellent. They cast sleep spells so equip proper accessories just in case you face them. The dizzy doll and sleep flute also works well.
  • First we need to go to the Dream castle. Follow the yellow arrow direction first. After reaching the castle, open the blue chest to get the magic picklock. Don’t worry about the demon inside-Agas, he won’t harm you unless you talk to him. At this level you can’t fight him. Now return to the entrance of Dreamland and follow the white arrow. On your way open the chest to get 1 covey balm. Enter the cave to find a red chest. Use the magic picklock to open it, you will find the sword of dreams. Return to Mysten far, Heal up and save (you can also visit other places to collect regenerative items). Now we will resume from where we left off.


  • In your inventory click on the lamp to enter the Lamp world. From there enter the Lamp castle.
  • Lamp Land:
  • You will enter this map:
  • The enemies are very strong here, use dizzy doll or sleep flute or your entire team may get wiped out at a go. Follow the light blue colored arrow to the exit; collect the 750 gold pennies from the chest on your way (marked as ‘c’ in the map). Follow the route to the next tower. You will land up in no. 2 2 of this map:
  • Follow the arrow direction to the exit, the chests of this area has 700 gold pennies and 750 gold pennies. Walk along the path to the next tower. You will find yourself at no. 4 of this map:
  • Don’t forget to open the red chest (marked as R) before carrying on to the exit of this area. The chests here yield nightmare bow, an elixir, a power acorn and a salmon.
  • Exit and walk all the way to the next tower. You will enter at point six of this map:
  • Collect the book page (marked as P) and the other chests before the showdown. They contain 1 covey balm and 850 gold pennies. Heal up and save before you face Saurva, the fifth boss.
  • After defeating him collect Eithera’s soul and go to the stronghold temple of Demon caves in the deserts of southern isle (refer the map of demon cave). Take Eithera in your party and then return to Aveyond (Note: you can’t use the runes inside lamp land, you have to walk back to the entry point). Collect you reward-either Mithril Rapier for pirate john/teijal or Red demon spell for Elini. Since most of Elini’s spells consume huge amount of mana, therefore unless you are planning to omit her from the active team choose the red demon spell which costs less mana but causes huge impact. Access the red demon spell from your inventory to make Elini learn it.
  • Time to go to Thais now. Fly to Thais (see the world map) and enter the Blasted Lands.


  • Explore the Blasted Lands before reaching Thais. Follow the purple colored path to find the way to Thais.
  • See the various spots marked on the map to collect the following items from this area- magic kettle, 1 cover balm and 3300 gold pennies. The spot marked as T in the map hides another treasure-dark helmet and dark armor. Press enter on that spot to find it. After the exploration enter Thais.


  • The first house from the entrance has a blue chest containing the treasure map (the one we found from the T mark of Blasted Lands). Buy all the spells from the alchemist shop and select them from the inventory to make Lars learn them. The book shelf at Time masters guild has a book page.
  • Enter the Item shop and buy both the wedding rings you see on the table. Explore Thais thoroughly; talk to Hector and try to take his torch, he agrees to give it on one condition (see side quest no.46).
  • The Time Mage guild is located here, if you’ve not already joined any other guild then you can join here. You will get a spell book which Lars needs to learn from as and when he levels up upgrade your weapons and armors from the weapons shop.
  • The house beside the weapons house has a second floor to it. Go to the second floor and you will discover it’s a Chapel of Love! Marry off the characters if you wish to and watch the funny events! Now let’s get some important things done first.


  • Since you’ve discovered the magic kettle from the Blasted Lands, now you can return to Veldt and give it to the alchemist. She will give you a love potion. Select the love potion from your inventory and see what happens!


  • If you talked to the boar in the wilderness but didn’t kill it then go to Veldarah to the necromancer Derez. Buy the antidote for 30 gold pennies and return to the boar. Use it on the boar and see what happens. Return to veldarah and talk to Levus again, who is with his true love in the garden. He will give you a world map.


  • Go to Mysten far. Refer the Dreamland map to get the location of the glow berries. Collect the other items from the area which you couldn’t collect before (example chest, book page, etc). There are 4600 gold pennies, a book page, 6000 gold pennies, beast repellant, blessed shield, salmon and an elixir in this area and some locked in chests. Reach out for the glow berries and pluck them.
  • Now go to the Dream Castle, we need to face Agas. He is also one of the boss, though not among the Daevas who captured any druid. Heal up and save before you fight. Then talk to him. His time storm spell is very powerful and can wipe out your party. After killing him you will get Dreamer’s Tear. Go to Thais and give hector the glow berry. He will allow you to take the torch.
  • Go to Land’s End to Eldredth, the old woman who planted your bean seeds in the enchanted garden. You will find the bean seed has grown into a tree. Climb the tree and you will be presented a puzzle, reach the top without getting hit by the bird, or else you will have to start from the base of the tree again. Use the torch to melt the frozen magic clock and retrieve it.
  • Return to the Thais again and marry off some more characters (you will need the wedding rings for that). Then go to Blasted lands and follow the map to enter the Dark Caverns.


  • You enter the map from the blasted lands:
  • Walk to your left, the up, cross the bridge and walk south till you reach a dead end and a chest. Open it to find a salmon. Cross the bridge again and walk northwards along that path and enter the cave passage. Open the chest there to find 3500 gold pennies.
  • Come back to the bridge, cross it and walk up northward and exit via the cave passage. You will land up in point 2 in the next map. That area is almost linear with a chest on your way to the other end. Carry one and exit to the next map. Walk northwards, climb two ladders, avoid the hole and walk up to the cave entrance. Enter and you will find three fairies. Talk to them and they will join your party as friends.
  • Exit the cave; here the troop of four monsters provides the maximum xp (7500) in this area so you can fight them to level up. Cross the bridge and exit through the cave passage. Finally you will end up in point 6 of the map. Explore the area and grab the chests before entering the cave where Aesma resides. The chests here yield elixir, covey balm, 1 power acorn, 990 gold pennies and zurvan armor.
  • Heal up and save before entering Aesma’s cave. After you enter you will find a strange thing happening. Use the magic clock, heal up again and the talk to Aesma- the next boss. Elini’s indra, Rhen’s Nightmare Flight spell and Lars’ decompose works wonders. Take Vata’s soul and go to Memory Caverns.


  • The fairies with you will join the others there and the prince will give you fairy dust in return. Use the Dreamer’s Tear on the shrine stone and a rainbow bridge will form. Cross it to the other side and enter the shrine. Touch the soul to the frozen statue of Vata. Return to Aveyond. Choose your reward-gauss shield spell or the cloak of invisibility. The cloak of invisibility is what the name suggests, makes you invisible to the ordinary enemy. The gauss shield spell can be learnt by Lars and gives protection against strong enemy spells. I selected the later because it gave my party good protection against Ahriman’s humungous damages (which most of the time wiped out the entire party at one go).
  • Watch the events and enter the small door to find the sword of shadows. Talk to the oracle and get the stronghold key from Eithera. Now before we set forth for our final showdown lets get some errands done.


  • Go to Gharalah and if you have downloaded and installed any goody from the Aveyond website, go to Lars’ house. Enter Rhen’s room and you will find that its size has increased. Open the chest there to find the goody you have installed (I used god goodie). Automatically there are changes made as per which goody you have installed. If you chose level goody then you will find that the levels of your active party members have increased by 30. If you chose weapon goody then you will find the best armors and weapons in you inventory, equip them on your characters. If you chose guild goody then the entire range of spell books of all guild (time scroll, elite mage book, annihilator spell book) and then use it on Lars and so on. He will learn motion freeze, fast forward, trance, time storm, reality shift, gate extura and riptide from the time scroll; charm, backstab, poison, chicken curse, assassinate, rumor and whisper from elite mage book; implode, thermal storm, earthquake, bomb, absolute zero, annihilate and blast from annihilator book.
  • Now go to the house behind the place where you met Lars for the first time. Talk to the book dealer inside the house, he will give you a quest to gather all the arcane magic pages of a book. Since you already have collected the book pages from all over the world, therefore you can give them to him. He will reward you with lightning storm spell (you have already purchased it at Thais).
  • Now we can concentrate on our Final hunt down. Buy as many healing and regenerative items as possible, heal up and save before you go to the Stronghold temple (inside demon caves of southern isle desert). Enter the shrine and go through the door on the left. Put the stronghold key in the door before you and enter Ahriman’s Lair.


  • Now there is a special trick if you don’t want to fight the difficult monsters in this dungeon and also have sufficient levels to face the final boss. The trick is:
  • 1) Equip Lars with the Cloak of Invisibility.
  • 2) Make Teijal your party leader.
  • 3) Rub the genie’s lamp in your inventory.
  • And voila you will see no monsters in the stronghold temple! Refer the map to go through the dungeon onto the exit through point 1 in the map below:
  • The enemies have around 15000 hp and cast massive blows which can kill your party members. So use the spells wisely. Before leaving to the following area, see the locations of the chests and collect the items from them; you will get- enchanted helmet, bone shield, crusher (best bow for Teijal), gargoyle whip (best whip for Elini), cloak of death and mithra shield (best shield).
  • The following area is Ahriman’s Castle and is depicted in the map below:
  • Point no. 2 leads to an area containing a red chest (Dark sword), walk along the arrow direction to reach the next room. The following area has no chests and the route is simple, just follow the arrow direction in the map below:
  • On to the next area: Here point 5 harbors a red chest containing Blood orb for Lars, it is recommended that you retrieve this final orb for him. Take the route along the white arrow of the map to enter the next room (see the screenshot below:)
  • The successive room has nothing so you can move onto the following room (see screenshot below:)
  • Similarly the exit route in the next room is very simple, so go onto the next room. (See screenshot below:
  • That is the final room after which you confront Ahriman, so heal and save when you reach the Gate. Before that you can heal your party inside room 10 for free by talking to the fairy (the fairy at room 9 damages instead of healing). Equip the best gears and then go ahead for the final showdown.


  • You will face Ahriman, watch the conversation carefully. You will be given a choice- you can join Dameon or fight Ahriman, the consequences need not be discussed as it is crystal clear what do they mean. Choose to fight to see the real ending. Follow the events carefully. Now fight the main boss, Ahriman. He will cast gate extura (kills an ally at one go except for Teijal), absolute zero, scorch exora (wipes out the entire party).
  • Make sure you use status inflicting spells like decompose, plague, weevil, etc which causes him to lose a huge amount of health at each of his turn which would make your battle easier. Lars’ gauss shield will prevent deadly damage to your party to some extent for which your party may not get wiped away totally at one go. Use the most powerful spells against him and win this fight.


  • Watch the conversation and go to Aveyond. Talk to Oracle, she will give you four options, which would decide how will you make Rhen lead her life to the end.
  • 1.    Become a hermit- Rhen will spend the rest of your life in wildwoods and nobody will ever hear of you again.
  • 2.    Become a queen- Rhen will marry Dameon and live as a queen of Thais, which is the real ending.
  • 3.    Return to clear water- Rhen will marry Danny and live a peaceful and happy life at Clearwater.
  • If you choose the first option, then you have to return to Devin’s cottage in the wildwoods and the game ends.
  • If you choose the second option then you have to go to Thais with Dameon and talk to the old man in the palace. He will recognize the pendragon sigma ring and prepare for your marriage with Dameon and the royal coronation. Go to the royal bedroom and sleep in the bed. The next day wake up, wear the wedding gown and go to the Throne room. Watch the events and the game ends.
  • If you choose the third option then you will find Dameon crying! Return to Clearwater and talk to Danny and the game ends. So choose what you want to become of Rhen at the end.

I hope the walkthrough was helpful!