Aveyond: Lord of Twilight Tips Walkthrough

By Claire Joly |

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Welcome to our walkthrough for Aveyond: Lord of Twilight.

Aveyond: Lord of Twilight is the first chapter in the Orbs of Magic series. After you complete the main quest, you’ll be given the opportunity to save your game so you can continue your journey where you left off in the next Aveyond chapter, Gates of Night.


Please note:

  • You’ll be finding an occasional locked chest in this game, usually a blue chest. They cannot be opened. A key or pick lock will only be available in Gates of Night. You might want to make note of the chests’ locations.
  • You’ll also find an occasional pile of dirt. You can’t dig at that location without a shovel. Again, it will only be available in Gates of Night. Make note of their locations too.
  • There are quests from your journal that you won’t be able to complete in this game, only in Gates of Night. One of them has to do with pirates.

Tips specific to Lord of Twilight:

  • While exploring you’ll find the usual Aveyond brown chest. In addition, now watch for bags of gold (referred as bags from now on).
  • All members of your party now gain experience from fighting monsters, not only the battlers.
  • When arriving in a new city, you should always do the following:

(1) locate the statue of the goddess and make a donation of 10 gold to increase your luck in the game. The more luck you have, the more chances you’ll be able to dodge an enemy in battle. Luck will also increase the amount of loot you get from dead monsters. It’s an excellent long-term investment. You can also steal from the statue’s donation box. That will decrease your luck in the game. Once you have made a donation or stolen from the box, you can’t interact with it anymore, so choose wisely.

(2) locate the Magic Mirror Express location (MME) and activate it by flipping the switch. The Magic Mirror Express will allow you to travel directly from one location to another by walking through a mirror, but for a price. You have to activate a MME yourself at a destination before you can travel there.

(3) Browse through shops to see what’s available in that city

  • You’ll find mailboxes in front of some houses. They’ll indicate the name of the owner.
  • You should look through every bookcase you find. The book titles are hilarious and you’ll find important clues for obtaining a special weapon in the next Aveyond game.
  • Goodie caves: if you’re familiar with the Aveyond goodie caves, you’ll be delighted to know they are now integrated into the game. There are 5 of those hidden caves for you to discover. They contain hundreds of thousands of gold coins, the best weapons and armour for all your party members, the best spells, and in another cave you’ll be able to increase the levels of your entire party (up to 99). We tell you the general location of the caves at the very end of this guide. We should stress for less experienced players that finding goodie caves is not really part of the game. They are only “extras” of sorts. Some players consider they spoil their gaming experience and never look for them.

Quick tips for people unfamiliar with RPGs:

  • Save your game often and in different slots. It is especially important to save your game when you’re entering a new area.
  • You should talk to everybody, go in every house, read every sign and interact with every object you can. It will trigger new quests and provide useful information to solve others. Check your journal often.
  • Resist avoiding monsters all the time. You should fight them unless your party members are weak or have run out of food. They will gain experience from the battles and grow stronger over the course of the game. Dead monsters are also a great source of gold and items, so do not forget to loot their bodies.
  • After each battle, it’s a good idea to check on the status of your party members and restore their health and/or mana (magic) points if needed.
  • When you arrive in a new city, browse through all the stores to see what new weapons, equipment, potion or items are available there.
  • After buying or finding weapons and equipment, don’t forget to equip your party members with them.
  • To get more gold, you can sell equipment and items you don’t need at any shop.
  • Before leaving a city to explore new areas, make sure you have a good supply of restorative items.
  • You can eat, revive a party member or use a potion during a battle.


Here’s a walkthrough that will allow you to complete the quests in this game, and hopefully get you ready for Gates of Night. We tried to make it useful for both people looking for hints only, and those wanting a straight answer. As a general rule, we’ll give hints and provide maps first. If you’re looking for more specific information, just keep on reading the section.

Maps: chest locations will be marked with the letter “c” and bag locations by the letter “b”. Otherwise we tried to keep our general area maps spoiler free.  Maps were kindly provided by Amaranth games and are reproduced with permission.

Mel’s assignment

The story begins in the city of Harburg. After getting the assignment from your employer, make your way directly to Clockwork Mansion where your clients are waiting for you on the second floor balcony.

The game will not let you wander off and there’s nothing else to explore in the city for now.

Enter the mansion and go up two floors. You get to the balcony by going through either one of the two exits located to your left and right at the bottom of the screen – they look like black gaps in the south wall.

Once on the balcony, talk with your client. He will ask you to retrieve an orb from the basement of a building named Darkthrop keep.

Retrieving the orb from Darkthrop Keep

Retrace your steps and exit Clockwork Mansion. Darkthrop Keep is located just outside the city’s east gate. Mke your way there now. Again, the game will not let you wander off and there’s nothing else in the city to explore yet. Follow the path leading northeast and you will soon arrive to Darkthrop Keep.

You will realize the door is locked. You go in through the sewers though. Their entrance is just to the left of the mansion.

Remove the grate and enter the sewers. There’s one chest to find in this area.

When you’re done exploring, pull down the switch you see on the wall. It will open one of the doors at the bottom of your screen. Go through it. There’s another chest to find in this second area.

Next, you will have to solve a puzzle in order to open the door you see on your right. It is leading to the rest of the sewers.

First, pull down the only switch you have access to. It will make the spikes you see at the top of the screen disappear into the floor. You can now make your way up to a second switch. You’re going to get stuck, but that’s to be expected. Pull the switch down. It will open the doorway at the bottom right of your screen.

Proceed to free yourself from this room by pushing the boulder out of your way. Push it down once only. Position Mel to the right of the boulder and push it to the left. You can now go through the newly opened-doorway. In case you get yourself stuck, just step onto the star on the floor to use the emergency exit. Then enter the sewers again and you will find the puzzle has been reset.

In this third sewers area, there are 2 bags and 5 chests to find. Note that you can’t get to the chest in the room at the top of the screen until much later in the game. It contains a powerful weapon for one of your party members. Make a note the chest is there.

Locate the switch in the northeast area of the sewers and flip it. It will open a door in the southeast area of the map. That door will lead you to the orb. Take the orb, don’t forget to open the chest and go back out the door.

When you’re done exploring and battling monsters, take the nearest emergency exit out of Darkthrop Keep.

Fleeing to Thais

It’s now time to return to Clockwork Mansion and deliver the orb to your client. He’s the man dressed in red, still waiting for you on the second floor balcony. Retrace your steps back to him. Talk to him.

The vampress Te’ijal arrives and rescues Mel from the evil evil Gyendal. She tells her they must now flee to the city of Thais. She joins your party.

First, leave the city of Harburg using the north gate entrance. The game will still not let you explore the city, buy items or equipment.

To reach Thais, you must first go through Shadow Woods North, and then through the southern Thial Mountains.

Shadow Woods North

There are 5 chests and one bag to find in this area. Ignore the pile of dirt you might come across, you won’t find a shovel in this game. Explore the area and battle monsters while making your way north towards the Southern Thial Mountains.

Two vampires are blocking the passage to the mountains. Te’ijal will now leave the party and distract them so Mel can get through.

Southern Thial Mountains.

There are 3 bags and 3 chests to find in this area, some only accessible by going through caves. Explore while making your way across the southern Thial Mountains, going west. Once you crossed the mountains and some caves, you will be arriving in Brighwood Forest.

You’ll be very close to Thais then. Just follow to path to the northeast until you reach the city. The game won’t let you explore Brightwood Forest yet.

Mel arrives in Thais

Mel arrives in Thais where she must find Ulaf at the School of War and Magic. The school is located in the southeast corner of the city. No need to sleep at the inn now.

You are free to explore the city before going to the School of Magic, or later. Just make sure to activate the Magic Mirror Express (MME) and donate at the statue of the goddess while in Thais.

Note that you might get a quest by talking to someone. It is related to the main quest in some way, but you won’t be able to complete it until much later in the game.

Once you enter the school, you will meet Ulaf and then Prof. Gray.

Prof. Gray will agree to take you as a student if you can pass a test. He asks you to retrieve a statuette from Harpsbren Manor.

Harpsbren Manor

Find your way out of the school and locate Harpsbren Manor, reading the mailboxes. It’s somewhere north of the School.

Try opening the door. It’s locked. Edwards arrives and shows you a window you can climb through. Find your way upstairs. You will see a switch on the wall to your right. Flip it and try to go into the study. The door will close before you can. Try flipping the switch and entering the study a second time. Edward will then arrive and help you with that switch. Take the statuette from the study. Exit the house by the ground floor window again.

Return to the school and go talk to Prof. Gray in his office (take the hallway to the right, then to the left, and climb the stairs.). He’ll suggest you rent an apartment in Lamplight District.

Renting an apartment

First, locate the Rental Agency in the southwest corner of the city. Go in and talk with the owner. For 20 gold, he will give you the key to Appartment 2B. Exit the agency and find your apartment. It’s just east of the agency. Read the mailboxes to find the right apartment.

Go in and walk into your bed. Mel will go to sleep. Like in previous Aveyond games, you’ll always be able to come back to Mel’s apartment to sleep. This will replenish the health of all your party members for free.

Finding Galahad

While Mel is studying at the School of Magic to become a spy, other events unfold in a land far away. You are not in control of Te’ijal, who is looking for her husband Galahad in the vampire town of Ghed’ahre.

There is no donations statue or MME in Ghed’ahre. Feel free to explore the town before you go find Galahad, but there’s only one useful for you to do here.

Go to the casino/tavern (in the western part of the city) and talk to the patrons. You’ll meet Marcello, who will offer you to play a game. You can only play if you have at least 100,000 gold coins. If you had, Marcello would ask you 10 questions. Answer correctly and he will give you a legendary weapon. Give a wrong answer and you will lose all your gold.

Obviously, you don’t have the money to play this game now, but you will be able to in the next Aveyond game. You can however begin your search for the answers right now, and that will save you a lot of time when you play Gates of Night. If you go just outside the building, you will see a woman. Talk to her and she will give you a clue about where to find the answers.

She will tell you Marcello finds his answers in the Barnaby’s Book of Misquotations. That means you should read what you find in every bookcase you see in this game. We’ll tell you there are 2 answers right here in Ghed’ahre, to begin with. We found 7 in total throughout the game (see the end of this walktrough for a list of locations).

Once you’re ready to find Galahad, walk east until you get out of the city and into Wyrm Forest. You will soon see a blond knight fighting with skeletons. That’s Galahad. Go talk to him. Te’ijal will be joining him in his fight against the skeletons.

Once you defeat the skeletons, the story switches to Mel in Thais again. If one of your heroes has died, you’ll be able to revive him a bit later with a Cassia Leaf. Keep one in inventory (or 50 gold to buy one eventually).

If you’re having trouble defeating the skeletons, try using Te’ijal’s drain skill during battle (select the skill option at the beginning of each round to access it). She will take from an enemy as many health points as she needs to replenish her own health bar, or up to what her victim has left. Try to concentrate your attacks on the blue skeletons first. You’ll be eliminating enemies faster.

Mel’s spy mission

Refer Thais Map above

Back in Thais, Mel must go to Prof. Gray’s office at the School of War and Magic. He will give her an assignment: Mel must attend a ball at the castle in order to catch a spy posing as a guest.

Your next quest is to get a ball gown from Lia at the Thread and Needle gown shop. It is located in the shopping district between the armour and weapons stores. Enter, talk to Lia and the gown will be shipped back to your apartment. Make your way back into your apartment and put on the gown.

Make your way to the castle. You’ll find it north of the city. Talk to the steward and go ine. Now it’s time to search the castle and find that spy.

You’ll find someone in the King’s study. To go there from the entrance of the castle, go through the doorway that is all the way to your right. Go through the bedroom you see on your right, then walk into the hallway to your right again.

Mel finds Edward! While sorting things out on the balcony, they see a comet falling near some ruins to the west of the city. They decide to investigate. Edward leaves but Mel still has to search to castle and find the spy. From the balcony, get back inside the castle.

The spy is in the Queen’s study. Make your back into the King and Queen’s bedroom, but keep walking and go up into the Queen’s study. Mel identifies the spy and now has to report to Prof. Gray.

Return to the School of Magic and talk to Prof. Gray. Then go back to your apartment and go to bed.

Investigating the comet and the ruins

Early next morning Edward knocks at the door and joins your party. You are ready to go exploring the ruins on the western edge of Brightwood Forest. That’s the forest you briefly went through just before you reached Thais earlier in the game. The whole area is now accessible for you and Edward to explore and fight monsters in.

Before entering the forest, upgrade your equipment if possible and check your supplies.

When you’re ready, make your way out of the city and enter Brightwood Forest.

Brightwood Forest

The ruins are to the west but feel free to explore the whole area. There are 3 chests and 3 bags to be found here. There’s also one side quest you can trigger.

While on your way, you will go by two locations you can access right away from the forest: Moo Hatchery and Chateau Lenore. Note that the game will not let you exit Brightwood Forest to go towards Gheledon. You won’t be able to follow the Stormbend Merchant Road either. You’re also not strong enough to defeat the monsters roaming in those caves.

At Moo Hatchery you will be able to hatch eggs you find during your journey. There are three eggs for you to find later, and one is necessary to get access to all the areas in this game. Find Prof. Moo and talk to him to learn more about the hatchery. You can also buy eggs with special properties from him.

Before you leave, locate the Magic Mirror Express and activate it so you can return directly to Moo Hatchery later in the game.

Chateau Lenore

When you go to Chateau Lenore, enter the castle and speak to the owner. Each time you visit, he will ask you to deliver wine to someone in exchange for some gold. This is an optional quest but it could supplement your income. There are four deliveries for you to do over the course of this game. Note that the deliveries get more lucrative over time.

Your first delivery will be to Lord Rupert in Thais for 10 gold. He lives in one of the mansions in Thais (see general Thais map above). When you return there, give him the wine and get back to Chateau Lenore to get paid. Talk to the castle owner immediately after that, and he will give you another assignment. It will be to a city you can’t go to yet, but you’ll have the wine already and know who to look for.

The ruins

When you enter the ruins, you will find a girl lying on the ground. Try talking to her. Edward will leave you to bring her back to the Thais temple, so a healer can take care of her injuries.

Mel is now alone and she must continue to search the ruins. You will find one bag and 2 chests here. There’s also a silver ring to be found. You’ll see it glimmering in the grass (you won’t be able to take it before talking to the girl).

The ring is located in the southwest area of the ruins. Pick it up. When you are done exploring the ruins, head back to Thais.

If you’re making the wine delivery quest, find your client and deliver the wine, he’s in one of the Thais mansions. Be sure to talk again later to the owner to get your next assignment right away.

When you arrive in Thais, go to the Temple where and you’ll find Edward and Stella. Refer Thais map above. Talk to Stella to return her ring.

Going to the Overworld to warn Mel

The story brings us again to vampire town of Ghed’ahre, in the Underworld. Te’ijal and her husband Galahad are about to find out why the evil Gyendal wanted the Orb of Darkness from Mel at the beginning of the game.

Refer Ghed’hare map above.

Enter the Dark Church to learn about Gyendal’s plans. The only way to stop Gyendal is for someone to find the Orb of Light and use it against him. Te’ijal and Galahad also learn that he has located Mel and wants to capture her tonight.

Te’ijal and Galahad decide to warn Mel in Thais. To reach Thais from Ghed’ahre, they need to go through a portal that connects the Underworld to the Overworld. That portal is located in Wyrm Forest East.

Finding the password

Revive any dead party member from your previous fight with skeleton (with a Cassia Leaf, you might have one or buy it in the store) and replenish their health by sleeping at the inn. Then make your way to Wyrm Forest East from the Dark Church. There’s one chest to find in that area.

The monsters inflict more damage than the ones you have encountered before. They do however yield a good amount of gold, so they are definitely worth seeking and fighting against. Try using Te’ijal drain skill again. Return to the Ghed’hare if necessary to sleep at the inn in order to restore your party members’ health.

Go through Wyrm Forest East and locate the portal. A skull guard is guarding the entry and is asking you for a password. Return to Ghed’ahre and talk to people in order to discover what the password is. The password can be different from game to game so you will have to complete this quest yourself to find out what it is.

Once you’re back in Ghed’ahre, you need to talk to Beatrice first. There’s also a side quest to be triggered here. Look for a spoiler map just below.

Beatrice will tell you Vivianne knows the password. Find Vivianne and talk to her. She’ll give you the password in exchange for a designer coffin. Search for the coffin shop in the city.

The shop is located on the second floor of the inn. Talk to the shop owner and then examine the coffins. Some are cheaper than others, but Vivianne won’t care which one you buy. Buy one of the cheapest at 30 gold. If you talk to the owner again, he’ll offer to send you some promotional material. Te’ijal will be writing down Mel’s address in Thais. Check her mailbox from time to time to read the junk mail from the coffin shop. This is just for fun.

After you bought the coffin, deliver it to Vivianne. Talk to her and she’ll give you the password.

Gladamere’s soul side quest

If you happen to have triggered a side quest while talking to people in Ghed’ahre, you have to do it now, before going through the portal. You won’t get to come back to Ghed’ahre during this game.

Go inside the casino/tavern and talk to the patrons. When you talk to Gladamere, he will tell you he lost his soul in a bet with the owner. You can complete this quest inside the building, just talk to everyone.

Gladamere’s soul is in an orb, on a table behind the bar. Talk to the owner who’s bartending. Next, go talk to Bartholomew who’s playing at one of the slot machines. If you give him 40 gold, he will pretend he won the jackpot in order to distract the owner. Then you can go behind the counter and take the orb containing the soul. Return it to Glademere and he will reward you with a Lucky Charm necklace. It’s an amulet which will protect the wearer against sleep spells, curses and poison.

You can now go back to the skeleton guard in Wyrm Forest East. Give him the password and he will let you through the portal.

Mel’s departure from Thais

The story brings us back to Mel in Thais. She just exited the temple where Stella is resting.

Make your way to Mel’s apartment from the temple. Three of Gyendal vampire thugs will attack her as she goes through the shopping district. Mel escapes.

Get back to her apartment where she will meet Te’ijal and Galahad. They decide Mel must retrieve the Orb of Light in Naylith while they search for clues about the activation of the orbs in Darkthrop’s Keep.

Te’ijal gives Mel a map of the world! You can now look at it whenever you want by selecting it in the items menu. Te’ijal also asks Mel to bring her sunscreen. That becomes a quest. You will find some later in your travels.

Te’ijal and Galahad leave, then Stella arrives and wants to join the party. After Stella leaves, make Mel go to bed.

The next morning, go meet Stella just outside the city gate in Brightwood forest. You can buy equipment and other items for your journey later, as you won’t be leaving just yet.

Edwards arrives and will join the party too. They decide to notify Prof. Gray as well as Edward’s father, the King of Thais, that they are leaving for Naylith. You won’t be able to leave the city before you do.

Make your way to the castle and talk to the King who’s in the throne room ahead of you. The King gives you a legendary sword for Edward, Excalibur. As you discover different gems on your journey, you can insert them into the hilt to change the properties of the sword or increase its power. There are two gems for you to find in this game, and one gem you will be able to transform into another.

Now proceed to the School of War and Magic and talk to Prof. Gray. He tells Mel to visit the Intelligence Agency she may find in foreign cites in order to continue her training. Each one teaches a different skill. Look for buildings bearing a tree sign.

You are now ready to go to Naylith. Don’t forget to stop by the shops in order to buy equipment and supplies for your party. When you exit Thais to begin your journey, you will discover that Stella knows magic. She will learn different spells as she gains experience and levels up. Don’t forget to get  restorative items for replenishing her mana points.

There are two short side quests you can trigger and complete before leaving Thais though. The first you can trigger by talking to someone near the city gate, on your way out.

Tad’s dog and Willette side quests

Find the young boy near the city gate. You may have noticed him before with a dog. Talk to him and Tad will tell you he lost his dog Rowf in Brightwood Forest. The dog is not very far.

Go towards Moo Hatchery (refer Brightwood map above). Just before entering leave the path and go right, into the forest. You’ll see Row surrounded by a pack of wolves. Defeat the wolves and the dog will run back to Thais. Don’t go back to collect your reward just yet because another side quest awaits you in Moo Hatchery.

When you arrive in Moo Hatchery, you’ll see a woman near the barns. Talk to her and Willette will tell you she forgot her milk pail in Thais. She lives in apartment 2C. It’s the apartment next to Mel’s. Return to Thais. Talk to Tad on your way in and he’ll give you 10 gold for rescuing his dog. Now go to Willette’s apartment 2C. You’ll find the milk pail near the door to your right. Make your way back to Moo Hatchery and return the milk pail to Willette. She’ll give you some milk as a reward.

If you’re making the wine delivery quest, make sure you stop by Chateau Lenore to get your next assignment. The check your equipment and supplies, returning to Thais if necessary, You’re now ready for your journey to Naylith.

The Journey to Naylith

If you look at your World Map, you will see that Naylith is located somewhere in the northeastern area of the mainland. To get there you must briefly go through Istir Forest, then cross the northern Thial Mountains, and finally go through the city of Gheledon.

Go through Brightwood Forest (refer map). Head east when you reach Istir Forest and you’ll rapidly reach the northern Thial Mountains. If you try to explore Istir Forest you’ll realize that you can’t go very far.

Northern Thial Mountains

Explore the area while making your way towards the town of Gheledon. There are 5 bags and 5 chests to be found here (one bag will be on the other side of Gheledon).

If you’re having trouble defeating the monsters, be sure to try Mel’s trip skill during battle (select the skill option at the beginning of each round to access it). If Mel’s attempt succeeds, one monster will be neutralized for one turn. This skill can be very useful against powerful enemies later on. Try Stella sleep spell here, as well


Enter the city of Gheledon. You’ll have to go through it in order to reach Naylith. There are two bags to find here. There’s also a side quest to be triggered in this town.

Naylith is just on the other side, but you are free to explore the city before going. Make sure you donate to the statue and activate the Magic Mirror Express. Don’t spend all your money in the shops yet, keep at least 125 gold.

If you are doing the wine delivery quest, locate Petra in one of the houses west of the mines and give her the wine. Next time you go through Brightwood Forest, stop by Chateau Lenore to collect your payment and receive your next delivery assignment.

You will also meet a woman selling love sonnets near the donation statue. Edward can buy a sonnet and give it to either girl in your party. This will increase a girl’s attraction points and may result in marriage with Edward in the next Aveyond. In Lord of Twilight, you will have one more opportunity to increase a girl’s attraction points towards Edward. It will be in another city.

Don’t forget to go to the Gheledon Intelligence Agency and talk to the dwarf. You’ll learn they teach climbing here. Go to the basement and meet Mila, who will explain you have to pass a test before she teaches you. You must find 5 pairs of identical items. The matching pairs of items are not the same in every game and their location changes, so you are on your own for this test. Tip: if you don’t want an item you’ve pick up, you can’t put back where it was, but you can swap it for any other item you want.

By now, if you talked to everyone in Gheledon, you got a new side quest in your journal. Talk to Mork in a house west of the mines and he’ll tell he left his pickaxe down there. Your reward for retrieving it will be a topaz you can put into the hilt of Edward’s Excalibur. This side quest could be a bit difficult to complete right now. The final monster will be especially hard to beat. We recommend you complete this quest a bit later in the game, when other people will have joined your party. Since Gheledon has the best shield, helmets and armour for most of your heroes, you may want to return here anyways.

You could always try venturing into the mines to collect whatever treasure you can (including equipment) down there, then return later to beat the final monster. It’s up to you. Whatever you decide, you need to learn climbing at the Intelligence Agency in order to go down into the mines. There are 4 chests and 4 bags to find in that area.

When you’re ready to continue your journey to Naylith, make your way to the city’s southeastern exit. You will find yourself back on the northern Thais Mountains. Explore the rest of the mountains and keep going east towards Naylith Summit, battling monsters as you go. There’s one bag left to collect in this area. Refer Northern Thial Mountains map above if necessary.

Naylith Summit

When you reach Naylith Summit, Stella notices a crack in the rock and a chamber behind it. The girls decide to get some dynamite in Gheledon to blow that crack open.

Go back to Gheledon by retracing your steps and locate the junk dealer store. Maybe you had visited it previously, but you couldn’t buy the dynamite back then. Buy it for 125 gold. Return to Naylith Summit again. Interact with the crack to blow it open.

You can now enter the cave. Your party finds a journal that reveals they will need 4 quarter keys in order to reach Naylith. They also find a map marking the location of each key. Edward marks those locations on your own World Map. The party decides to go find Te’ijal in Harburg to learn more about the keys. Harburg is the city in which Mel started her adventures.

Before you go don’t forget pick up the bottle of sunscreen you see in the cavern on your left. Open the chest you see on your right. You will find a robe you can equip Stella with. It’s the best you can find for her in this game.

Return once again to Gheledon. Do not hesitate to upgrade your equipment because you will find here the best shields and helmets for your party in the game. You will also find the best armour for Edward.

The next step is to go back to Thais. You have two options: save on gold by retracing your steps (and possibly looting monsters along the way); or pay to use the Mirror Magic Express (on the condition you activated it in both Thais and Gheledon).

Finding Te’ijal and Galahad in Harburg

Make your way back to Thais. If you’re doing the wine delivery quest, go to Chateau Lenore to get your payment and next assignment. While you are in this area, you can stop to sleep in Mel’s bed to replenish your party’s health if needed. We strongly recommend you buy a couple of Cassia Leaves if you don’t have any. You will need them later

From Thais, follow the path south until you arrive to the southern Thial Mountains passage. Go through it and there you are in in an area you went through at the very beginning of the game. Make your way across the mountains going east, towards Shadow Woods North. Refer Southern Thial Mountain map above.

Before you reach Shadow Woods, you’ll see what’s happening to Te’ijal and Galahad in Darkthrop Keep, near Harburg. Te’ijal gets captured by Gyendal and his vampire thugs. They let Galahad go.

You’re now back with Mel’s party in the southern Thial Mountains. Keep going east until you enter Shadow Woods North. Galahad is waiting for you. You must follow him to Darkthrop Keep. Go through the woods heading south. Refer Shadow Woods South map above if necessary. When you arrive near the north Harburg city gate, Galahad joins the party.

Now find your way to Darkthrop Keep through Harburg.

Walk up to the vampires guarding the entrance of Darkthrop Keep. They are too strong for your party and will kill some of your heroes. But don’t worry, the fight will be over after the first round. Simply revive any dead party member with a Cassia Leaf.

If you don’t have any, you’ll be able to buy some soon and you can carry on with your game. However, if you are lucky enough, it is possible to keep all your entire party alive. Try having Mel use her trip skill on one vampire, and Stella use her sleep skill on another. But again, you have to be lucky and keeping everyone alive is not the goal here.

Enter the tower. There’s a switch in the bedroom to your left. It won’t be useful to you yet but you can flip it anyways. Proceed to the other doorway and keep going up until you arrive at the top of the tower. You’ll free Te’ijal, and then Edward will give your vampire friends the sunscreen you found in the Naylith Summit cave (see Naylith Summit section if you don’t have it).

Go back down to the study and talk to Te’ijal. She will join your party along with Galahad to help you find the quarter keys. You now have 5 party members. But only 3 can participate in fights alongside Mel (you have to keep her at all times). Open the menu and select “battle” to select your active battlers.

Look at your journal and you will see your next quest is to locate a quarter key in Quin Kingdom, which is located in Istir Forest. It’s the snowy forest you briefly went through on your way to Gheledon.

But first, you should stop in Harburg. Buy some Cassia Leaves if you still have dead heroes in your party, and replenish their health by sleeping at the inn. Galahad and Te’ijal will also need some equipment.


While in Harburg, make sure you activate the Magic Mirror Express and donate at the statue. There are also 3 bags and 3 chests to be found here. If you are doing the wine delivery quest, locate Fritz in the house besides the inn and deliver the wine. Next time you are in the Brightwood Forest area, remember stop buy Chateau Lenore to collect your payment and get your fourth and last assignment.

If you explore Harburg thoroughly, you’ll find the south city gate eads to Shadow Woods South. The monsters in this region inflict a lot of damage so you should explore this area later in the game, when your party is better equipped.

Talking to everyone in the city will trigger two side quests.

Harburg side quests

Quest 1: Burnaby

The first quest will require a bit of travelling, so you might want start it and complete it as you continue your journey. You could also complete it quickly using the MME if you can afford it at this point.

Burnaby lives in the small mansion next to Clockwork Mansion. Go talk to him. He’ll tell you he’s cold. Look for some wood and flint to make a fire.

The flint is on top of his pantry, glimmering You’ll find the wood in a small building behind Burnaby’s house.. Start the fire by interacting twice with the fireplace. Talk to Burnaby again and he will tell you he’s hungry. He would like some cheese, milk and bread. You can get those in the Harburg items store if you don’t have some already. Talk to Burnaby again. He’ll give you a broach as a thank you gift and will tell you the story of his lost love, named Hanna. At this point, there will be no quest in your journal regarding Hanna, but you can indeed find her and reunite her with Burnaby. If you talk to everyone in town, you will get some clues as to Hanna’s whereabouts. Try around Boden’s.

Spoiler : Hanna now lives in Thais. You can continue the quest now and locate her next time your in the Thais area. Note that it’s possible to go directly from Thais to Harburg and back using the Magic Mirror Express.

You will find Hanna in the streets, somewhere to the south of the Thais city gate. Talk to her and she will recognize the broach. She will give you a letter for Burnaby. Return to Harburg, and give Burnaby the letter. He will give you a note for Hanna. Return to Thais and bring Hanna the note. She then leaves for Harburg. Next time you’re in Harburg visit Barnaby and you’ll find Hanna with him. Talk to her to get your reward. She’ll give you a level egg.

Quest 2: the Catacombs

You will trigger this quest by talking to Ralph. He’s near the Harburg items and magic shops. He will ask you to retrieve a family journal in the Catacombs. They are located in Shadow Woods South. This quest is tough and you should try it later in the game.

Before leaving for Istir Forest

It’s now time to get back to the main quest, which is to locate a quarter key in Quin Kingdom and snowy Istir Forest. You went through that region before on your way to Gheledon. It’s located to the northeast of Brightwood Forest.

While you are still in Harburg, upgrade your equipment if possible. You will need serpent amulets later, but if you can’t afford it don’t worry. You’ll be able to find them in another city. In Harburg you’ll find nice weapons, but no armour for Te’ijal and Galahad, only steel boots for your entire party. You can find the best armour for them, as well as for Edward, in Gheledon. You can get the best shields and helmets for your entire party there too. You should return to Gheledon now, by the way of Thais (using the MME to Thais and then to Gheledon is now a possibility if you can afford it).

With four party members you should now complete the Mork’s pickaxe side quest in the Dwarven mines (refer Dwarven Mines map above in this walktrough). You’ll get a topaz for Edward’s hilt as a reward once you bring the pickaxe back to Mork.

While in Gheledon you could also buy sleep amulets for your party, if you can afford it and don’t want to come back later. But you won’t need them for a while.

Getting into Istir Forest

Check your supplies and then make your way to Istir Forest from Gheledon (refer Northern Thial Mountain map above in this walktrough). If you already tried to explore that region, you know there’s a frozen pound blocking your way. Mel even mentioned she needs to learn how to ice skate in order to go across it.

Hint: obviously, you have to learn a new skill in an Intelligence Agency. You also know it has to be in a city you’ve never been to before. If you already talked to everyone you met in Thais, you heard this city mentioned already. You could also look at your world map for a clue.

The city you need to go to is called Stormbend. Again, if you talked to people in Thais, you might remember that merchants go from Thais to Stormbend through a secret road in Red Rock Pass. You may also have met a merchant in the shopping district who mentioned you needed a Merchant Pass to use the secret road, and that he happens to own one.

You will not find the merchant if you go back to the shopping district in Thais. A woman next to his former location will tell you he left for Red Rock Pass. You should try to catch up with him there.

The entrance to Red Rock Pass is located in the northwesten region of Brightwood Forest. While in area, you should stop by Chateau Lenore to get your payment for the Harburg delivery as well as your next assignment.

When you finally reach the Red Rock Pass entrance, you’ll find the merchant lying on the ground, wounded. He was attacked by thieves and his Merchant Pass was stolen. Edwards promises to get it back.

Retrieving the Merchant Pass

Go into the cave with plenty of restorative items. There are 2 bags and 1 chest to be found here. Walk until you reach a fork, then go to your right. Just keep walking in the cave and you will finally locate the group of bandits who stole the pass. Approach them and a fight will begin. If your party has the best equipment available from Gheledon and Harburg, you should be able to defeat them.

When you have killed the bandits, loot their bodies and you will find the merchant pass. It’s meant to go into a scanner. If you return to the merchant now, you will discover he has died from his wounds. But you don’t have to. After making sure you grabbed the treasures in this areaa, you can go directly to the locked door leading to the other side or Red Rock Pass. Be sure to interact with the scanner to the right of the door, not the door itself.

Go through the door and proceed to the Pass exist. You will find 1 bag and 1 chest on this side of the door.

When you finally emerge from the cavern, you will find yourself in Sinoa Plains. You can explore Sinoa Plains (and even beyond) to battle some monsters if you are strong enough. However, you won’t have access to two islands located in Sinoa Plains yet. So you’ll have to come back later anyways. Also be aware that the snakes in this area can poison your party members in battle. If you bought some serpent amulets already, equip them to protect you. Otherwise you can buy some in Stormbend, which is only a short walk from here. Follow the path to the west and let’s go learn how to ice skate.


While you are in Stormbend, make sure you activate the Magic Mirror Express and donate at the statue. There are also 2 bags and 3 chests to be found in this area. If you are doing the wine delivery quest, locate you’re client Drew and deliver the wine. You’ll find him in a house south of the city walls. That was your final delivery. Don’t forget to stop by Chateau Lenore to collect your payment next time you’re in Brightwood Forest.

Go to the Intelligence Agency and pass the test in order to be taught ice skating. You must put items in a specific sequence on 4 tables. The solution to this puzzle will vary from game to game so you’ll have to solve this puzzle yourself.

To take the guessing out of the game, pick 4 identical objects to place on the tables. Pull the lever. You’ll know which ones are in the correct spots when a table turns green. Replace all the incorrect items by a second set of identical objects and pull the lever. Again, replace all the incorrect ones by a third set of identical objects you haven’t used yet. And so on until you get the correct sequence.

After you’re done with the test, explore the rest of the city. You will be running into a woman selling flowers in Stormbend. That’s another opportunity for Edward to increase the attraction points of either Mel or Stella towards him.

If you talk to everyone you’ll find a ship merchant on the beach who will offer you a canoe for 200 gold. Buy the canoe. You’ll find it back later in Sinoa Plains, and it will give you access to two islands you couldn’t reach otherwise. You may also have triggered a quest relating to the pirates. You won’t be able to solve it in this game, so ignore it.

Before you leave, browse through the shops. You will find here the best weapon and armour for Mel. Buy the serpent amulets if you haven’t yet and equip your active battlers. Know that they will also be useful later in the game, not just in Sinoa Plains. You’re now ready to explore that region thoroughly. Be sure to have enough food and restorative items and go back to Sinoa Plains.

Sinoa Plains

There are 2 bags and 5 chests to be found here.

You should now make your way to the canoe. It’s tiny so look closely. It’s on one of the rivers, roughly at the center of the Sinoa Plains map. Get in the canoe and it will automatically bring you to two different islands, then back. It won’t go anywhere else.

On one of the islands, you will find a chest. You will find a Bomber Bird egg on the other. The egg can be used in battle or to blow up boarded entryways. But do not use it yet! Bring it eventually to Moo Hatchery. Your new pet will then provide you with a never-ending supply of Bomber eggs. You will need 2 more Bomber eggs if you want to explore every area accessible in this game.

You might also have encountered a blind man while exploring the plains. Make note of his location for later.

When you’re done exploring Sinoa Plains, we suggest you continue exploring other regions so your party members can grow stronger. If you look on your world map, or have read signposts, you know there’s a town called Witchwood to the south. Another side quest awaits you there.

Mire Woods

To get to Witchwood, you’ll have to go through Mire Woods first. Head east when you arrive in the woods, then south, following the path. You’ll come across a sign post with directions to Witchwood. Follow the path east and enter the town.


While in Witchwood, make sure you activate the Magic Mirror Express and donate at the statue. There are also 2 bags and 1 chest to be found in the city. Feel free to browse all the shops in Witchwood. You will need some items from the junk shop later. Of particular interest in another shop is pumpkin pie that conveniently restores 150 health points at the time. Pumpkin pie is only available in Witchwood.

If you talk to everyone you meet, you will trigger a new quest. Look for Gretchen in the city.

Gretchen lives in a cave. Talk to her and she will ask you to retrieve a spider egg nest. Check your party’s health status and supplies, and off you go completing another quest.

The Spider Den

Exit Witchwood the same way you came in. You’ll find yourself in Mire Woods again. There are 3 bags and 3 chests to be found in this area. Refer Mire Woods map above.

Locate the spider den. It’s in a cave in the southwestern area of Mire Woods.

Enter the cave. There are 2 bags and 3 chests to find in the den. Explore the caves and find the giant spider guarding her nest. You’ll have to fight her. Once you won the battle, don’t forget to approach the nest and take it.

Exit the den when you’re done exploring. After battling monsters and collecting treasures in Mire Woods, go back to Gretchen in Witchwood. Give her the nest and she will give you a spider egg as a reward. You should it bring back to Moo Hatchery, along with your Bomber egg. Now is the time to do it.

You have several options to get to Moo Hatchery. You could retrace your steps and go back by foot. You could also take the MME all the way to the Hatchery but it is getting more expensive. It will cost you 200 gold to go from Witchwood to Stormbend. From Stormbend you could go directly to Moo Hatchery for 300 gold.

Hatching your eggs at Moo Hatchery

Once you arrive in Moo Hatchery, go talk to Prof. Moo. Follow his instructions to hatch your Bomber egg. You’re pet will be transferred in one of the barns. Also hatch your spider egg while you are there.

Your can visit your new pets at anytime in the future and collect the eggs they may have laid. After you collect an egg, your pet will lay another after 15 minutes of game play.

Now it’s time to get back to the main quest again and finding that quarter key in Istir Forest. If you’re doing the wine deliveries, don’t forget to stop by Chateau Lenore and collect the payment for your final delivery in Stormbend.

Going to Quin Kingdom

Check your supplies, and restore your party member’s health in Mel’s apartment in Thais if needed.

Make your way to Istir Forest, which is northeast of Brighwood Forest (refer Brightwood Forest map above if needed). You can now skate on the pound to the west and enter the forest. Keep in mind you can now walk on any icy patch that blocks your way. There are 3 bags and 5 chests to be found in the forest. There are also 2 bags and 5 chests in the Ice Caverns below. .

You won’t be able to access them all yet, because one of the cave entrances (#2) is boarded. You’ll need a Bomber egg to enter. You’ll be back in Istir Forest later anyways, so you can explore the Ice Caverns more extensively at that time if you wish. It’s not mandatory in order to complete the main quest. If you explore some caverns now, you should equip your party with sleep amulets (available in Gheledon).

On your first visit to Istir Forest, you should focus on three tasks: finding a gem for Edward’s Excalibur, then finding a portal that will lead you to Aveyond. Finally, you should locate Quin castle (as your journals tells you to look for the quarter key in Quin Kingdom).

Finding a gem for Excalibur and going to Aveyond

You will find a sapphire for Edward’s Excalibur in a chest in the forest. It is marked C3 on the map. Select the sapphire in the items menu to put it in Excalibur’s hilt. See how Excalibur is stronger now. Next, locate the portal to Aveyond. It looks like a star in the snow. When you find it, just step on it.

Explore Aveyond. Your party will be able to restore their health and buy some supplies if needed.

You will discover a fountain that can make legendary weapons stronger. It’s located south of the portal. Make your way to this fountain. Talk to Glenda and she will tell more about it. Make sure the sapphire is in Excalibur’s hilt and dip it in the fountain. The sapphire will be turned into an ice diamond. Excalibur just grew stronger, and took on the elements of Ice and Water. Nothing happens if you try with the topaz in the hilt.

There’s also another egg for you to retrieve and hatch. Follow the path leading from the portal towards the buildings. Then head south. You will find the egg.

It’s an Easter Bunny egg. The Easter eggs are meant to be used on your own heroes during or outside battle, but they have a somewhat unpredictable effect. They could either make your entire party recover health, recover mana, cure their ailments, do all these three at the same time or curse your entire party. Do not use it yet and bring the egg back to Moo Hatchery eventually.

When you’re done in Aveyond, go back to Istir Forest through the portal. You should now try to locate Quin castle.

Quin Castle

Enter Quin castle once you have found it. You’ll see 2 blue chests inside but they are locked. There’s not pick lock or key to open them in this game. Make note of their location so you can come back here in the next Aveyond game.

Keep walking and you will find a young woman sleeping on a bed of ice. Attempt to wake her. Edward and Stella insist on trying to help her. This is not a side quest. If you want to find the quarter key here, you have to return to civilization and find out what happened to her. Your journal might contain a hint.

We will tell you now that “civilization”, as Edward puts it, means Thais.

Investigating the Sleeping Beauty Mystery

Exit the castle and make your way back to Brightwood Forest. Refer Istir Forest map above. You should stop by Moo Hatchery before going to Thais to pick up a Bomber Egg, and also hatch your Easter egg. Look for your bird pet in one of the barns and you should find a Bomber egg. Your spider is in a different barn, but should have laid an egg too.

When you’ve picked up your eggs, go to Thais to find out more about the Sleeping Beauty. If you’ve talked to everyone in the city before, you will find a hint in your journal.

More specifically you have to talk to Rita, the gossip columnist for the Thais Times. She’s in the city newspaper building, just north of the city gate. When you tell Rita about the Sleeping Beauty, she’ll give you 100 gold and soon publish an article about the mystery. You can see an issue of the paper on the wall near the city’s entrance. You’ll find it in other cities too! But all you need to do now is exit the newspaper building, go back in and talk to Rita again. She’ll give you a hint about where to investigate next.

Rita is convinced a witch is always implicated in these Sleeping Beauty stories. You should now go back to Witchwood to investigate. Using the MME from Thais to Stormbend and then to Witchwood is a possibility if you can afford it.

In Witchwood, you’ll indeed find a witch who will admit she’s the one who cursed the young woman in Quin castle. The witch is called Heptitus. Locate her house in the southern area of the town and go talk to her. She’ll proudly explain that a man once refused to marry her because he was in love with the girl in Quin castle. Heptitus blinded the man and cursed the girl to sleep forever. She also reveals the only person who can wake her is the blinded man. She left him in Sinoa Plains. His name is Eston and you might have encountered him before.

Before you go find him, you have to stop by the junk shop/item store in Witchwood. You might remember seeing eye drops for sale there. Buy them. In another shop you might want to buy some of that convenient pumpkin pie that restores 150 health points at the time.

From Witchood, make your way north to Sinoa Plains through Mire Woods. Locate the blind man and talk to him. Eston will ask you for eye drops to restore his vision. Give them to him and he will be leaving immediately to wake the Sleeping Beauty.

You could follow him right away to Quin castle if you wish, but the main quest will be ending soon after. You probably have a side quest left to do (the Catacombs quest) and there’s also a weapon for Galahad you can now retrieve. It’s the best weapon you could get for him in this game. You could also complete the Burnaby quest if you didn’t already (refer Harburg side quest section above).

Retrieving a sword for Galahad.

At the very beginning of the game, there was a chest you could not get access to in the Darkthrop Keep sewers. Now you can if you picked up a Bomber egg at Moo Hatchery earlier.

From Sinoa Plains, return to Harburg. Make your way to Darkthrop Keep, to the east of the city. Enter the Darkthrop tower first, there’s a switch you need to flip iff you didn’t do it earlier. Go into the doorway you’ll see immediately to your left. Flip the switch down. Exit the tower and go into the sewers.

You’ll notice immediately that the spikes that were blocking access to a boarded entrance have now disappeared into the floor. Use the Bomber egg on the boarded entrance by interacting with it. You’re now free to walk in the room. Flip the switch you’ll see in there. You can now access the chest you couldn’t get to at the beginning of the game, east of here. Just make your way through the sewer puzzle again until you reach that chest. It contains a serpent sword. Equip Galahad with it. Exit the sewers using an emergency exit if you wish.

Shadow Woods South and the Catacombs

Now is the time to explore Shadow Woods South and complete that Harburg Catacombs side quest. If you didn’t already, find Ralph near the Harburg items and magic shops. He wants you to retrieve a family journal in the Catacombs. They are located in Shadow Woods South.

Make sure you have the best weapons and equipment for your party. Some monsters in the catacombs cast death spells that kill your battlers instantly, so make sure you have plenty of Cassia Leaves and lots of restorative items too.

Once you are ready, leave Harburg via the south gate. You’ll be entering Shadow Woods South. The monsters here inflict a lot of damage. Feel free to explore the area if you didn’t already. There are 5 bags and 5 chests to find in this region.

Get some rest or get more supplies in Harburg if necessary (don’t forget Cassia Leaves) before you finally make your way to the Catacombs. Enter the cave.

There are also 5 bags and 8 chests to be found here. The location of the family journal is not always the same in every game. So you will have to search. However, to access all potential journal locations, as well as all the treasure, you’ll have to flip some switches.

Beware of the blue Grimm Reapers. They can kill any of your party members with a single spell. You should try killing them first in any battle. Try Mel’s trip skill in the hope of neutralizing one for a round. Te’ijal’s drain skill will also be effective as long as her own health is not full.

Enter doorway #1 and flip the switch you will find there. Retrace your steps and exit this area. Now enter doorway  #4, find the switch it and flip it. If you are lucky you could find a journal here. Retrace your steps and exit this area.

Now you have access to all possible journal locations. They are marked by the letter M on the maps. You also have access to all the treasure except for one bag. If you want to get it, enter doorway #7, find the switch and flip it. It opens doorway #10.

If you go through that doorway, you will encounter a skeleton guarding the entrance to the Underworld. He will ask you for a death certificate. Don’t mind him. You can’t go to the Underworld in this game. You’ll see a blue chest somewhere in this first screen, but it is locked. Take note of its location. You can’t open it in this game but you’ll be able to come back here in Aveyond: Gates of Night with a pick lock or a key.

Once you’re done in the Catacombs and exploring Shadow Wood South Forest, make your way north back to Harburg. Find Ralph near the items shop and give him the journal. He’ll reward you with 1000 gold.

The awakening of Sleeping Beauty

It’s now time to return to Istir Forest and Quin Castle. Buy serpent amulets in Harburg if you don’t have some already, and make your way back to Thais. Rest and check your supplies. If you want to explore all the cave system below the forest, you’ll need to get another Bomber egg from Moo Hatchery. This is not mandatory to complete the main quest though.

Go through Brightwood Forest and enter Istir Forest again. There’s a total of 3 bags and 5 chests to be found in the forest, if you didn’t explore it earlier. You can explore the entire cave system below now that you have a Bomber egg. Just interact the boarded cave entryway when you come across it. You should be looking for a total 2 bags and 5 chests in the Ice Caverns. Remember to equip your party with sleep amulets before you venture into to caves. Refer Istir Forest and Ice Caverns maps above.

Once you’re done exploring the area, make your way to Quin castle.

The game will be ending soon after a final battle in Quin castle. Save your game now or take care of any unfinished business before entering the castle. Once the game ends, the autosave feature will not bring you back before the final battle.

At this point, you will see some quests are still listed in your journal. “Solve Stormbend’s Pirate Problem” and “bring four quarter keys to Naylith Summit” cannot be completed in this game, only in the next Aveyond Chapter (Gates of Nights).

Once you’re ready for the final battle, equip your party with serpent amulets. Toad amulets (available in Witchwood) could be useful too, but to a lesser extent in our opinion. Enter the castle. You can see princes lining up, waiting for their chance to wake the Sleeping Beauty. Heptitus is there also, trying to find herself a husband. Proceed to the room where Sleeping Beauty lies and walk all the way to her. You’ll witness Eston waking her.

When Mel demands a reward, you are given a quarter key. But soon Heptitus arrives. She is furious and snatches the key from you. A fight ensues. After several round, Heptitus will flee with the key. Your goal here should be to keep your party alive for the duration of the fight. If you have some found some Tinctura Hypericum on your journey, now is the time to use it. Also use Mel’s trip skill to neutralize Heptitus as much as possible. Try also throwing a spider egg you got from Moo Hatchery at all the annoying frogs.

You have now successfully completed the game! You’re invited to save it in a special area so you can pick up where you left in the next Aveyond game : Gates of Night.

Additional spoilers

Barnaby’s Book of Misquotations locations

Vivianne’s house in Ghed’ahre

Beatrice’s house in Ghed’ahre

Lord Rupert’s in Thais

Moo’s House at Moo’s Hatchery

Inn in Harburg

Drew’s house in Stormbend

Harriet’s house in Witchwood

Goodie caves locations

Level goodie cave: Shadow Woods North

Weapons goodie cave: Southern Thial Mountains

Gold goodie cave: Brightwood Forest

Armour goodie cave: Northern Thial Mountains

Spell goodie cave: Stormbend


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