Aveyond 2 Tips & Tricks Walkthrough

By Moumita Paul |

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Check out our walkthrough for Aveyond 2.


  • I shall not narrate the story line to keep the game spoiler-free; I will give you directions which would help you advance in the game.
  • If you are playing Aveyond 2 (version 2) then I would recommend downloading the goodies from their websites and install it (they are very small files, only in kbs). The goodies are pretty good and you will find most of them in the game itself. The ones that you need to download are sphere goody and party goody. The descriptions for these two goodies are given later.
  • If you are not familiar with RPG gaming then you will find the gameplay instructions at the beginning screen of the game. Select ‘options’ and click on ‘game controls faq’. You can also take a look at the ‘tutorial’ to get a head start.
  • At the beginning you can choose to select a game mode-easy, normal, and expert. If you are absolutely new to RPG gaming then I would recommend playing the easy mode where you will get a feel of how the game progresses. In the easy mode the monsters are less difficult to defeat and on leveling up your party’s health and mana would be healed automatically. If you are familiar with RPGs then select the normal mode. And if you are replaying the game after having played it for once, then it is better if you play the expert mode for some challenge. In the normal and expert mode, the party will not be healed on leveling up.
  • The journal (accessible from the game menu) is the most important part of the game as it lists your main and side quests. If you forget what you’d got to do then you can always check the journal.
  • If you are running short of healing items then better avoid the monsters. Don’t fight them if you cannot heal your parties of major damages. The game has a benefit that the beasts are not randomly generated and you can avoid them since you can see them.
  • You can see the character’s background and their statistics from the ‘profile’ option of the game menu.
  • Enter every house as you may find chests and talk to everyone in the villages that you visit; you will find interesting side quests, hints or items from them.
  • Save the game often, you also have an auto-save feature in this game which saves your game automatically. Just in case if you commit a wrong action which cannot be reverted or there is an accidental power cut you can always load the game from your save file.
  • Sometimes I may refer some areas as ‘screens’. So when I say go back by two screens it means that starting from the current area (screen) you go back to the previous area and then to the previous of this area through the passages you have followed.
  • The enemies re-spawn here except for the main enemies (to be referred as boss from now onwards), so you can fight them over and over again just by exiting and re-entering the screen and level up your characters. Leveling up would help you fight difficult bosses with ease. The enemy corpses yield items, so press enter or action button over the corpses after killing them
  • Since the walkthrough is quite big and I didn’t put up the contents to avoid spoilers therefore you can use the ‘ctrl’ and ‘f’ key to find any word or phrase which you cannot find easily. This way you can carry on from where you left off if you’ve already progressed in the game.


Since the walkthrough is quite big, you can use the “Find” command to instantly jump to any word or phrase in the guide. Simply hold down the Ctrl and “F” keys together, and enter the word or phrase you’re looking for into the text box.

The maps are courtesy of the Aveyond community at Amaranth Games and have been used with permission.

The Beginning

  • If you are playing the game for the first time then play the introduction to get an idea of the storyline. Or else you can skip the intro. Then after, you will find yourself in control of one of the main characters, Ean, in his house.
  • The in-game instructions will help you decide what to do next, simple follow it. You can also choose to play the tutorial to know the gaming basics. You can make him sleep in his bed to heal him and his party for free.
  • Step outside the house, you are in Elfwood. Your main quest now is to find Iya. But before looking for her, talk to everyone you see in Elfwood; a little one named Row will give you a side quest. Talk to the little girl Nisa roaming near Ean’s house, take the teddy bear and give it to Row, he will give you something. Just above where Nisa was roaming you will a chest, open it to find 25 gold coins.
  • Climb up the stairs beside the chest and keep walking till you see a statue of a goddess.

  • You can choose to donate or steal from the donation box. If you donate then it will increase your karma points. These karma points will help you fetch something later. If you steal from it then you will not get any karma points. You can donate or steal only once from the statue, so decide wisely.
  • The house just below the goddess statue is Iya’s house, remember the location as you need to come here later. After exploring this place and talking to everyone, exit Elfwood via the northern path beside Ean’s house.

Finding Iya

  • You will be transported to the world map of The Vale. Enter the forest cave you see in front of you. You’ll find yourself at Oldwoods in front of a signpost. Refer the map of Oldwoods to retrieve three chests from this area before going to Iya near Elder Oak.

  • The chests in this area yield hunting knife, oak shield, bread and 15 gold coins. Equip the weapons and armor on Ean. There is a talking tree, shown in the map, talk for some fun. Make your way to Iya, who is standing beside the Elder Oak tree. Talk to her, she will join you.
  • Return to Ean’s home. Talk to Ean’s mom, she will give you a side quest. Before you go ahead, visit the item’s shop in Elfwood and upgrade your party’s equipments. Now we are off to our quest.

Get honey comb for mom

  • Visit the Oldwoods and take to your left; refer the Oldwood map to find the exit to ‘The Vale to hive’. Leave Oldwoods through that exit and you will find yourself in The Vale again, this time on another side. You will find a small hill with a cave beside you. Enter it. You are in the beehive, the first true dungeon.
  • Fight the bees and collect gold from their corpses. The enemies also give you xp once defeated which would help you level up. For now since your characters haven’t got any skill therefore you can only choose to attack your enemies, later you can use skills to fight your enemies. Fight all the bees in this area till you face the queen bee – your first boss. Fight her too and collect the honey comb behind her.
  • You can level up your characters here for at least level 5 and earning some gold as well by entering and exiting the screen; you can heal your party for free at Ean’s bed. While you do this, don’t talk to Ean’s mom. After you level up then go and give mom the honey. Make Ean sleep in his bed and see the events that ensue.
  • Strange Phenomenon
  • Wake up the next day and talk to Ean’s mom, you will find something strange. Get outside the house, you will find a phenomenon happening, it’s unknown to Elfwood. Visit Iya’s house and talk to her mom, she will react strangely. Ean will murmur something to himself and retrieve something from under Iya’s bed. Then after you need to go to the elders of the village, you will find them to the south of Elfwood. Talk to the topmost old man among three people standing together there. He will say that your answers lie at the Elder Oak (quest no.2).
  • Talk to the Elder Oak-buy some healing items from the shop and visit the Elder Oak where you found Iya for the first time. Talk to the Elder Oak. After that you will see a portal open up in the tree. Save your game and enter it.
  • You will get transported to another place-The Crossing. Open the chest to your right to get a canoe. Exit the place. You will find the canoe is being placed by Ean on the narrow stream. Press enter or the action button to board it and sail towards north. Step onto the land from your boat at the footsteps of the snowy mountains.

  • Enter the mountain cave marked in red. You will end up in the Spire Mountains.

Spire Mountains

  • Refer the spot marked as ‘ultimate weapon’ in the following map, it may seem solid rocky mountain wall, but go forward and enter it.

  • Open all the chests to find the best weapons in the game (you need not buy any other weapons, these are the ultimate items). This is a game goodie and there are many other similar goodies in the game scattered all over in different places. Equip Ean the best weapon suitable for him and exit the cave.
  • Follow the dirt path on the snow for some paces and then take towards the southern direction into ice cavern 1 in the spire mountains map. Keep walking inside the ice cavern till you come across a chest and another cave. Open the chest to get an ice amulet. Enter the cave, you will see a old woman selling equipments, items and food. If possible buy the blizzard ring, if not we can come back here later. Remember that these rings can be used on enemies from the inventory during fights and they can be used only for a limited number of turns. After that it breaks, so buy a couple of them.
  • Come out of the merchant cave and follow the path inside the cavern till you reach a bifurcation. Take to your east first. Open the chest to get 20 gold coins and a haunch. Return by one screen and take to your left this time. Exit through the cave you come across and collect the haunch from the chest. Return by one screen and exit this ice cavern onto the spire mountains.
  • Take to the dirt path again and when you reach at the base of the snowy stairs, peep to your left to find a chest (3 haunches). Climb up the stairs, cross the bridge, climb another set of stairs and cross the successive bridge again. There you will find a chest hidden by the tree, open it to get flame scroll. Walk along the long bridge and carry on along the dirt path onto the world map. You will find yourself on the world map. Enter the town in front of you. Welcome to the snowy city of Shaenlir.


  • You will find an item shop directly in front of the entrance of Shaenlir, remember this shop as we need to come back here for a quest. There is another item shop inside the town where you can buy precious stones, ice amulets and blizzard rings. Buy some ice amulets (must) and blizzard rings. If you can’t afford the blizzard rings now you can get them from the old merchant at the Spire Mountains.
  • Explore the town thoroughly. Buy some armor, until we find the armor goodie. Donate to the goddess statue when you come across it. Go upstairs at the inn to find a chest containing 30 gold coins. The house beside the inn has another chest containing servant clothing, keep it as you will need it. Enter the house to the lower right of this house, it also has a chest containing 40 gold coins. Enter the last house and go upstairs. Talk to the little girl Dora, she will give you a quest.

Find Dora’s music box

  • Go to the item shop near the entrance of Shaenlir and buy the music box from the shop keeper. Come back and give the box to Dora, she will give you a blizzard ring.
  • Explore the area to your hearts content before entering the palace, buy healing and restorative items.
  • After that, go to the palace. The guard will not allow you in. talk to the other guard on your left. He will allow only servants to enter. Use the servant outfit from your inventory on Ean and go in. follow the passage inside the castle linearly till you reach the royal court. Go past the court through the door and you will find yourself in a passage leading to Iya’s room. Talk to Iya, see what she has to say.
  • Walk back to your left and you will see the snow queen plotting something. Pick up the mirror which was left behind near the door and show it to Iya. Watch the events, Iya joins your party (she will join at the same level what Ean has). Equip her with the best weapon you’ve got and the ice amulet. Exit the room and keep walking towards the exit from where Ean entered the palace. When you reach the kitchen Iya will show you a secret way, go through the passage.

Shaenlir sewers

  • You will end up in the sewers. See what your characters got to say. Open all the chests you see there and retrieve studded armor, hunting knife, cassia leaf, covey balm and traveling clothes. When you fight the rats here, you will see that Iya can now cast magical damage from her skill. So you can use her skill during fights. The chest beside the door will refresh your party (heal).
  • Change Iya’s clothes from the inventory. Now time to explore the sewers.

  • Refer the map and after climbing down the ladder take the path to C4. The chest has ice amulet. Now make your way to C5. It will yield quarter staff. Go southwards from there and follow the path till you see a bridge. Cross it and open the chest to get increase your party’s level by one. Keep walking till you reach the switch (see map). Activate the switch and make your way to Wyvern pass exit in the map. Collect the flame scroll from the chest before leaving the sewers.

Wyvern Pass

  • Open the chest located immediately beside the door, your party will be healed. The enemies can be tough here if you don’t have the ultimate weapons equipped. The path is more or less linear, so keep following it. Near the end of the path, the chest has a beast repellant. Exit and you will reach a forest cottage. Iya will say something and you will be compelled to enter the cottage. You will meet the Oracle, observe what she has to say.
  • She will give Iya a song sphere, which she needs to equip. Talk to the Oracle again to receive your main quests
  • Unite the kingdoms to build resistance against the snow queen.
  • Find the following nymphs-
  • HEPTITUS, the Nymph of Wickedness.
  • CERI, the Nymph of Love.
  • SERENDIPITY, the Nymph of Luck.
  • AISLING, the Nymph of Hope.
  • NUHA, the Nymph of Wisdom.
  • ISHTAR, the Nymph of Compassion.
  • The chest beside her has a leather claw. Exit the cottage and leave the place to the south.
  • You will land up in a cliff area. Jump down and enter the cave, you will find yourself in the ice cavern. Retrace your steps and exit Spire Mountains. On the world map enter the forest to the south of the Spire Mountains. This is the Woodlands.

The Woodlands

  • The enemies at woodlands may be tough if you haven’t equipped the ultimate weapons on your characters. Open the chest to the lower left of the forest entrance to make your characters gain a level (C8 in map). Make your way to C5 in the map and open the chest to get wild berries. Keep walking to your left from there and climb the ladder when you see one. To the right of that ladder is another chest containing flame scroll. Walk up north from the ladder to C7. It will yield 30 gold coins. Make your way to C9 to get 2 haunch and 35 gold coins.
  • Now refer the map to reach C3. The chest contains 43 gold coins. Now go to the spot called ‘book’. Pick up the novel, you will require it for a side quest later. Now go to the spot marked as C2. on your way you will see a small cave room, it is the magical portal express, it will teleport you into areas where you have visited and activated the portals. However all areas may not be accessible from particular portals even if you’ve activated the portals at other end. Activate this magic express as well so that you can use this to reach here.
  • The chest where we were heading for yields wild berries. Now go ahead and reach the spot marked on the map below:

  • Enter the solid wall and surprise…you have discovered another goodie-the Equipment goodie. Open all the chests to collect the best armors of this game. Don’t forget to equip it on your characters before leaving the cave. Before exiting the Woodlands retrieve covey from the chest at location C4 of the map. Enter Ryva.
  • Ryva
  • You can donate at the goddess statue. The second floor at the inn has 30 gold coins. Buy some items if you want. Talk to the green haired guy Rye, he will join your party (equip the armors and weapons on him, he will join at around same level as your party members). Talk to Aidan in one of the huts, he will give you a quest to find his novel. It is the novel that we picked up near the waterfall at the Woodlands. Give it to him, quest complete. He will reward you with 75 gold coins.
  • The house up the small hill harbors three inmates, one of them, Nora, is sick. There’s nothing here for now, however we need to come back here later. The chicken dealer and farmer sell chickens and cows. There is a graveyard beside them. There’s nothing more in this area. So exit Ryva and the Woodlands onto the world map.
  • Board the canoe and blow away the boulder blocking the way.

  • Then follow the arrow direction towards the south. Shortly afterwards you will find another village-Ravenwood.


  • The second floor at the inn has 20 gold coins. Cross the small bridge and open the chest to increase the level of your party members by one. Enter the hut to the north of this chest, talk to Hector, he will give you some hints. Donate to the goddess. The blue haired girl down the stairs is Linia, you will need her later. After exploring and talking to everyone exit Ravenwood and go south into the forest. Enter Shadow woods.

Shadow Woods

  • Activate the magic express portal in front of you. First go to the area marked as C1 and retrieve the studded shield. Now make your way to the woodman’s cave. If you have installed the ‘multiple sphere’ goodie from the aveyond website then you can dig up all the spheres the squirrel is guarding that Iya can equip them.

  • But to do that you need something, we will come back to the squirrel later.
  • Enter the woodman’s cottage and talk to him. He will say something and leave; you cannot access his chest right now. We will take it later. Exit his cottage and refer the map to retrieve all the chests from this area (C3 has 30 gold coins and C4 has 40 gold coins). Now make your way to the beast’s lair.

Beast Lair

  • Enter it and you will see the wounded woodman lying there. Talk to him, he will ask you to trap the beast in the trap. Now refer the diagram carefully.

  • The rock marked with white needs to be pushed along the arrow direction. The beast will come chasing you, run over to the switch and press it when the beast reaches the spot on the bridge marked with the white arrow. If your timing is right then the bridge will open in the center and the beast will fall into the trap. If your timing is wrong then the beast will eat you and the game over screen will follow. Practice pressing the switch and running along the path so that you can do it without needing to reload the game every time the beast eats you. It will take some practice, but eventually you’ll do it. Save the game before unleashing the beast and trap it.
  • Then talk to woodman. He will ask you to get something. Go deep inside the beast’s lair. You will find a relic on the table. Try to pick it up and see what happens. This relic is a transfigurine. Use the transfigurine from your inventory to change Ean’s shape into that creature. He will also gain a new skill according to the transfigurine he is using. That skill is accessible during fights and will remain with him as long as he remains in that form. If he changes back to his human form or into some other form then the skill of that particular transfigurine will disappear.
  • You will get many transfigurines later, click on any one of them to change Ean’s shape into it and acquire its skill. Any way, take the transfigurine and you may transform Ean if you like to.
  • Exit the Beast lair.
  • When you exit the lair, you will find another transfigurine on your way, pick it up, it will help Ean change back to his human form. Now go to the squirrel near the woodman’s cottage. It would have left the place. Make Ean transform into the beast using the transfigurine and dig up the place and you will discover another goodie chest-storm sphere, battle sphere, butterfly sphere, cursed sphere and phoenix sphere. You would have required signing up at any one of the guilds available all across the world to gain any one of the sphere and equip it on Iya. The phoenix sphere is the one which requires 10 karma points to access it from somewhere else. You were gaining karma points to get this sphere. But since you have it now you may not donate anymore to the goddess.
  • To make Iya learn the skills of all the spheres equip each sphere on her till she learns all the skills of the sphere are mastered by her on leveling up and then change onto some other sphere. Now enter the woodman’s cottage and open his chest, it contains dynamite.
  • Return to Ravenwood and talk to Hector, he will bring the beast in his cage over here. You will find another quest in your journal. Now we can go on for our main quest.

Go to Thais and join resistance

  • We should now head for Thais. go to the world map where you had anchored your canoe. From there enter the cave in the mountain to your right. You will find yourself in the Green weed Plain.

Green Weed Plain

  • The place is more or less simple, refer the map to explore and retrieve the chests. The first chest gives your party one level. The place marked as 9 hides another goodie-the level goodie. The characters will gain huge levels if you enter the wall.
  • Press the lever switch in the goodie cave to increase the levels of your active party members by one each time. This way you can increase the levels of all your party members who join you later. The spot marked as ‘to C on world map’ will lead to the world map and a chest (92 gold coins).
  • The chests in these area yield- black oak bow, mugwort, 3 haunch, 1 covey balm and studded armor. There is a portal in the cave near the exit to the other side, activate it and leave this area. Enter the town you see on the world. Welcome to Thais.


  • Explore and talk to everyone here. The house beside the weapon’s shop leads to an underground sewer. Talk to the blue-cloaked man, see what he has to say about the statue. Let’s name this chamber as ‘Thief chamber’ for future reference. Buy the spells and scrolls. There is a chaos master guild here which you can join by fighting the mage and will be rewarded as sphere. But you can join any one guild, and there are many scattered all over the world, so choose wisely. The second floor of the inn has 140 gold coins. Go to the big house to the south of Thais, talk to Raquel. She will give you a quest .
  • Find the deed to Raquel’s house
  • Go upstairs in Raquel’s house. Locate a key on the table beside the bed and pick it. Find a crazy clock on the wall, retrieve the deed from a secret chamber of that clock. Give the deed to Raquel, she will reward you with a thunderstorm spell.
  • Move towards the castle. You will find a jail before you enter the palace. You need to come here later in the game. Enter the royal palace of Thais. Talk to Uthar Pendragon. He will give you a quest. Go to through the left door of the palace and talk to Nicolas. Now go to the right door of the palace. That is the school of war and magic. Exit Thais, now we will go somewhere else before resuming our main quest.
  • In the world map refer the arrows to know which cave leads to where. Go to the Graystone pass.

Graystone pass

  • Use the dynamite to blow off the stone barricade at the Graystone pass entrance. Walk along the main path. Go up the stairs and then take to your left, you will see a cave. The cave is occupied by an old man who teaches white mage spells. Currently there is no one in your party to learn it. Remember this cave as “spell” cave as we need to come back here later.
  • Exit the cave and climb up the long set of stairs, cross the bridge and then up the two sets of stairs again, cross another bridge and access the chest. It contains elixir. Return to the entrance of the cave, go down the stairs and follow the main path till you see a waterfall and a river. Go inside the cave entrance you see to your north.

Graystones caves

  • This is the graystone cavern system. The enemies are strong here if you don’t have the best weapons and armors equipped; some enemies cast poison. You enter the cave from point 1 in the map, take to your right and exit the cavern system through point 3 passage. You will find a chest containing auquifolium.
  • Return by one screen and now head north. Climb up two set of stairs and take to your right. Exit the cave through that passage and retrieve the revive spell from the chest and return near the stairs. Now follow the western path onto the next screen. The long yellow arrow shows where you will end up. Turn to your right and go up to the northern exit.
  • Climb up the stairs on your right, cross the bridge and again climb down the stairs to enter another cave. It has a blue chest, you need a picklock to open blue chests. Remember this location as ‘Blue chest1’, we can come back here once we find a picklock.
  • Return by one screen and while going back to the graystone caverns you will notice a huge chicken sitting a bit below your path. You also need to remember this place as so that we can come back. Return to the graystone caves from point 6 in the map and now walk towards the south, then right and then down again.
  • Enter the cave entrance and you will land up in the map shown by the yellow arrow. Keep walking, open the chest to get a serpent amulet on your way to the cave exit to the other side. The next area has a chest near the gate containing myrica infusion. Keep walking and you will come across Cyclops dung (yuck!). go up and don’t open the chest now, you will know why. You will see a Cyclops standing there. It will not attack you unless you press the action button or enter on it.
  • Prepare to fight the next boss, it deals massive physical damage. After you defeat it retrieve the Cyclops transfigurine, you may change Ean again into it if you want. Now open the chest which I told you not to open before; your party will be refreshed. Return by two screens and walk up to C3 in the map. The chest has raven bow. Then proceed to C2 and obtain the beast repellant.
  • Exit the caverns from point 5. Follow the path to your left till you reach a chest. Now the path to the right leads to Seri desert and the enemies are very strong there (unless you have the best armor and weapons) so let us go back to the Graystone pass.
  • Refer the screenshot below to find your way to bogwood.

  • Leave graystone pass onto the world map. Cross the bridge in the world map and enter the peculiar looking cave. You will find yourself at the toadstump marsh.

Toadstump Marsh

  • We will explore this marsh while going back, now we will concentrate on reaching Bogwood. Refer the red arrow in the map to find your way to Bogwood; beware of the flying toads that inflict sleep on your party during fights. Before exiting the area don’t forget to activate the magic express portal. From the world map walk up to the small village you see on the world map. That’s bogwood-the witch paradise!

You will get a number of quests from this village. Talk to everyone, especially to Mimpsey Mara, the child actor; the people who will give you quests are:

  • Helga.
  • Hilda.
  • Hepatitus
  • Gretel (this will be activated only after talking to Hepatitus when she will ask to find a guild card for her)
  • Professor Drake
  • Read the board before entering hepatitus’ cottage. Then only she will give you her quest.

Find a casting agent for hepatitis

  • Enter the last house to the lower right extreme of Bogwood, you will find the casting agent there. The agent will say that hepatitis needs a guild card before she signs her in.

Finding a guild card

  • Go and talk to hepatitis about guild card, she wont help you. Talk to Gretel, the red-haired student near the school of magic in Bogwood. She will ask you to do something.

Get back Gretel’s report card

  • Talk to Mimpsey Mara, she will challenge you that you can’t prove anything. Go to Mimpsey Mara’s cottage (the northern most house near the entrance at bogwood) and read the report card on the table. Iya will suggest something. Talk to Gretel again and then go to Professor Drake. He will give you another quest in return of his favor.
  • At this point go to where you found the casting agent and talk to Gavin, the red haired guy. He will join your party, equip the best armors and weapons and make him learn the Dark spells fro your inventory. Buy some items and spells from the witch selling them in the open market. Dredel sells secret gifts, we need her gift later. Now exit bogwood as we need to complete some quests.

Finding swamp slime for professor Drake

  • Kill and collect slimes from the corpses of any slimy foe in Toadstump Marsh. Sell the extra swamp slimes to the merchant for some gold.
  • Now we can explore the Toadstump Marsh. Refer the marsh map to find the locations of chests, frog and calliopes wand. The chests in this area yield 2 marsh teas and myrica infusion.

Find a toad with warts

  • The toadstump marsh map will show the location of the toad you are looking for. Catch the toad which is jumping around. You need to give it to Helga when you return to Bogwood. She will give you a softening cream.

Find calliope’s wand

  • Locate the calliope’s wand on the map and pick it up from the ground. Give it to Hilda on your return to Bogwood. She will mistakenly cast love spell on Iya and Ean.
  • Go back to Bogwood and complete the requests of the quest givers there. Go to the professor and give him what he had asked. He disappears after that, you will find him in Mimpsey Mara’s cottage. Agatha, her mother will give you the actor guild’s card when you talk to her. You will also see Gretel there.

Getting the wickedness blessing

  • Now go to the hepatitis and give her the guild card. She leaves the room without blessing Iya. Open the chest in her room to see what happens. We are done here for now, let’s return to Thais.

Save jack the thief

  • Now when you have the softening cream you can go to the ‘Thief Chamber’ in Thais and use the cream on the statue. See what happens. You will find Jack in the palace jail next, he is captured in the middle cellar. Talk to him and bribe the jailor to release him, he will join you. Now he is your ‘picklock’ to all the blue chests, so now you can access the contents of blue chests where ever you find them.
  • Now go to the area we marked as ‘Blue chest1’ in graystone pass and retrieve the cleanse spell from the blue chest. Return to the world map from where we can take off for Candars. Walk into the Brightwood forest.

Brightwood forest

  • Enter the forest to come across a sign post. Please see the map below to know where you should go:

  • The black arrow leads directly to C7 chest location. In between you will find smaller arrows shooting off the main black arrow to indicate the chest locations. One of the arrow shoots to the world map from where you can get another chest (110 gold coins). Similarly the brown arrow leads the way to Candar with arrow branches.
  • First take the route of the black arrow, then return to the signpost and then follow the brown arrow; keep picking up items from the chests on your way. The items you will find from the chests are-150 gold coins, 80 gold coins, archer gloves, cassia leaf, auquifolium, 50 gold coins, myrica infusion and magician’s cloak. You will find the phoenix sphere in the spot marked as ‘karma sphere’ in the map. If you have already retrieved the spheres from Shadow woods forest then you don’t need it, else you must gain 10 karma points to obtain it.
  • You will also find a path leading to the Grimm’s farm, we will visit there later. Don’t forget to activate the magic portal express before leaving for the route to Candar. From the world map you will see that you can access both the White Pass and Canda.

  • The enemies at White Pass are extremely difficult at your level so better avoid this place for now. Enter the city of Candar.

Talk to everyone, here also you will get a number of quests. The people who will give you these quests are:

  • Ivanna
  • Rothwell
  • Ulric
  • Renna (in the first house from the entrance) has many kittens who will give you one once you own a manor. There is also a wedding chapel, remember this place. The woman near the chapel sells golden ring, you can buy it now for Iya or later when you have some golds. The house to the left up the stairs has an important character Emma.
  •  Talk to the green haired girl, see what she has to say. Help her when required as she is going to repay your help. Lend her the money, you will find her next at Thais school of war and magic. The second floor of that house has 210 gold coins in a chest. The house to the right side of this house is the house of Beatrice. The third floor of her house harbors a chest containing cheese.

Deliver letter to Ella in Candar

  • Now go to Candar Palace. Talk to Ella and give her the letter, quest complete. She will give you another letter to be delivered to Uthar (quest no.). Explore the castle thoroughly and collect these items from the chests scattered there-312 gold coins, 1 ruby, plate armor and lightening bolt scroll. Talk to Ulric in the garden after trying to enter through the locked garden door, he will give you a quest.

Finding Ivanna’s novel

  • Talk to Beatrice and then read the book on her table. She won’t allow you to take it. Exit the city and re-enter, you will find Beatrice busy autographing her novels on the square. This is the best time to go to her house, retrieve the novel and give it to Ivanna. She will give you lucky charm.
  • That’s it for Candar for now, we will return here later. Now go to Thais and deliver the letter to Uthar Pendragon. He will give you another quest. Talk to him again and then go and talk to Nicolas Pendragon on the right hand room of the palace. Nicolas will join your party only if Gavin leaves. So you can choose only one of them to keep in your party. If you change your mind in between the game then you can pick up the one who left at the place they were found for the first time. But if you want to keep both of them then download the “party goodie” from the Aveyond website. Install the party goodie as per the instructions given there and do the following to keep both of them in your party.
  • Take Nicolas in your party first, Gavin will leave.
  • Go to Bogwood to where you found Gavin for the first time. Take him in your party, Nicolas will leave.
  • Exit the cottage and walk up to Helga, you will see Nicolas talking to her. Talk to Helga, she will help you. Select ‘yes’ if you want to keep both Nicolas and Gavin. Then see what happens!! The two will stop bickering then after until her spell wears off.
  • Now go to the “spell” cave in Graystone Pass and make Nicolas learn the white magic from him, come back if you are running short of cash. Now our next destination is Seri.
  • I hope you remember the path that leads to Seri desert in Graystone Pass through the Graystone Caverns? Follow that route to the world map from where you can enter the cave leading to Seri Desert.

Seri Desert

  • If you haven’t got the best armors and weapons then the foes at Seri can be difficult. In that case use the beast repellant which would make the enemies disappear for some time or you can choose to level up by either fighting monsters or using the level up goodie at Greenweeds plain. Refer the map to explore Seri Desert when you are strong enough or have the best equipments.
  • This area has many treasure chests depicted in the map as C (ordinary chests) and B (blue chest). The spot marked ‘g’ hides a Goodie- the gold goodie. Enter the solid rock wall marked as ‘g’ and open the chests to find a total of 300000 gold coins! I would recommend visiting Sabriya’s cave first and getting the quest from her. Sum total of all the chests here yield-wyrm scale, acorn, wyrm shield, wyrm boots, anchor and mudslide spell.
  • Activate the magic portal express in the cave before exiting Seri Desert. Follow the black arrow direction to reach Seri. You will be transported to the world map. Walk up to the bright town to your north-you’ve reached Seri.


Here also you will find a number of quests. The people who quests here are:

  • Ava One eye
  • Rasmen, the man jumping at a corner in front two other men
  • Simini
  • Sultan

Find Uthar’s agent in Seri

  • Go the southern end of Seri and visit the tavern at the end. Talk to the purple haired lady, she is Ava One Eye; see what she has to say and follow her. Quest complete, in return she will trigger another quest. Collect the 380 gold coins from the chest of the small room where you speak to her.
  • The house beside the tavern is a mage guild so you can join if you haven’t joined any other. The first house from the entrance to the right has two chests containing dynamite and steel boots. Nasrin, the girl at the center sells ropes, though she doesn’t have one at that moment. We have to buy ropes from her later. We also need to buy sails from Pirate Chester, the seller.
  • Now go to the palace and talk to the sultan. Climb the stairs on the right side of the castle and talk to Simini to get her quest. The blue chest in her room has 1 sapphire and 2 rubies. Talk to the sultan again to get another quest. The left door of the palace leads to the tournament room, you can come back here later with a new party member willing to join it. Get the imperial armor from the blue chest in that room. Now lets start finishing the quests that we’ve accumulated so far.

Saving Rasmen from the thugs

  • Pay 170 gold coins to the thugs and they will let Rasmen go. He will run away. You can find him in the market, he will give you magic beans for saving him.

Meet Ava One Eye at Seri Desert

  • Refer pirate cave in the map to find her location in the Seri desert. Enter the cave and talk to her, she will give you some more tasks to complete. The blue chest in her cave yields a salamander glove.

Get ship supplies

  • Return to Seri, by this time you already have the dynamite and anchor, you need to buy the sail from Pirate Chester. You have a choice of pirate sails or imperial sails, they are the same thing except for the way they look.
  • At this point buy a rope from Nasrin as you will need it soon. Return to ava in the cave and give her the items, she will join your party. Watch the events. Now you can use a ship to sail anywhere in the world map accessible by the waters. From now you need to refer the world map to go to various places as and when required.

  • First we will go to Grimm’s Farm (marked as GF in the map).

Grimm’s Farm

  • Read the notice before entering the farm. Go inside the house and talk to the old lady, she will sell you her farm if you wish to (note that you can complete a quest if you buy the farm). This is your party’s HQ from now, you can come at any time to heal your party by sleeping in the bed for free.
  • You will find many empty fenced areas; this is where the animal you purchase will show. You can buy animals from many places, till now you have come across a animal selling place at Ryva, you can buy the cow and chicken from there.
  • At Candar talk to Renna, she will lend you some kittens too. Get kittens for Iya, that will add an attraction point to both Ean and Iya. You can reap farm products from the animals like milk from the cow, egg from the chicken, etc. The animals that are to be purchased will be mentioned as and when the pet shops appear. Now enter the orchard to your right and talk to the green haired girl Bedella. She will give you a quest.

Kill the chicken and save the orchard

  • You will see a giant chicken roaming around in the orchard, click on it to fight it. After defeating it you will obtain another transfigurine.
  • Change the party leader to Ava and talk to both Nicholas and Gavin. This is important as it will trigger some happy endings. You can change back the party leader then after.

Find sultan an unusual gift

  • Now go to the place where you saw this chicken for the first time in Graystone pass. You will see an egg where the chicken was before. Use the rope on the stump and climb down and collect the egg.

Find Sabriya a Salamander egg

  • If you’ve purchased the Grimm’s farm then only you can do this quest. Check the Seri Desert map to find the location of the egg and bring it to Sabriya. She will pay you 200 gold for it. Come back to her later to find something interesting.

Convince the sultan to not marry Simini

  • When you gift this egg to him he will release Simini. You will find Simini at her lover Firoz’s house at Seri. Talk to her and she will repay your debt with a love sonnet.
  • Visit Thais castle and enter the school of war and magic, Emma is ready to join you by this time. Take her as she will be useful. Since now everyone has joined your party now you can level up your characters by using the level up goodie.
  • Go to Seri and sign up Emma for the tournament. Rye will challenge something, accept the wager. You need to fight five such tournaments to earn the greatest fame amongst fighters. Talk to the bald man gurading the way to the tournament room, he will lead you to the tournament. After fighting a tournament you need to give a gap of at least 45 minutes to fight the next one.
  • Upon winning, Emma will get a yellow band. So after every tournament we will complete other quests and then come back. Also you need to go back to Sabriya after half an hour of giving her the salamander egg. If you are lucky then you will get a salamander for Grimm’s farm. And in rare cases you will get golden salamander armor. I would recommend getting the pet salamander as it would help marry off some characters. Since you have the best armors, you won’t need the salamander armor anyway. You can load the game if you don’t want the golden salamander armor and enter Sabriya’s cave.

Convince Ulric to unlock the secret garden

  • If you’ve received the love sonnet, then visit Candar. Go to Ulric and give him the sonnet, he will unlock the secret garden.

Getting the love blessing

  • Enter the secret garden and talk to the small fairy-Ceri. Observe carefully what she has to say. You will receive something from her.

Visit the land of lost

  • Refer the world map to go to the Dead Man’s canyon. Enter the mountains and Ava will comment something. We cant proceed further from there. We need to go back to Uthar in Thais. Talk to him, he give Ava a responsibility (if Nicolas is in your party)! Talk to him again and then you will get a quest from him.
  • Before leaving Thais, you will see a beggar on the right side of the entrance, talk to him and watch what Nicolas says. Ava will teach him how to behave. Talk to all citizens of Thais and see what they say, Nicolas will be ashamed. Go and apologize at the beggar. Buy some cheese and distribute them amongst the citizens who criticized him including the beggar. It will pay off well. Nicolas has learnt his first lesson of respect from Ava, Uthar’s dream is way to go.

Stardale Glen

  • Now we will explore the world before we move on with our quests. Refer the world map to look for the Stardale Glen. Enter the place and walk up to the waterfall, read the signboard, the characters will comment something. Watch the events. Exit Stardale Glen. Board your ship and locate Verashema in the world map, we need to go there.


  • The first house to your right has a chest harboring snap dragon egg. The second floor of the inn has a fairy amulet in the blue chest. Remember Gulliver’s house as we will need to come back here later. There’s nothing more in this area, exit the village via north onto the world map. Walk up to the forest marked as Shivendale woods.

Shivendale Woods

  • The enemies casts strong spells and are a bit difficult to defeat from now  onwards(even with the best weapons) here so make sure you have enough protection (it won’t be a problem if you have the best armor on). Wear accessories that protect from sleep and dizziness.
  • First get the chest (acorn) to the south of the entrance marked as C1. Then take the route to the jewel mines. Walk along the tracks and enter the first fissure passage- the old man is a merchant, buy few snap dragon egg, spells, fire amulets and tornado rings from him.
  • Return by one screen and keep walking along the tracks until the tracks end and you see a chest, open to gain 1 level for your party members. Walk northwards from there and get down the stairs. Swim through the water to the other end. Enter the fissure passage and exit via the first passage you come across to your right. You will find yourself outside, go up and open the chest to get a white ring. Re-enter the jewel mines and climb down the stairs and then enter the fissure passage to your left.

Finding a toolkit for Rothwell

  • That is the actual jewel mine cave, follow the path linearly to the end as this area has nothing other than a chest at the end of the path. Get the toolkit for Rothwell and exit that cave. You can give it to him once we are back to Candar.
  • Walk to your right, cross the bridge and open the blue chest to retrieve a gryphon claw. Enter the fissure passage to find another chest containing mandrake. Retrace your path and exit the jewel mins onto Shivendale woods.
  • See the map and find the spot marked as griffin. Go there and fight it, it will yield another transfigurine. From there go up to the magic mushroom farm and talk to the man there. If you’ve made Ava talk to Gavin in the Grimm’s farm then see what Ava does. Watch the funny part of it. Walk up north from there and collect the raven dagger and 1270 gold coins from both the chests C2 and C3. now locate chests C5 and C6 and retrieve the rapier and tinctura hypericum from them as well.
  • Now let us go to the spot marked as trolls in the map. Save before talking to the trolls. Fight them and rescue the nymph. She will ask you to come at Stardale Glen. There is nothing more in Shivendale woods so we will leave for Stardale glen.
  • Visit Stardale Glen and talk to the nymph. She will render her blessings on Iya.
  • Now go to Candar and give Rothwell his toolkit. Return to Rothwell later, he will gift you an emerald. Now visit Lenora the dressmaker, she is going to give you a quest.

The Mists

  • Our next destination is The Mists of Storybook Island (see the world map). Board your ship and set forth to it.
  • Enter The Mists and see what Iya has to say. The path is quite linear, so simply follow it along its twists and turns. After walking a bit you will find a cloak lying on the ground-the tag says who does it belongs to. Take it and on your way open the chest to collect the magic pick lock. Keep moving and at some point you will see a branch of the road going southwards-follow it and pluck the moon rose at the dead end.
  • Resume your main course and after some time you will see the road bifurcating-one going east and the other towards north with a set of stairs. Climb the stairs an you will see many glow moths flying around. Remember this place, you will need to come here later. Take the eastern path then after till you come across a signboard – it reads Aveyond temple. But the entrance is blocked; see what the characters have to say.
  • There’s nothing more to be done here. Exit The Mists and visit the Dogwort plains (refer world map).

Dogwort Plains

  • Refer the map to retrieve the red and ordinary chests from this area. Avoid the enemies if you don’t have sufficient levels or the best equipments. You will not be able to pick up the chest marked as C4 in the map, unless you complete a quest. That path is guarded by a troll.
  • Some of the enemies drop silver spoon, keep at least one silver spoon in your inventory and sell the others. The chests have myrica infusion, charmed cloak, diamond amulet, mugwort and beast repellant. The path to Happily Ever After is simple, just follow the dirt path to the right. You will land up in the world map. Walk into the small village-welcome to Happily ever after.

Happily Ever After

  • The first house that you see to the north after entering the village is the residence of the alchemist. Remember her house, we will need her later. Talk to boar, Warthog, you see roaming around, he will give you a quest. Talk to Doyle, the tailor, he too will give a quest. The green haired woman, Gwendolyn, sells fairy love spells. Make sure you buy it if you want to marry off some characters (increases attraction points of the applied characters).
  • There is an enchanter guild here, where you can join if you haven’t joined already in some other guild.

  • The girl Sidella standing outside the magic shop will sell you her goat in exchange of magic beans. Some spells, amulets and 90 blizzard scrolls, you will need the latter in huge numbers later. The chest behind the guild house has nectar. There is nothing else for now here. Exit the village and enter the forest up north.

Fairytale Forest

  • The area is simple to explore, simply refer the map to retrieve the four chests from this area and one located outside on the world map. First go to ‘aisling’ in the map and read the signpost. Iya will say something. The chests yield ravwind staff, one level gain, 3092 gold, 2 diamonds and quake ring.
  • Enter the Widow’s cave in the map and talk with it, the spider will give you another quest. Visit the wicked witch’s cottage, she will tell you to go away. Next time you need to come back to her cottage. There’s nothing more in this area, exit the fairy tale forest.

Bogwood – Dredel

  • Now time to complete some errands. Go to Bogwood and talk to Dredel (if you have Gavin in your party), the witch selling secret gifts. Buy a gift, accept it and see what happens. If you reject then you may not be able to marry some characters. Talk to Dredel again if you also have Nicolas in your party. Accept the gift and then watch the conversation. This is lesson of humility two for Nicolas. Then talk to Hilda and she will give you a quest.

Return Gulliver his cloak

  • Now go to Gulliver in Verashema and talk to him and give him his cloak. Then talk to the girl Phoebe in his room.

Ravenwoods and Gulliver

  • Our next destination is Ravenwoods. You will see that Hector has brought the beast from the Shadow woods. Take one flyer from the table and return to Gulliver.

Create potion to free Phoebe of her form

  • Go to Gulliver and give him the flyer, he will leave. Talk to Phoebe, she will tell you that you need nectar, moon rose and a silver spoon to make a potion that will free of her human form. Go up the stairs beside her and use the small bowl on the table to make some potion for her, give it to her. She what happens and follow her instructions to visit Aveyond.

Find the oracle

  • Visit Aveyond in The Mists and talk to the Unicorn. He will open the gates to Aveyond for your party. Enter it and talk to the Oracle. Observe carefully as what she has to say. She will give you something to help in your next quest.
  • Then go to Sabriya in Seri desert, the salamander would have hatched by now, in rare cases you may get the golden salamander armor. It is recommended to take the salamander as it would help marry off some characters at the end. Then go to Seri and make Emma fight another tournament at the palace. If she wins she will get a red band.
  • Now before going on for our main quest, lets go back to Ravenwood to see how Gulliver got duped! You will find him grumbling for wasting his time there as he didn’t get what he expected. This will trigger another event.

Turn Herbert back into his human form

  • Go to the alchemist in Happily Ever After. She will tell you the ingredients required to make antiware salve. You need a hair from the beast and a thistle root. Go to the Woodlands and go to the spot marked as damp earth in the map. You will see a flower on the damp earth, pluck it.
  • Then go to Ravenwood and pluck a hair from the beast inside the cave.return to the alchemist and give her the ingredients. Take the potion and pour it on the beast in Ravenwood. Watch the event. Quest complete, you will earn a karma point for saving the man, Herbert.

Bring portrait of warthog to Hilda

  • Go to Happily Ever After and talk to warthog. He will give you his portrait. Return to Hilda at Bogwood.

Find a wife for warthog

  • Talk to Hilda, she would agree to marry warthog. Return to Warthog in Happily Ever After and talk to him. See what happens. He will give you an empty bottle.

Bring some glow moths for the widow spider

  • Using the empty bottle go to the Mists and capture the glow moths. Return to the spider in the Fairy Tale forest. It will give you silk in return.

Bring silk for Lenora

  • Go to Candar and give the silk given by the spider to her. She will give you a beautiful ribbon, give it to Iya to increase the attraction points.
  • Go to Rothwell’s house in Candar to claim your reward. Then talk to Hilda in Happily Ever After and see what Gavin does with the calliope’s wand. Now go to the Fairy Tale forest and visit the wicked witch’s house, you’ll find that she is not present. Press enter or action button at the mirror hung on the wall. Break it-you will be able to retrieve a key from it.

Getting the Hope blessing

  • Refer the Dogwarts plain map and go through the passage marked as way to Mirror mansion. The mirror key will help you enter it. Time to explore another dungeon.

Mirror mansion

  • Each room leads to another room. The map roughly tells which mirrors transports you into other rooms. The blizzard scroll works wonders against the enemies here. You enter the mansion at room 1. Touch the mirror that leads to room 3, from there go to room 6. open the blue chest to get an auquifolium extora. Room 5 has no chest.
  • Retrace your steps back to room 1. Touch the mirror to your left to get transported to room 2. from there go to a small room with stairs. climb up the stairs and refer the arrow to find which mirror leads you to the next room. That room has a chest containing tincture hyperium.
  • Again, follow the arrow onto the successive area. There also a blue chest awaits you; collect the pumpkin pie from it and go up the stairs. Get ready for a fight (3 blizzard scrolls should do the job) and save the nymph of hope. Meet her at Aisling at fairy Tale forest and receive her blessing.
  • Now since you are already at Fairytale forest, go to the wicked witch’s house, you will see a hand mirror on her table. Press enter or action button on it and watch the event. This is lesson of humility 3 for Nicolas. At this point you can visit Seri and make Emma fight a tournament. She will get a blue band if she wins. You can also visit the Grimm’s farm to obtain farm produce from your animals, character interactions and free party healing.

Fire Rock volcano

  • Now let’s resume our main quest. Locate the Fire Rock volcano on the world map. Equip the fire amulets and buy some blizzard scroll if you don’t have many. Enter the volcano and put the ancient tablet given by the Oracle in the slot of the door, it will open up into the Brimstone Underpass.

Brimstone Underpass

  • Refer the map of this place to find the chests, the paths are not complicated:

  • The chests here yield demon armor, fire ring, thor, dragon claw, berserk amulet and demon helmet. Make your way to the Behemoth and grab the transfigurine after the fight. The behemoth casts plague, use the marsh tea to cure it if the plagued state persists after the fight. Then walk up to the exit onto Brimstone Village.

Getting the dragon – Brimstone Village

  • The brimstone village has no human members. Roam around to get a feel of this small village inhabited only by flying dragons. There are two chests scattered, look for them to retrieve lightning storm spell and trinity rapier. The dragons look the same, pick up any one and there you go-you’ve got a flying carrier from now on! You can fly anywhere with your dragon and land on any flat land whether grassy, sandy or snowy. To climb on it’s back simply walk under it and press enter or action button and voila you are ready to fly.
  • Our nest destination is the Land of Lost. To know where you have to land see the screenshot.

  • Enter the mountain cave to your north.

Mount Siren

  • You will see glowing cubes on the ground, they are the teleports. They are the only way to reach other places in this steep mountainous area. Stand on the teleports and you will be thrown up or down according to from where you are accessing it.

  • The ‘T’ in the map signifies teleports. First take the teleport that transports you to RC4 in the map. Obtain the Archimedes from the chest, come down using the teleport and then go up to the wind observatory. Talk to the old man Obert, he will give you a quest.
  • (NOTE: you can complete either of the two quests-either finding Doyle’s tailor kit or to bring north wind to the wind lab. Each has a different reward which will be discussed later). Exit Mt Siren.
  • Now refer the screenshot and land on the grassy area; enter the mountain cave marked in red.

  • The map below showsthe other side of Mt Siren.

  • The enemies and superbly strong incase you don’t have strong armors so level up first before you face them. The way to Ereder is quite simple, just collect the osmium dagger, Apollo and Masamune from the chests scattered over this area and make your way to the Lost city.


  • Enter the city (make sure you collect the cloak of death from the red chest to the right of the entrance). Another red chest contains shield of madness. You will see a book lying on the ground, pick it up and see what happens. Another quest will be triggered. Walk up north and obtain a silver key lying on ground from the ruins. Leave Ereder as there is nothing more here.

Getting the wisdom blessing

  • Now visit Thais. Go to the palace and talk to Uthar. Visit the house of Ru, the historian, he will be on the second floor. Talk to him, he will agree to write on Nuha. You need to come back after some time to collect the book from Ru, as he needs some time to complete it.
  • In the mean time, if you didn’t install the Sphere goodie then you can go to Brightwood forest and retrieve the best sphere-the phoenix sphere if you have gathered 10 karma points atleast. Also you must have joined any of the guilds, if not there is still one left to be explored later.
  • At this point I personally went to the level goodie cave and leveled up my characters to 99. This made my job easier. You can also visit Grimm’s farm for party interaction (especially between emma and rye; gavin-ava-nicholas), getting some farm products and free healing. Change the leader to Ava and make her talk to Nicholas; by this time after his lessons of learning humility he will soften up. Now we can complete a quest before we can carry on with our main quest.

White Pass

  • Remember the snowy forest beside Candar on the world map? We need to go there and make sure your party has high levels before they confront the monsters as they are superior in strength than all the foes you’ve faced so far. Refer the map to find the chests from this place (one is located outside on the world map), they have-1000 gold coins, one level gain and myrica infusion. Enter the Ice cavern.

Finding the north wind

  • Refer the map to make your way to the location of the North wind; equip ice amulets to lower ice damages from enemies. You will appear in the cave at point 1. There are only two red chests in this area-they contain ice claw and poison wood staff. Make your way to point 2. then consecutively proceed from point 3 to 7 through the map. Before climbing up the raised platform to face the north wind, heal and save. You will be in for a tough fight. Capture the north wind in the empty bottle. Exit the ice cavern and then the White Pass.

Bring north wind to lab/find Doyle’s missing tailor kit

  • Now you can complete any one of the quest among these two using the north wind and not both. If you plan to use Gavin in the final battle then it is recommended that you bring the north wind to Obert at the wind lab at Mt Siren. You will get the north wind spell, a very powerful spell for Gavin. But if you have already leveled up to 99 and are not interested to fight foes unnecessarily then go to the Dogwarts plains and talk to the troll guarding the passage over the bridge. See what happens.
  • Collect the tailor kit from the chest and bring it to Doyle in Happily Ever After, he will give you a choice-magic shoes and smelly shoes. by smelly shoes the monsters of any area will vanish except for the bosses (sometimes there is a bug for which the enemies don’t disappear, just exit and enter the screen or else pull up the game menu and then press escape again, the foes will disappear). The magic shoes will give protection against magical damages. So choose wisely.
  • Go to Seri and make Emma fight another tournament, she will get a green band if she wins. Now we need to continue our main quest. Return to Ru, the historian at Thais and read the history of Nuha. She will be freed, meet her at the Ruins of lost city of Ereder (where you got the blank book for the 1st time). Get her blessings, exit Mt Siren onto the world map. Refer the red marked spot in screenshot below to find your next destination.

Litterock Plains

  • The area is very simple, retrieve the tincture hypericum and acorn from the chests before moving into the ‘Old Ways’. You can also fight Draggar and collect the transfigurine before moving on.

Old Ways

  • Enter the dungeon and keep walking southwards. Take the southern path on reaching a bifurcation and carry on till you come across a red chest. Take the Ryguard staff from it and return to the bifurcation and take the upper path this time. You will reach in front of a door – use the silver key to unlock it. You will discover the lost library; collect the parchment on the table and open the red chests to get zeus mail and meteor shower spell.
  • Exit the library and return to the entrance of Old Ways. Go up north from there and obtain the star staff from the red chest. Exit the Land of Lost and return to Thais.
  • Talk to Prince Uthar, observe the conversation carefully. You will be given a quest. Go to Ryva to Nora’s house. Eamon will say that she died and will give you a quest.

Inform Linia that Great Grandma Nora died

  • Visit Ravenwood and talk to the blue haired girl Linia. She will depart immediately. Quest complete.
  • Now go to Ryva and visit the empty house where once Nora was. You will find a death certificate lying on the floor beside her bed. Pick it up and we are off for our next destination.
  • Refer the screenshot to enter the Underground entrance near the Crossing cave. Enter it and give the floating spector the death certificate. He will allow you inside. Welcome to the Land of Dead.

Cursed Woods

  • Enter the cursed woods. The bats can be harmed by physical damages where as the ghosts can be destroyed by magical powers. Refer the map above to locate the chests, obtain the Vampire transfigurine as well as the exit to Casket Hill. Collect mugwort, crusher and undead amulet from the chests before leaving the Cursed woods.

Casket Hill

  • Enter the village you see on the Land of dead map. It harbors the last kind of guild-necromancer. Buy some toad amulets and witcheye roots. Aveyond 1 fans will find two characters from it in this place-Teijal and Galahad. You will also find Great Grandma Nora’s ghost. Don’t buy or equip the cursed weapons or armors as they would inflict cursed status on the characters who have equipped it (the witcheye root will not remove this state as long as don’t unequip it). Talk to her and she will give you a quest.
  • The second floor at the inn has a red chest hiding a soul cloak. The last house at the casket hill is the human parts lab; talk to the professor there. See what Gavin has to say (this is important if you are planning to marry off some characters). Exit Casket Hills.

Find Haliburt’s love letter for Grandmother Nora

  • Return to the land of man and go to Ryva. Open the drawer to the upper right of Great Grandmother Nora’s bed in her room and get the love letter.

  • Return to Casket Hill and give it to her. Watch the event, the reward is an increase by your party’s karma by one point.
  • Now leave Casket Hills onto the Land of dead world map and walk up to the forest to the northeast. Enter the Two Moon Plain.

Two Moon Plains

  • Refer the map to find where you need to go. You can buy Evil oxen for Grimm’s farm from Rembrald. The evil oxen heals the mana of Gavin. There a couple of chests in this area yielding tincture hypericum, acorn, calamity and darkness spell. Go inside the cave marked as squirrels hideout in the map. The chest near the door ha 3 salmons and 1 auquifolium extora. talk to the squirrel commander twice and he will ask you to talk to the Lord of Souls.

Find a lost memory of the lord

  • Go to the Lord in the palace of Casket Hill. He will give a quest.
  • Go to the Two Moon Plains and refer the white arrow in the map to make your way to the Cliff of Remembrance. You will be leaded onto the world map of the land of dead with a cave to your right. Enter it and you will see a flashing rose, pluck it and bring it to the Lord of Souls. He will allow you to take the squirrels to the Land of man by rendering their souls.
  • Go to the squirrel’s hideout and talk to the commander. He will join you as a guest. Return to the land of man through the Cursed Woods. Visit Thais to the palace, you will Uthar is not present in his usual place. Visit the school of war and magic to the door on your right inside the palace. You will see Uthar standing in front of a machine with Rayad. Talk to him, watch the events. Talk to Uthar again, he will leave for the final fight. Now you are left on your own, if you have any pending quests get it done because your next journey will be the one for which we have been preparing for all the while.
  • Go to Seri and make Emma fight her last match. Fighting Terrible Trevor is tricky, he hits once and when Emma’s health is half the value he casts double strike and finishes her off. Buy lots of blizzard scrolls and healing items, the scrolls works well with him. Keep healing often. You may not be able to win at once, so get a feel of the tactic and then you will be able to achieve it. She will receive a gold band if she wins and her attire also changes with her title becoming Sword master.

Now let us concentrate on marrying off our characters.

Marrying off Emma and Rye
If Emma wins the tournament then do the following:

  • go and have a closer look at that cyclops dung you saw earlier in Graystone Pass
  • wander through Shadow Woods towards the woodsman’s cottage
  • return to Bogwood and visit the woman making soup at the inn
  • go to Grimm’s Farm and follow the path towards the barn (something will happen as you pass the salamander’s pen)
  • go into Grimm’s Cottage, change the leader to Emma, and talk to Rye

If Emma loses the tournament then:

  • Walk up behind the thug in the northeast corner of Seri (the one who was beating up Rasmen)
  •  Follow the path through Seri Desert towards Graystone Pass
  • Go to Candar and talk to the little girl singing in the area below the donation box
  • Go to Grimm’s Farm and follow the path towards the barn (something will happen as you pass the salamander’s pen)
  • Go into Grimm’s Cottage, change the leader to Rye, and talk to Emma

…then go to the Cander chapel and get them married.

Marrying of Ava and Gavin
If you’ve completed these:

  • Gone to the Grimm’s Farm, changed the leader to Ava, and talked to Gavin
  • Accepted the present from Dredel, the witch in Bogwood
  • Used the magic mushroom in Shivendale Woods
  • spoken to Hilda in Happily Ever After, after completing the quest for the warthog
  • Talked to the professor in the Human Parts Lab in Casket Hill

…then visit the Cander chapel and marry them off.

Marrying Iya and Ean
This has to wait until the main quest finishes and which ending you choose; but some of the previous actions are also important to increase their attraction points or else they cannot be married. They also need to be brought to the chapel after finishing the main quest for marriage. The things that are required to make this happen are:

  • Bought a ring for Iya from Selena in Candar
  • Given Iya one of Renna’s kittens in Candar
  • Given Iya a ribbon after taking a bolt of silk to Lenora in Candar
  • Found Calliope’s Wand for Hilda in Bogwood
  • Bought a fairy love spell from Gwendolyn in Happily Ever After

Getting the compassion blessing

  • Buy lots of healing and restorative items (auquifolium extora from Happily Ever After, elixir from Verashema, etc) because you won’t get these items later. Equip the best weapons and armors. Make your way to Shaenlir through the Spire Mountains. You will find that the snow queen has employed soldiers even there to stop your party. Fight all the way to Shaenlir.
  • On reaching Shaenlir you will find the shops and houses are closed. At Shaenlir you have to help the Thais soldiers to fight against the Shaenlir soldiers. They are more or less tough to fight. Lend a helping hand to anyone who needs. In this way make your way to the palace. Before entering the palace heal up and save.
  • This is going to be a long fight and then you will be in for a nasty surprise….that you have to fight again without getting a chance to heal or save. Face the main boss first-the snow queen. Ont let ean hit her physically if he is using ice claws as it would heal her. Then face the second boss-find out for yourself who that is. This boss if not defeated early will call Dark espers for assistance. Blizzard scrolls and radiance song are good against them. After the fight watch the events. the characters will be leaving one by one.

Ean will get three options to choose from:

  • Go with Iya – if you choose this option then get them married first with Iya at Cander’s chapel. Then visit the crossing, where Iya will sing to the Elder Oak. Enter the gateway to Elfwood. There Ean and Iya get married ceremoniously. This is the true ending.
  • Go with Rye – Ean will be going with rye to Thais. Talk to Uthar and he will grant them a job of guard. Watch the rest of the ending yourself.
  • Go alone – There is no definite ending for this option. Ean will aimlessly roam around.

Choose what you want your main characters to become. I hope that the walkthrough was helpful.


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