Aveyond: The Darkthrop Prophecy Walkthrough

By Nina de Boo |

Aveyond: The Darkthrop Prophecy – Game Introduction

Welcome the Aveyond: The Darkthrop Prophecy walkthrough on Gamezebo. Aveyond: The Darkthrop Prophecy is an RPG played on PC created by Amaranth Games. This walkthrough includes tips and tricks, helpful hints, and a strategy guide to how to complete Aveyond: The Darkthrop Prophecy.

This is the fourth and final chapter in the Orbs of Magic series. After the events in The Lost Orb, Mel has decided she’s done with the adventurous life and has settled in the peaceful village of Harakauna. Unfortunately, her peace and quiet is only short lived. Mel is still the only living Darkthrop descendant, and as such she is the only one who can activate the Orbs of Magic. Gyendal the vampire is therefore sent by his mysterious master to find her so they can finalize their fiendish plans…

General Information

General gameplay for The Darkthrop Prophecy is identical to the previous Orbs of Magic chapters, so for general information on fighting, buying and selling etc. please refer to our walkthrough for The Lost Orb.

When you start a new game you will get the option to continue on from a saved game from The Lost Orb or to start a completely new game. Bad news for those of you who spent time leveling up and gathering wealth at the end of The Lost Orb, as five years of living the simple life in Harakauna made Mel lose all her fighting skills, and she has realized she has no need for money and worldly goods. So, regardless of how you start your game, Mel will start at level 5 and with no money or equipment. She will retain her chicken dance spell, though!

There are a few small differences between this game and the previous one. As you are constantly sailing from one island to another, there are no more Magical Mirror Express stations – you will have to get everywhere on your own! Only the Reaper Express between Underfall and Ghed’ahre is still there. Other old favorites that have disappeared are Moo’s Hatchery and the Alchemy function.

For most of your party members you can buy weapons in weapon shops in the villages, except for Edward. Edward will be able to buy a special sword, Shard, in an items shop in Veldarah. Throughout the game you will find special sword stations where you can buy upgrades for Shard. At some sword stations you will have to choose between two different upgrades, usually one that increases your attack and a defensive upgrade, but each sword station can only be used once. Therefore, choose wisely, according to your preferred style of playing.

Stella has come a long way since we first met her and has now become one of the more useful party members. Not only does she have a vast array of healing and protective spells, her melee attack now also is pretty good. Stella fights with a series of staffs that help her unlock her magical powers. She will learn a new skill the first time she levels up while using a new staff. It therefore pays to also buy staffs you find that have a lower attack power than the one you’re currently using. If you don’t want to go around fighting with inferior equipment, keep checking Stella’s character stats to see how close she is to leveling up. When she’s close, change to the staff you haven’t used yet for the last few fights until she levels up, then change back to your best weapon. Note that she needs to level up in battle, level eggs or goodie caves don’t work.

Finally, as with the previous chapters, there are attraction points scattered throughout the game. However, this time you won’t be able to use them until the very end of the game, after you’ve won your final battle.

Lists of attraction points, sword stations, Stella’s staffs and goodie caves are provided at the end of this walkthrough.

Now let’s get started!


As soon as Mel wakes up, she is told she needs to collect 5 flies from Blueleaf Forest for the mayor’s birthday party. You can explore Harakauna if you like and say hello to some old friends, but there is nothing really interesting to do. Therefore, leave the village and go to Blueleaf Forest.

Blueleaf Forest is exactly the same as it was in The Lost Orb. There isn’t really much point in fighting very much while you’re walking through the forest as the monsters give you very little money or experience. Some monsters drop bread, though, so maybe gather some of those. In fact, you don’t even need to collect all the flies! Just get the rusty dagger from the chest by the entrance and make your way all the way around to the area west of the Great Tree. Do get the money bags and open chests. Get the fly that’s between the two rocks in the clearing and watch the scene.

Mel and Edward arrive in Veldarah. There isn’t anything to do in Veldarah right now, so just go northwest to the academy. Enroll in the school and find the magic wielders’ quarters, which is to the east of the courtyard. Report to Professor Yavara behind the desk and find your room – room 231 in the northwest. Take your uniform from the chest. Put on your uniform and report back to Professor Yavara.

Next, you need to select two classes in the hall of magic. Exit the dormitory where you came in and take the northeast door from the courtyard. You can select Storm Magic, Dark Magic and Healing Magic. I found Healing Magic very useful throughout the game, but there is little difference between Storm Magic and Dark Magic. Don’t forget to enroll in the Introduction to Magic class and then report back to Professor Yavara.

Next, you need to go read the house rules in the dining hall. Exit through the west exit and go to the back of the dining hall to read the rules on the wall. Don’t bother trying to memorize them. Report back to Professor Yavara once more and then go to your room and get into bed.

The next morning, go back to the Hall of Magic and sit down at the empty desk in the main classroom. Follow the professor and watch the scene.

The next day, once again report to Professor Yavara. You need to go to the inn and help the innkeeper with a wisp infestation. The inn is near the entrance of town. There is still nothing else to do, so just go straight there. Talk to the innkeeper and go upstairs. Kill the first two wisps with magic, then go back to your dorm to heal up. Then go back to attack the hive.

This is quite a difficult fight at this stage of the game. The hive will spawn 6 wisps. I played it twice – once with Dark Magic and once with Storm Magic. With Dark Magic I wiped out the wisps before attacking the hive, but with Storm Magic I wiped out the hive first, before all wisps had spawned. Make sure you heal up with bread when necessary.

I strongly recommend using the money the innkeeper gives you to sleep at the inn to heal up, and use the rest to buy more cheese or bread in the shop north of the inn. Then go back to the academy, where all hell has broken loose. Help Edward fight two monsters in the courtyard.

After the fight, return to your room and watch the scene. Then go back to the courtyard and talk to the professors. Then go to the fighters’ quarters and find Edward in his room. After talking to Edward, go back to your room and read the letter on the floor.

Sleep and then make your way to the city gates. Talk to the guard. Then go into Almirk Jungle and follow the path straight west. Exit to the world map and go into the cabin. Watch the scenes unfold.

Now you’re with Stella and Edward, who decide they need to go and find Te’ijal and Galahad in a place called Sedona. You need a boat to get to Sedona! Leave the academy. You can now finally do other quests in Veldarah!

Laundry collection

In the east part of town is a woman, Wyona, who will employ you to find 5 baskets of laundry around the city. Collect them all and return them to Wyona for a 10G reward. Remember to explore the whole city, including the city walls. There is also a house at the end of a narrow path in the northeast that has a laundry basket.

Jenna’s Birthday

In the house in the northeast is a woman, Dana, whose daughter Jenna is out playing. You can find Jenna in the west. She’s crying because she’s the only one who didn’t get a toffee apple. Get an apple from the bag near the playing children and give it to Jenna.

Return to Dana and get an invitation to a birthday party. You will need to bring a present. Ask Jenna and she will tell you she wants a kitten (you need to ask her or else you won’t be able to buy one) Go to the items shop on the city walls in the east and buy the kitten walking around there for 10G. Give the kitten to Jenna and talk to Dana again. She will tell you to get a cupcake from the table (attraction point #1).

Storm Bugs

In the items shop next to Wynona’s launderette you will be asked to rid the forest of storm bugs. There are 7 bugs in the forest in total. Go to the forest and fight and kill them all. Return for your 105G reward.

When you’re done in Veldarah, continue on your main quest. But before you go off on your adventures, fight some bugs in the forest and buy the items from the shops in the main square. In particular, get Shard, the sword, for 48G. Also buy Stella’s staff for 34G and the spade for 60G – you will need the spade soon. If you buy the mandrake, save it till later. Buy as much armor as you can.

If you get poisoned, use Stella’s Cure skill to heal. You can also sleep in Edward’s room at the Academy to heal up.

Bluebeard’s Will

Exit Almirk Jungle on the south side and go to the hut to the west. Go into the hut and read the note on the bed. Go outside and dig 3 paces east of the southernmost palm (you should have the shovel from the items shop in Veldarah). Take the key and go in the back door of the shed. Push the vases around until you can reach the desk – basically, take the east route through the room. Read the note on the desk and leave the room.

Talk to the judge. After the scene, go into the shed and buy the ship for 150G.

Riven Forest and Sedona

When you have the ship, go back to the world map, get on your boat and sail due west. Land your boat and enter the forest.

Follow the path north and then go west at the signpost to get to Sedona. There are notices about a jewel thief in Sedona. You can find Te’ijal and Galahad in a house in the south. Talk to them. Turns out, they still have some marital issues… While they get themselves sorted out, you need to go run an errand for the king.

Find a Fan for Lillian

In the large house in the northwest, next to the gem dealer, a girl named Lillian is lamenting she can’t go outside without a new fan. So you need to go and find her one. The fan is a reward for finding Isabelle’s wedding ring in the jewel thief quest, below. Give the fan to Lillian and she will leave the house so you can open the chest. It contains a quill.

Find a Quill for Gregor

In the house south of the inn you find Gregor, a writer who broke his quill. Note that the entrance is at the top of the house. Gregor asks you to find him a new quill. You can find the quill in the chest in Lillian’s house after you’ve given her a new fan. Bring it to Gregor, who will start work on his masterpiece.

Come back later, if you like, to collect the manuscript and bring it to the publisher in Verdala, who lives just inside the city gates. Then return to Gregor and get a lute as reward. You can then give the lute to the beggar outside the castle, who, after some more playing time has passed, will learn to play it. First he will play quite badly, but later he will become good enough to become the court bard, at which time he will be inside the castle. Go into the castle and talk to the beggar to receive a Love Song.

You will also find Hercules signing copies of Gregor’s book somewhere in Sedona after a little while.

Find the Jewel Thief

Go to the castle in the northwest and talk to the king. He wants you to find out who has been stealing the jewels. Go to the house straight south of the castle. Lady Anara, who lives there, has left and you can now read the note on the table. You need to talk to the King and read one of the notices posted around the city for her to leave her house.

Leave the house and go to the gem dealer. Talk to him and Lady Anara. Now, I’m not 100% sure of the next order of events, but if you go to find the Thieves Caves now, Stella will tell you to find out more about the jewel thief when you get there. At some point, and for me it was after I’d spoken to the guy in the graveyard by Te’ijal and Galahad’s house and then spoke to Galahad again, a red exclamation mark will appear over the woman wandering around by their house. She will tell you that her wedding ring was stolen.

Go back to the gem dealer. You can now buy the wedding ring for 210G. Return it to Isabelle, who will give you her fan as a reward. Go back to the gem dealer once more and ask him who sold him the ring. It was Lady Anara, so go back to her house and talk to her. She will ask you to deliver a package to some “friends” in the Thieves Caves. She will give you 100G now and 100G when you return.

Buy new weapons and armor, use the sword station, heal up and go explore the rest of Riven Forest. Some militant squirrels will blow up a bridge so you can’t go east. Instead, follow the path southeast.

Thieves Caves / Petir and Katie

Go up the stone steps and follow the series of bridges and steps that follows until you reach The Thieves Caves.

The Thieves Caves are puzzle caves, so you need to find buttons and switches etc. to be able to continue. First fight the bat and empty the chest, then pull the lever and go through the other gate. The bats can send you to sleep, but there is a sleep amulet for sale in Sedona.

In the second room, first go to the north bridge, jump down the black hole and push the green button. Then go back out and go south.

Follow the path around, ignore the exit to the northwest for now and make your way southwest. In the lower exit, push the yellow button and pull the lever. Go out and back to the exit in the northwest that I told you to ignore. The two gates to the north are now open. Fight the bats and go in. Push the blue and red buttons behind the gates.

You need to open the 9 chests in this room in a specific order (see image) to get the Cave Key out of them.

 The Darkthrop Prophecy

When you have the key, go back out and go to the top exit of the two exits in the south. Cross the bridge, fight the bat and pull the lever.

Now go to the lower exit, fight the bat and pull the lever. The water level will lower and you will be able to cross to the other side. Go into the lower exit and pull the lever. This opens the two southern gates in the room with all the chests, so you can go back there to get some more goodies. Finally, go into the top exit across the water and use the Cave Key on the door.

Talk to the Thief Lord, then talk to him again and bribe him for 300G. He will tell you something interesting about Lady Anara and the King and Queen of Sedona.

Return to Veldarah and go to the big house in the northwest. You may already have seen the scene with Petir and Katie when you were in Veldarah before. Now go into the house and find Katie upstairs.

When you leave the house and exit the garden, Katie is called back inside. Go in after her. Talk to Katie and then buy her medallion off her mistress for 100G. Now go back to the King in Sedona. Quest(s) complete! Return to the house in Veldarah for the wrap-up of this story. After Petir and Katie get married, go to Veldarah castle and talk to Katie again. I recommend doing this, as you will now be able to enter the treasury and get the key to the blue chests.

Now you can go back to Galahad and Te’ijal in Sedona and they will join your party.

Thornkeep and Dire Woods

When you have Galahad and Te’ijal in your party, go back to the Eastern Isle, and go to the cabin northwest of Veldarah where Mel was abducted. An underling, Yemite, will join you, as you need to go and find Mel in Underfall, which can be entered through a cave under a temple on the Northern Isle. So it is your mission to find the cave that leads to Underfall.

Go back to the ship and sail north to the Northern Isle. Enter the Dire Woods. Blow the snowballs off the stairs and then go west. Talk to the old woman, who will teach Stella the Whirlwind spell. Go north to the signpost and north again from there. Find the merchant, as everything is easy to find once you’ve got him. First make your way northwest to Thornkeep.

Thornkeep and Thornkeep Well

When you enter Thornkeep the first time, the game will ask you if you want to save. Might as well do so, although I’m not quite sure why this is necessary. Go in and upgrade Edward’s sword at the sword station. If you want to make use of the merchant west of the sword station, do so now as he will be gone by the time you leave Thornkeep.

Explore the village and then go talk to the innkeeper. Go to bed and watch the scene. Kill the monsters. There are a lot of them, but it is quite doable. Then heal up and go down the well.

The blue water fairies are immune to melee attacks, but sensitive to magic, so it pays to get some of the eggs from the merchant in Thornkeep, as they remove the silence state. Wear your sleep pendants too.

First go to the east exit to get a better sword for Galahad. Then go in the water. Use Stella and Yemite’s spells and Galahad and Edward’s swords on the swordfish. Go to the center island and use the sword station. It turns out that Edward can do magic! I hope you’ve saved all the mandrakes you’ve bought or found, because you can now give them to Edward to increase his MP.

The octopuses are resistant to magic, so the best way to kill those is with Edward, Galahad and Te’ijal. There is a new staff for Stella in the chest behind the octopus on the ladder. When you’ve looted the whole place, go to the door on the center island.

Go down the first 2 waterfalls and get a new bow for Te’ijal from the chest behind the octopus. Go down the next waterfall and through the blue portal, to come out by a chest. Go down that waterfall and you’re back in the previous area.

Now go up the ladder to the red portal. The left waterfall just takes you back to a blue portal, which will get you back to the first area again. The way on is via the right waterfall. At the end is a yellow portal that can take you back to the entrance of the well, should you want to go out and buy more things. If not, go through the door at the end.

Loot the chests, fight the baddies and interact with the mysterious cursed object at the end. Then leave through the yellow portal and exit the well. Take the torch that’s on the floor.

Missing Daughter

When you leave the well, talk to the woman who stays behind. She won’t leave until you have found her daughter. The daughter is in the house on the west side of town. Talk to her and she will go to her mother. As a reward you will get a ghost doll, which you will need for the main quest later.

Go back into Dire Woods and find the merchant again. Go straight south from where he is.

 The Darkthrop Prophecy

Then go down the steps south of the signpost.

 The Darkthrop Prophecy

Follow the path around to the south and the west. Near the southwest corner of the map you can go straight west past some trees to a cave entrance, or you can go north and down some steps. Go north first and follow the path until you get to the Star Temple.

 The Darkthrop Prophecy

Fix the Broken Sword Station in Dire Woods

Put Shard in the Sword Station. It’s broken and won’t upgrade the sword. You need to find someone to fix it. Later on, when you’re in the Marauder’s Cave, you will be able to buy an ice pick from one of the dwarves. Use the ice pick on the ice column near the exit to Underfall to get an ice cube. Then return to the merchant in Dire Woods, go north and then go all the way east until you get to the blacksmith’s house. Give him the ice cube and he will go to fix the sword station. Return to the sword station to upgrade the sword.

Restore the Star Temple in Dire Woods

When you enter the temple, you will get a scene telling you that you need to find clues. Interact with the pedestal with the star shape on it. You need to find the star that goes onto the pedestal. You will find this much later. This quest is continued under the Find a Mask quest below.

Marauder’s Cave

Exit the Star Temple and go west to the cave entrance. The cave is too dark to enter, but if you’ve completed the quest in Thornkeep Well you should now have a torch to light the cave.

There isn’t much to do in the first cave. Just go south and enter the second cave. In the second cave, first go northwest, and then go south again to the entrance of the third cave.

In the third cave, first go north and buy the ice pick from the dwarf merchant for 2 topaz and 2 opals. You can get these from fighting the monsters in the cave. When you have the pick, go south and enter the fourth cave. There are goodies and a sword station to the north, but the way on is south. Use the ice pick on the column of ice on the way and then exit to Ashera’s Tomb.

Make your way through the tomb and you arrive in Underfall. The monsters in Underfall are VERY hard to beat. Honestly, I think you’re best off avoiding them for now. Use your beast repellent, if you have some, to make your way into the city. If you don’t have beast repellent, try and lure the monsters away from the narrow passage to the east (they will follow you if you come near them) and onto the open plains. Once they’re out of the bottleneck, dash past. They’ll get easier to tackle once you get the sword for Galahad from part two of Ashera’s Tomb.


In Underfall, first make your way to the far northeast of the city and talk to the skeleton outside the cathedral. He won’t let you in. However, Te’ijal has a trick up her sleeve and as a result you need to go and find a new arm bone in Ashera’s Tomb – but not the part you just came through!

Now find the house in the north where a woman lives with her young daughter. The woman has a key to the second part of Ashera’s Tomb, but she won’t give it to you and you can’t take it. However, if you give the ghost doll from the Missing Daughter quest in Thornkeep to the girl, they will both leave and you can get the key.

Heal up, buy new armor and weapons, and go back into the park surrounding Underfall. Go southeast and then north to get to the entrance to Ashera’s Tomb – it’s exactly where it was in The Lost Orb and the map is the same as in The Lost Orb. The bone is in the far north, center.

Return to Underfall and talk to the skeleton again to give him his arm bone. Then enter the cathedral. Watch the scene. You now have to go to Ghed’ahre and find Beatrice. Those of you who have played The Lost Orb will remember there is a Grim Reaper Express going between Underfall and Ghed’ahre in the Underfall cemetery. To find this, go to the south side of the city and go into the hole in front of one of the gravestones. Pick up the Find a Mask quest, below, before going. Then pay 500G to travel to Ghed’ahre.

In Ghed’ahre, go to the house nearest the Mansion and talk to Beatrice. As soon as you do this, you will leave Stella and Edward’s party and you’ll be transported to the next part of the game, with Mel in the Demon Realm. You will be able to return to Stella and Edward later to find the mask for the party, if you forgot to do it before talking to Beatrice.

Find a Mask for the Party

Before you take the Grim Reaper Express to Ghed’ahre, go to the house in the northwest of Underfall and talk to the zombie outside. There is a hide and seek party going on inside, in which the contestants need to find the star for the temple in Dire Woods. However, you can only enter if you’re wearing a mask, so you’ll have to find one. You can find one in Ghed’ahre.

Take the Grim Reaper Express. You will find the mask in one of the items shops in the southeast of Ghed’ahre. When you have it, and are done with your other quests in Ghed’ahre, return to the party house and enter the maze. Find the star, return it to the temple in Dire Woods and get the dragon’s bridle off the pedestal on the other side of the temple – you will need this bridle later.

Demon Realm

You arrive in the Demon Realm with Mel. You will also return to the money and items Mel had before she was taken, so you lose all the goodies of Stella’s party. Don’t worry, though, when you return to Stella you will get everything back.

Watch the scene with Mel, who meets a couple of new friends who will join her party. Grab the money bag to the west and go east. Watch the next scene and enter shadow Aveyond.

Make your way into the village. Shadow Aveyond looks exactly like the Aveyond from previous games. At some point a mysterious stranger gestures you to follow him. Do this to get some extra levels for the whole party. Then go and sleep in the Aveyond inn (which is really cheap in this realm) to top up your HP and MP. Get some Magic Amulets in the items shop.

Now make your way to the temple to talk to the Oracle. The portal back to the real world is broken and you need to find the Staff of Destiny. To defeat the demon that has the staff, you need to activate the Orb Rod with the light of three Wyvern Flames.

Go back out to the Demon Plains and make your way west. Nox’s Roast spell works quite well on the blue specters, but don’t use the Chill spell. Conversely, don’t use Roast on the Hell Hounds.

The first flame is in the far northwest. If you’re struggling with the fight, go to Sheian Lyr first to get better equipment. Sheian Lyr is in the center south, and the way there is to go south from the first flame and then back east.

 The Darkthrop Prophecy

In Sheian Lyr, steal from the money box by the statue rather than donating to it.

Find a Cure for Gabrel

In the house nearest the entrance to Sheian Lyr you find Gabrel, who is very ill and in bed. You need to find a cure for him. In the southeast of the village is an apothecary. The apothecary will fix you a cure if you bring him a wyrd vegetable. Do the Helga’s House and Red Slime quests before you go look for the vegetable, so you can get the spade and the red slimes will start growing.

Find Helga’s House

In the southeast is a witch, Helga, whose house has been stolen. The witch in the house with all the barrels in the north has it, but she has shrunk it. Interact with the miniature house to take it and bring it back to Helga. Helga tries to transform her house, but it turns into red gel. Take the gel.

Grow Red Slimes and Get Shovel

Just north of the inn is a hole to the slime farm. The farmer wants to grow red slimes but needs red gel to do so. Give him the red gel from Helga’s house. When he’s done burying the gel, take the shovel. After some time the red slimes will have grown. As soon as they have grown, take one for the slime herding game in the Demon Caves later on.

Find a Cure for Gabrel, Continued

Leave Sheian Lyr. For a quicker exit, go to the slime farm and pull the lever by the door. Make your way to the cave straight north of the farm door. When you try to enter the cave, Jemite will catch up with you and join your party.

The baddies in the cave are quite hard to beat (the purple flames can wipe out your party in one round if you’re unlucky), so you might want to do a little more fighting to get enough money to buy all the equipment in Sheian Lyr, although there is some really good equipment to be found in the caves for all members of your party.

In the cave, first make your way around past the locked door. Try and avoid the purple flame if you can. At the end, the mysterious cloaked stranger will appear again and open a hidden door. Go in after him. At the end of the path you will find the wyrd vegetable. Take it back to the apothecary, who will make some poison. Take the poison back to Gabrel. You will get the Cave Key as a reward.

Find Maudran’s Diadem

By the bridge in the center of Sheian Lyr are two queens, the white queen and the red queen, who both want you to find Maudran’s Diadem so one of them can become supreme leader. You will need a rope to find it, so they give you one.

With the Cave Key from the Gabrel’s Cure quest, go back to the Demon Caves and go through the locked door. Go east and interact with the peg by the chasm to put the rope across the chasm. The diadem is on the other side. Bring it back to the queens for a reward. The red queen will give a level egg, the white queen myrica infusion. Whichever queen you choose, they will both turn their sister into dirt. Pick up the bag of dirt and take it with you before going back into the cave.

Demon Caves

Now explore the rest of the Demon Caves. At the end of the path where you found the diadem you’ll find the second Wyvern Flame.

Go back a little from the second flame and enter the cave. Make your way around as far as you can go and exit through the door in the east. Back on the plains, go west and north and exit through the hole at the end to go back to the caves. Place the bag of “queen dirt” sand from the diadem quest on the scale by the door.

In the next cave, make your way to the southwest, clearing out the chests on your way. In the southwest you will find a mask. Take it. This is NOT the mask for the party in Underfall! Then go back to the previous cave, back out to the plains and back into the large cave. In the center of this cave is a small floating island with a bridge towards it and a hole in the middle. Go down the hole.

 The Darkthrop Prophecy

At the top of the first ladder is a wall with two masks. Put the third mask in between them to open another door. Fight the wyvern across the bridge to the west to get to the last flame.

Once you have all flames, return to where you found the mask and cross the large bridge just north of it. Then go through the door.

Put the red slime from the farm (go back to the farm to get one if you haven’t got one already) between the blue and yellow ones on the shelf and then pull the lever. Now you have to herd the slimes into the enclosures by walking behind them in the direction you want them to go. It doesn’t matter which enclosures they go in, as long as you don’t mix colors. When they’re all in and you’ve closed the gates, another door will open.

Go through the door and the next one, and encounter the demon. At that moment, Galahad will arrive and you will need to select your fighting party. This demon will cast plague on your party, which can be cured with marsh tea. After you’ve defeated him, Nox and Uma will leave.

You now need to go back to Shadow Aveyond and talk to the Oracle again. She will fix the portal. Make sure you’ve done everything you want to do in the Demon Realm (like find the goodie caves if you want to use them), because you won’t be able to come back here once you leave. Then jump through the portal.

H2 Clearwater

You’re back with Stella’s party and you need to go talk to the Oracle in Aveyond – the real one this time. If you haven’t completed the star temple quest yet, you can still do that now.

Leave Underfall through the exit where you came in, in the west and go back through the small part of Ashera’s Tomb until you’re back in the Marauder’s Cave. Make your back through the cave to Dire Woods. In Dire Woods, find the merchant and go up the steps near him, then a little south and down the steps to get to another sign post. Then go straight east to reach Aveyond.

Find the Oracle in Aveyond, who will tell you that you need to find the Stone of Aya. But you’ll need a dragon to do this. If you’ve completed the Star Temple quest (see the Find a Mask quest for instructions), you should have a dragon bridle now. So, leave Aveyond, go south at the signpost and leave Dire Woods to go back to your boat.

There is a small desert island west of the island with Sedona on it. Go there to buy a dragon. To mount the dragon, stand on the shadow below her and press enter or the spacebar. You can only dismount when the shadow is on flat ground. Fly the dragon to the island east of Sedona and dismount.

Go into Mt Orion and interact with the statue to be told it’s missing its arrow. Then talk to the woman behind the statue. She will tell you there is a golden arrow in a temple north of Riven Forest.

So, go back to Riven Forest and go to the northeast, where the bridge has now been fixed. Cross the bridge, follow the path and enter the cave. Talk to General Beal, the red squirrel, who will tell you to go and find the map to an ancient temple.

Go back to the bridge and don’t cross it but walk along the water to the north. Cross the bridge and keep going northeast until you’re in Clearwater. Ask around in Clearwater and find out that someone named Jebb has the map to the temple, but Jebb hasn’t been seen in a while.

Lilies for William’s Wife

On the east side of town is a man, William, whose wife likes flowers, but he doesn’t know which ones to get. Everyone in town is talking about lilies in the forest. Leave Clearwater and go west until you reach a patch of flowers. Get one of them and return to Clearwater. Find the florist and have her make a bouquet of them. Then give them to William. You will get his hat as a reward. If you like, you can now go to the house in the southeast and get the lilies back for… later.

The Map to Clearwater Temple

Now it’s time to find Jebb. Make your way south along the east side of the row of shops. You’ll find Jebb trying to sleep in the forest, but he can’t sleep in the sun. Give him the hat from the Lilies quest so he can shield his eyes. When he’s asleep, loot his chest and find the Temple Map for the squirrels.

Find the Arrow

Bring the map to General Beal. The squirrels will leave so you can loot the chest in their hideout and get a pipe, which you will need later. Follow the squirrels out and go back towards Clearwater. You will see the squirrels blow up a rock and disappear again. Before you follow them, quickly pop back into Clearwater and pick up the pruning shears, which are now on the ground outside the large house.

Now follow the squirrels to the temple. Northeast of the temple you will find another pipe. You can’t get into the temple, but there is a cave covered with vines. Use the shears on the vines and go in.

Inside you see a system of pipes and a lever. Place the bits of pipe you found on the two open ends and then pull the lever. You can now enter the temple.

Inside the temple you see an arrow on a pedestal, but you can’t take it. You have probably seen the colored orbs, or star crystals, well guarded, around Riven Forest. You probably already took them. If not, go out and get the blue crystal from outside the squirrel hideout, the yellow crystal from where you found the lilies and the red crystal from just outside the temple. Bring them to the temple and place them on the pedestals surrounding the arrow. Then take the arrow.

Return to the island with the statue, and put the arrow on the statue. The statue will shoot the arrow to the rock blocking the way, destroying it. You can now enter the rest of Mt Orion.

Mt Orion / Mysten Far

The first Gryphon you encounter on Mt Orion is a great place to get some money to get the rest of the gear from Clearwater, and the sword station in Riven Forest. Just fight it, exit the map, re-enter and fight it again until you have enough money. I wouldn’t bother buying the gear for Te’ijal from the lady by the statue as you will be getting better equipment for her soon anyway.

On Mt Orion, even though the signpost says that Mysten Far is east, you actually need to take the south path to Mysten Far, which turns east after a little while.

Inside Mysten Far, southeast of the inn you will find a comb lying on the ground. Take it.

Inside the cave in the northeast of Mysten Far is a portal to the Dreamland, but you need the Orb of Dreams to enter.

The Trials of Citrelium

Stella will have to go off on her own to finish the Trials of Citrelium in a moment, so buy the best equipment for Stella and heal up. Do more fighting out on Mt Orion for more money if you need to. Also, make sure to unequip Shard from Edward, as Stella will come across some sword stations that she can use if Shard is in the inventory, but not if Edward still has it equipped. When you’re all done, go into the big house next to the items shop and talk to the priestess.

Enter the trial area of Mt Orion. It could be useful to equip Stella with a Stone Amulet as she is on her own and will be killed if she gets stoned. Talk to the old woman to get the Starshine spell. Make your way around to the top. Make sure to use the sword station on the way.

At the top you find a locked gate with a sign saying:

For LOVE I gave all
In HOPE of finding thee
My JOY, my PEACE, my life.

You will find a series of locked gates with riddles to which the answers will be one of the capitalized words from the riddle.

The first gate says “without me all else is lost” – type in HOPE.

Enter the cave and make your way around to the next cave, in which there are two exits. The exit on the right goes to another sword station and a gate that says “I am the opposite of hate” – type in LOVE. Go through the gate and empty out the chest on the other side.

Go back to the cave with the two exits and go to the gated exit at the top. The riddle says “I am great happiness” – type in JOY.

Go in and make your way around to the next gate. It says “I am the opposite of war” – type in PEACE.

The exits on either side of the next area only have a couple of chests behind them. Loot the chests and then go up the middle path, where Stella will get a pleasant surprise. Then go through the door at the end and into the cave at the top. Get the Hunter’s Horn. Exit the cave again.

When back at the bottom, exit the trial area and talk to Edward and Te’ijal. Don’t forget to re-equip Edward with Shard and also put on the armor Stella found in the caves.


Now you have the Hunter’s Horn, exit Mysten Far and go all the way back to the start of Mt Orion, to the place with the single Gryphon and the signpost. Take the path east from the signpost to the Harmony Temple. Place the Hunter’s Horn on the statue in the back and then take the Orb of Dreams from the pedestal.

Go back to Mysten Far. In the house south of the entrance to Mysten Far is a priestess who lost her truth mirror. She wants you to go and find her a new one. Make sure it’s a truth mirror and not one that tells you what you want to see. The mirror can be found in Dreamland.

Enter the cave in the northeast of Mysten Far. Place the Orb on the statue and enter Dreamland. To find the mirror, go south at the first junction and east at the second. Take the mirror that shows Edward exactly as he is, which is the second from the left. Return it to Diona, who will give you a magical thread as a reward. Give her the wrong mirror and you won’t get the thread. The thread is needed for the tapestry of the three fates. You will get a very good bow for Te’ijal as a reward.

Go back and explore the rest of Dreamland. There are many great goodies there, make sure to get them all. The key to the red chests is in one of the blue chests in Dreamland. Find the Stone of Aya, which is just lying on the ground somewhere.

Now it’s time to return to Underfall to save Mel and Galahad. Exit Dreamland, go through Mysten Far to Mt Orion and get back on your dragon. Fly to the northern island and make your way through Dire Woods to the Marauder’s Cave and into Underfall. Go back to the cathedral and talk to Mel.

For the penultimate battle, Jemite keeps reviving Mel as long as she is alive, but she is only susceptible to spells. I kept throwing Stella’s Judgement at them to kill Jemite, while hitting Galahad, who is resistant to magic, with Edward and Te’ijal. Then you can defeat Mel. Once Jemite is gone you can defeat Mel.

There is no real strategy for the next fight. I used Stella’s Judgement a lot while using Edward and Te’ijal on the ghouls. Just keep hitting and make sure you don’t die. Use Stella’s healing and reviving spells when needed, or use your tinctura hypericums (which I always save for the final battle). Finally, just keep hitting Mordred until he’s dead.

Getting Edward a Bride

There is only one thing left to do, and that is getting Edward a bride. First, you need to loot the castle for money, as you’re going to need 8000 gold to buy an engagement ring. There is:

  • 2000g in the ballroom
  • 1000g in the first room upstairs
  • 2000g in the room right of Galahad and Te’ijal
  • 500g northeast of Mel
  • 500g east of Mel
  • 1000g in the dungeon
  • 2x500g outside the castle in the front garden

To have Edward marry one of the girls, he needs to get them an engagement ring of the color they like, and some presents. Each girl wants a different ring and different presents. The presents/attraction points you could have found are:

  • Bouquet – from the woman in the southeast house in Clearwater, after getting her husband a bouquet of lilies
  • Comb – on the ground southeast of the inn in Mysten Far
  • Cupcake – reward for giving Jenna in Veldarah a birthday present
  • Love Song – reward for giving the beggar in Sedona a lute, which you can get for getting the book about Hercules published
  • Snail – buy from the items shop in Underfall

When you have the 8000g, go to the shopping district and buy an engagement ring.

  • Mel wants a purple engagement ring and any three of the presents.
  • Stella wants a green engagement ring and any two of the cupcake, comb and love song. She will gracefully take the snail and flowers but they don’t give attraction points.
  • All Lydia wants is a white engagement ring. Do try giving her the presents, though, for some entertainment!

Once Edward has selected his bride, go back to the queen downstairs and tell her he’s ready to get married. Watch the final scenes, making sure to watch all the way to the end to get some interesting info about Nox and Uma!

Staffs and Sword Stations

Stella’s Staffs
Wizard’s Staff: Cure Extora / Blessing
Imperial Staff: Heal Minor Extora / Revive
Whisper Staff: Heal / Revive Extora
Gyhad’s Eye: Silence / Earth Shield
Icicle Staff: Sleep / Awaken
Void Staff: Heal Extora / Earth Shield Extora
Druid Staff: Cleanse / Magic Shield
Priestess Staff: Heal Major / Magic Shield Extora
Athena: Judgement / Silence Extora
Web Weaver: Heal Major Extora / Shield Extora

Sword Stations
Almirk Jungle – Increase Attack – 10
Sedona – Increase Attack – 100
Thieves Caves – Increase Physical Defense or Enhance with Poison – 150
Thornkeep – Increase Physical Defense or Increase Magical Defense – 15
Thornkeep Well – Increase Attack – 50
Thornkeep Well 2 – Fire Spells – 300
Thornkeep Well 3 – Increase Attack – 50
Dire Woods – Ice Spells – 225
Marauder’s Cave – Increase Attack – 650
Underfall – Enhance with Toxic Poison – 800 (removes Poison enhancement)
Ashera’s Tomb – Earth Spells or Increase Physical Defense – 1800
Riven Forest, Temple Area – Increase attack – 2700
Mt Orion – Enhance with Berserk – 600 (removes Poison or Toxic Poison enhancement)
Mysten Far – Increase Attack or Light Spells – 3500
Mt Orion Trial Area – Increase Attack – 500
Mt Orion Caves – Healing Spells – 1000
Dreamland – Increase Attack – 4800

Goodie Caves

As you switch back and forth between two different parties in different areas, there are two full sets of goodie caves – one for each party.

As always, be aware that the goodie caves are NOT required to complete the game and will make the game a lot easier, and perhaps a little unchallenging and boring if you’re playing for the first time. Only use the caves if you really can’t continue without them or for your second run through.

Stella’s Party

Gold – Thieves Caves

 The Darkthrop Prophecy

Levels – Almirk Forest

 The Darkthrop Prophecy

Weapons – Riven Forest

 The Darkthrop Prophecy

Armor – Dire Woods

 The Darkthrop Prophecy

Mel’s Party

Gold – Demon Caves, near where the masked stranger gestured you to follow him, past the locked door

 The Darkthrop Prophecy

Levels – Shadow Aveyond, near entrance

 The Darkthrop Prophecy

Weapons – Sheian Lyr inn

 The Darkthrop Prophecy

Armor – Demon Plains

 The Darkthrop Prophecy

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